Tuesday, 12 April 2016


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hello friends!! 
i'm gonna share about a new 'cafe' that i tried that is relatively underrated in singapore currently:)
underrated as in its not all over instagram or one of the local hipster cafes if you know what i mean!
the name of this cafe is called Angelina, such a pretty name!!
it originated from france and its mainly famous for their desserts:)
they only have one outlet in singapore currently and its at capitol piazza!
so as you can imagine D and i were quite amazed by the atas-ness of it all when we reached the place hahaha, very unlike the usual cafes in singapore where its more laidback and casual!

we were served complimentary bread as starters and it was not bad, though i prefer mine to be on the softer side!

daniel ordered the smoked salmon sandwich and it was not bad according to him, and very filling as well even though this dish isn't considered a 'main' actually.
it came with salad and fries!:)
and i ordered croque madame!
which i had high expectations for after reading a review somewhere that said it was the best croque madame the reviewer has every tasted haha.
top notch for presentation i have to say, very photogenic, from the classy plate with gold rimmings to the food and the minimalist table!
but at the end of the day, food quality determines whether i'll go back there again haha.
this was good to me!! its a simple dish with cheese and ham but done so well, the flavours went well together and the bread was soft!!
i have to specially mention the fries as well, it was so darn good i might have liked it better than the main overall hahaha.

overall, angelina is slightly on the pricier side, but the menu really varies in price in my opinion, you can get a meat based main for like $30-$40? or like the items we ordered above (normal brunch stuff) for a reasonable $16-20.
i think the food quality was good and i wouldn't mind going back again to try out their other dishes!!
but D said he didn't like the environment haha, it did feel abit... "atas" and "up there" if you get what i mean, probably the tai tais would like it, but we prefer good ol' laidback cozy vibes at local cafes definitely:) 

after brunch we walked into their patisserie section, which is linked to the restaurant side.
the patisserie section is equally gorgeous!!
here are some photos taken in the interior hehe. 

i ended up buying 2 of their desserts to go, for my brother's birthday.
mind you it wasn't cheap at all sobs, $10 each!!
my fussy bro didn't seem to appreciate it that much hmmph.
ok sorry for the digression, the desserts were alright, not bad, but not worth $10 in my honest opinion!

took some otds outside afterwards cos this place is so photogenic!!:)
i'm wearing an old piece from threadtheory!
the fit is so good and its a gorgeous piece:)

took the bus home afterwards and the bus was empty!!
so... we shamelessly took selfies hahaha
daniel really likes this photo! 
he say we got "eye smile" hahah more like cannot even see eyes!!

hehe thank you for accommodating me all the time, even when i wanna take 101 selfies and it more or less looks the same hahahah

t'was a good day!
till the next;