Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hwa Chong; A New Journey:)

 Hey guys! So here's an update on school life so far! The funnest part of J1 (orientation) is currently over alr:(
But I've had some awesome memories and made lotsa new friends:) Definitely enjoyed myself during orientation!

Here's a full OG Shot :) OG means orientation group btw!
Me and seah super got yuan fen (affinity) LOL, 4 years same class not enough, same OG grp somemore! XD but im glad she was in the same grp as me cos i was kinda awkward at first, so many new ppl :O

 & becos we are the awesome OG5 (aka 69!), we did facepalms, get it?? facepalm=5
haha only szechuan and marcus pangseh us, nv do facepalm!!

hehe we love fooling around during some of the boring talks slot between orientation games!
Say hi to sylvia the vietnamese lady llama
Chloe and cheekuen, some of my fav new friends:)

omg hahaha i got pororo-ed by cheekuen!
Stayed till late at night in school to bond as an OG:) Played games and my OG leader told us ghost stories about hwachong! I was seriously scared k>_<
hehe and here's a cool 360 degree shot!

K so thats for OG:)

Another part of orientation is to bond with our new classes, classes are allocated acc to our subject combinations. I'm taking BCME- Bio chem math econs!
Class list, released online. Everyone was super nervous, some were hopeful, like me. I really did wish to be in the same class as seah but sadly it didnt happen>< I shall be honest here, i was kind of disappointed at my class allocation during the first 2-3 days. But now a few months have passed already and i am more or less integrated into my class:) Some people couldnt stand it and changed class within a few days, even making a big fuss. I'm glad i persevered, now im pretty alright with my new class:)
Class photo during CNY:) My faculty is ARES btw, god of war! There is still Athena(green), Artemis(blue) and Apollo(yellow)! My bro is in apollo cos he's in the humanities prog. But... no doubt, ARES is the best ;) More about ares in another post!
Hwachong has a tradition of banner painting, so here's my first banner painting experience in hc, for CNY:)) Nice anot! Can yall see the numbers 1374 in yellow?:) 13S74 is my class!
Celebrations in HC have always been a big thing, the decorations and stuff are no joke! For cny its already quite nice, but for mid autumn festival its gonna be da bomb :) Btw all decos are done up by our school Councillors! They are all super pro can! They constructed the giant lantern there by themselves! And they can construct working fountains from tables and some other stuff O_O amazing or what!
All our class banners!
So so pretty :')

i spent a large part of cny celebrations with LFC:) this is seah photobombing my pics again!!
Besties for life
My dear 4/7ers whom i miss so so much >< I rly miss my sec 4 class to be honest:(
Btw the freaking pretty backdrop with the flowers and chinese words is painted by the councillors again lol, and they had to climb these metal bars to put up this giant backdrop, PRO.

Went back to NY after HC's celebrations! I love my goofball friends :') Pingz and I are in the same class btw!

My fellow tham ;)
And for CNY celebration we had a concert, which is a yearly affair! Choir is of cos, perfoming cny songs hahaha.
Sopranos!<3 with my batchmates and seniors:)
Choir Lou Hei! Started off nice and gentle, cos the teachers are very wen rou ma.
The girls' turn! Still fairly neat!
Guys' turn, totally messy liao hahaha.

Choir photo!<3

Moving on to campfire night which marks the end of orientation! It was raining for like 2 hours so we had to move to the hall but of cos the atmosphere there is just not there, you know? So when it finally stopped raining we moved out immediately to the central plaza! Thats when everyone got damn high singing hc songs, dancing out batch dance and shouting hc cheers:) AKA SODACHE( SOng, DAnce, CHEer) 

It was the first time i was so high, really! Sing damn loud, shout damn loud also haha. Really felt the hc spirit, its something that i cannot describe/do justice to! You'll have to experience it for yourself to know how awesome it is to be part of the hc family, minus the academic stress ;)

Our orientation theme this year is OHANA, which means family:) Check out this awesome OHANA fireball!! Made by the awesome councillors once again, really, nothing they can't do!
Everyone was super high that night! Twas' a night i'll never forget :')

So thats that for campfire night:) Now me and seah aren't in the same class anymore boohoo! But at least we're in the same tuition class! Both of us are taking GP cos we're super noob lol. So here's us enjoying dinner after one of the tuition sessions:) Yoshinoya was yums<3
& then seah went shopping so i accompanied her! Lol and i realise we look like zombies, messy hair and tired looking faces!
& not to forget here's the monthly dose of bellabox:)
Wasn't say v impressed with this month's items! Like v little leh :/
So anyways here's what inside!
Sasatinnie Pomegranate Hand Mask
MeMeMe Pencil Liner
Marry Me! By Lanvin (Parfum)
Nuxe Rose Cleanser
Adonis Detox Gel
The Lanvin scent is really nice! Not too overpowering, subtly lingering there, just how i like it;) I tried the Nuxe Face Wash too, the scent is pretty ok, but it doesn't really lather much which i don't really like. I like it more foamy so that it feels more clean. The MeMeMe liner was okay as well! Glides on quite smoothly with quite an intense shade, haven't tested its staying power though! 

& i got this free facial card as well, not sure if i'm gonna use it though! super afraid that once you go the salesppl there will keep niao-ing you to sign package. #firstworldproblems

& anyways here's a random otd! Wore it to OG outing i think, can't really rmb :x

Aforarcade Lace Blouse in Blue
AA Skater Skirt in Heather Grey, S

Review(Aforarcade): Bought this at $24 which i thought was reasonably priced. Main reason i bought this was cos of the colour:) The shade of blue is a light pastel one, very sweet! Didn't disappoint me in this aspect:) The lace was also quite pretty, with scallop hems at the cuffs. Quite delicate though! There is inner lining for this piece so its non scratchy~ However I think this piece may be prone to furring/unravelling cos the lace is reaaally delicate! Other than that no complains for this reasonable price!

Review(AA): Bought this at $24 as well haha, decided to buy this cos i don't have any grey skirts up to date! This one is made of medium-thick cotton, comfy to touch. The cutting is really quite good, flared in a nice and flattering way if you get what i mean:) Oh yes its stretchable at the waist area but there's no visible ugly waistband which is a plus point! However cutting is quite small for this skirt :x I bought size S and it fits me snugly, im a normal uk4/small6 for highwaist bottoms so you can gauge from there! Overall an okay buy, hope it doesn't fur though!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Swan Lake

Hello! Am finally blogging about my Germany/Austria trip which i went during the december hols! Way backdated lol, but thats cos i had to finish the US trip series first :)

So here we are all excited at the Munich airport!:) Pardon the blur pic i forgot to press the focus button -_-

There's a local supermarket right outside the arrival hall so we rushed there to stock up on some local snacks!:) Prices were (unexpectedly) very reasonable:) Thought everything would be ex since its at the airport!
While the rest of the fam were  busy sourcing for food, i was staring at this pair of white fluffy socks!! Its superly soft can :D I was sooo tempted to buy them haha. Very shiok to wear them at night to sleep cos Munich was really cold :(
Aww everything is packaged so nicely there:) Wait till i post the Christmas market pics! All the stuff are gorgeous x.x
& here we arrived at our first stop! One of the castles of King Ludwig II :) He's known as the "mad king" cos of his obssession with castles which people thought to be impractical, but look at the revenue it brings in now huh ;) I think  throughout this trip i went to like 4 of his castles lolol, and the entrance fee is not v cheap :x
Photobombed by a yellow man!
It snowed the moment we arrived in Munich, so everyone was pretty excited:) But it also continued to snow for the rest of the trip everyday, which was like, 10 more days to go lol.
We didn't go into the castle itself cos it was closed during the winter period :/ But I didn't miss out on anything cos i already went there in 2011 for a choir competition:) We had sightseeing too so quite alot of places i went during this trip with my family were repeated sights, minus the snow. :)

OOTD taken by momsie!:)
Scarf from F21
Boots from taiwan
Skirt from FOX
Navy Blue Cable Knit Top from Topshop
Winter coat (my own, sourced from my supplier) :)
& there were lotsa swans and duckies :) They were there too when i visited in 2011:)
Wa i quite like this shot leh, artistic ma?:) lolol
Photos taken with my SONY NEX F3 camera:)
Sooo next stop was the BMW museum! Not really my thing but you know, it was warm there so i didn't mind haha. And they had a cafe with nice food!! And really good white chocolate tiramisu -drools-

I liked this car the most hehe, so tiny and cute! But not very practical huh. This design is one of the BMW vintage series prob.
Selca in the beautiful scenic snow filled land <3

In the background is their famous museum, like those you see in World Cup soccer tournaments:)
Oh yes, this one then is full otd lolol. Bag from Samantha Vega! I'm so glad i chose this bag to bring there cos its big and roomy, not too heavy (made of leather) and most importantly the shade of lilac is so gorgeous and matches all my outfits :D -happy!-
Sibling shot:)

There were strong winds that day!

omggg photobombed by the bro lolol
Oh, and did i mention the sky gets dark really early there? :O like by 4.30pm it starts to get dark, and by 5pm it looks like spore's 8pm lolol.

Headed back to the BMW museum for some FOOOD :) We had some sausages (which germany is famous for) and some white chocolate tiramisu :) A must try!! It tastes SUPA GOOD!!

The boys wanted a pic with the BMW tower lolol. But fattie was freezing thus the awkward pose haha.
K thats all for part 1 of first day! LOL sry i got too many pics :X so must split into alot of posts too!!

Kays, so now i'm gonna talk abit about my style, which i'm categorizing under a Bella Stilo post , like cos everyone has different styles ma, so i thought i'll share with you guys mine:)

As most of my readers (who has been with me since the start) know, most of the time, i'm a GIRLY girl. Which means i love stuff like Florals, Lace, Pastels, Dresses and Skirts.

Something like this:

And sometimes I like to go abit androgynous or more tomboyish, so i'll pick Shorts, Darker shades, Pants, Blazers, Collared pieces and Crisp white shirts. 

Something like this:


Or sometimes, I feel like being louder than usual so I'll go with Prints or Neon Shades :)

Something like this:

So well i would say my style is quite versatile(it rhymes hehe!) :) As in I don't stay with one style only, I like to experiment and try out all the different trends if possible.

But one thing I'm picky about is the Cutting and whether it is Flattering, thats the MOST impt! I believe that we dress up to make ourselves look better and our OWN opinions matter the most:) I would say, stay true to yourself and don't be affected by what others say. Well like, my mum thinks i look horrible in maxi skirts,  but what the heck, i love it and im gonna wear it haha. 

Thats also why i didn't really try the peplum trend. I know the cutting is fabulous, but imo peplum tops look the nicest with shorts/pants. If paired with skirts, it''' look like office wear which is definitely not what i want. And tbh i don't look good in shorts haha, so unless i find some pants with holy moly good cutting, i'm not trying the peplum haha. So what i'm trying to say is, STAY TRUE to your style and know whats best/flattering for you:) That way you'll never be a fashion victim hahaha.

kays i dont remember why i did this fashion-y post alr, but whatever:) Hope you guys enjoy the little snippets!

Finally i had a chance to wear out this Snidel Floral Knit in pink! I know i've been oweing this review since idk when -_-

Snidel Floral Knit in Rose Pink (from Gmarket)
Wine Leather Bag (from Target, Aussie)
LB Sander Shorts in White, XS

 Review: Okay this is gonna be a short review! I've done a more detailed one here, on the material, quality, design etc! Just showing you guys how the rose pink shade looks like cos the one i reviewed previously was in green:) This shade of pink is one of my fav ones, its like mid-pink, a lovely shade of rose! And the florals for this is in white, which contrasts nicely against the pink :) Really love this knit top!<3 For those who have been asking me where i got this, i got this from gmarket, but the thing is that its oos alr! Maybe you guys can try searching for 'snidel knit' on gmarket cos thats how i found this item when i bought it last time:) Hope it helped!

Also... WILLOWFAWN has launched a new collection! Do check it out cos we have lotsa pretty stuff ^-^ Not to mention an ASOS inspired heart pocket cardi at a fraction of the original price!;)

 *pic credit to original owner

k bye guys:)) You can follow me on instagram @etherealpeonies cos i know i havent been updating on my blog very frequently! So you can check out my updates via instagram:)

& you guys can ask me questions here ! Note that formspring is closing down k!