Monday, 5 March 2012

Love, Bonito's career conference talk+ OTD for choir concert :)

hi guys! will be updating today cos i'll be away for school camp from tomorrow-friday :D I bet it'll be super awesomeee<3

ok anyways!:) On monday the Love, Bonito team came to my school to give us a talk about career conference(Online entrepreneurship). So you can imagine how i was totally over the moon and excited ttm!! Saw Viola, Velda and Rachel :) All super pretty and tall in real life^^ Oh and if you are wondering why LB agreed to come to my school for the talk, its because Viola was an alumni from my school :) so honoured haha. She shared with us how love bonito started and some of the stories which was entertaining but inspired also:) I wanted to take a picture with them but was paiseh XD

ok on to the OTDs and choir concert :)!

OTD Sunday(4/3):

Bershka Embellished Tank
Frockettes cape skirt
HVV Cream knot wedges(sry cant be seen><)
Heart-Furry bag
Juicy Couture Silver heart charm cuff

oh yes in this pic above it features my TTR swallow cardigan also:) Which i bought from Felicia Neo ( @$20 :) She was very nice and friendly throughout the whole transaction:) such a nice person:) Can u see the fluffiness of the bag? ^^ i love furry/fluffy stuff. Thats why my samantha thavasa wallet is furry also haha. But of cos no real fur, only faux fur:) 

under normal lighting! :) +hair of the day:) 

yups. the concert was great! It was 1 hour, not too long nor too short:) location was at a hall in SOTA:) The voices were really awesome, especially a soprano who sang the high notes easily like it was something she did everyday, which is probably true haha. They had a theme throughout also which was really special. I shan't reveal any more details about the concert cos they is still one more session~ overall i really liked it ^^

Had dinner with my choir batchie Nicole @ Pizza hut before the performance:) No pics of the food cos i was rly hungry and ate it straight away lol. The prawn aglio olio is rly good haha! Its my fav pasta dish;) healthy and non fattening unlike cabonara based pasta:)

ending off with a 9gag picture which i found was really quite humorous haha. To all you chem people out there you should get the joke! To those who dont get it, (HINT: FIRST PICTURE. "H20 too)

answer: haha the guy said h20 too" which is H202, hydrogen peroxide which is super poisonous and is a reducing and oxiding agent btw. ok haha why do they even have hydrogen peroxide in restaurants anyway!

Bye guys will be off to camp! Will come back with lotsa pictures<3

PS: My mum is selling off her Coach, Dior, Kate spade bags at low prices:) Do visit and search for my username hoppybunnies if interested :) <<I'll be posting them up later.  or leave a comment at the cbox and i'll post the direct links:) here r some peektures

ok thnks bye <3

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