Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review: Love Bonito's Kassel Knot Skirt in Wine, XS

:))))) starting off with smileys cos i received my LB kassel knot skirt(BO) today! Finally >< after like 1 month plus of waiting :) it was unexpected so i was very pleasantly surprised yayy:) and my kate spade polka dots cover arrived today also! Singpost has been very efficient lately ;)

Love, Bonito Kassel Knot Skirt in Wine, XS.

Review: The colour is really gorgeous and unique:)! thumbs up for that:) Sizing is just right for me, which means not much allowance after eating.(& not very tummy friendly). Made of stretchy cotton, which i think is fine although the material for the Rochester ruched skirt is better imo :) VPL is definitely something you have to look out for when wearing this skirt so do opt for seamless:) On a side note the knot is really pretty and makes the skirt worth it despite the material :)! In the pics above i paired it with my own tube top btw:) Its a dual sided top which costs $12;) so worth it^^ Bought it @sgflea :) The floral prints are so nice<3

Here's a pic of the skirt when received. Will look much better when worn:) Colour is not true to the pic below:)

Discovered a very cute japanese app which is like a mini neoprint machine! It has filters and can be used to make collages and has pretty stickers to accessorize yr pics :) Very easy to use too! I used it to make a collage of some of my fav pictures of the moment(featuring Elle Fanning and Montana Cox, winner of Australia's Next Top Model) :

Girl crush alert! (ok i tink i made this overly girly)

yesh so i received the kate spade iphone cover too:) Been really into red and white polka designs lately! Such a lovely combination rite^^ Like abit vintage and retro feel heh :)

But i'm still very much in love with my juicy cover so i don't think i'll be changing to this one yet:) So many pretty covers but only one phone ><><><

Will do the review on Frockettes cape skirt in khaki and Pearlavish's Heart prints dress tml:))

For your reference, i'm a uk4/6 for tops, uk8 for bottoms, 160cm :)

Have a lovely day ahead everyone ^^ A few more days to the weekend!(& school holidays for me! yeshhh -fist pumps-)

Fel :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Random Musings Of The Day:)

What my mum thinks the state of my room is................
(pics credit to

What happens in chemistry class haha:

haha i love 8D those meme faces, derps and derpinas are so epic and cute XD Anyways i got a surprise in my mailbox today ^^ Received some samples from Mekhala! :) 

 Their official site is btw!:) Sign up now(free) and receive free samples from them:)

The above picture is of the Black Rice Body Lotion:) Its texture is of a fluid type, more water based. Doesn't feel oily at all and has a natural scent:) Idk why its purple though :O And i looked at the ingredients:) Its all natural ingredients like olive oil and such, no paraben and fragrance so it should be pretty gentle on the skin!:) Probably suits sensitive skin too since it doesn't have sulfates and stuff:) Do remember to visit their site and register if you want to try out their products:)! (ps: Feb's Vanity Trove also includes their products!)

Bought some cute iphone button stickers from gmarket! Cos it was the "deal of the day" and was on discount or something:)
So cute right :)! im currently using the Seal one:) 1st one from the left ^^ my iphone is currently very decorated cos i love accessorizing my stuff:) Also got a kate spade polka dot iphone case but am not sure when it'll arrive cos its being shipped from overseas :/ Can't wait for it to arrive yayy 8D

ok thats all. Tiring day>< will probably post a review of my Pearlavish and frockettes loots tomorrow:) toodles:)!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Bro's Bday Celebration @ Four Seasons Hotel:)

My family celebrated my bro's bday at Jiang Nan Chun (chinese restaurant). It was buffet style and cost $58 for adults and $29 for children 11years or under. Quite pricey in my opinion 0.0
Here are some of the selections we could choose from:

Actually i was only interested in the dessert haha:) wanted the rice dumplings and yam with sago but was too full so i only chose the yam :) quite good! Though laden with fattening coconut cream ._."

The soups and other dishes were pretty good as well! I liked the "Hou Tou Gu" mushroom dish which totaly tasted like meat instead of mushroom. A very unique dish imo ^^ and the smoked squid and oatmeal salted egg yolk prawns were niceee :)) Overall a really nice meal though it added up to $300+ (gasps) ._.

OTD! :)
Megagamie when floral meets embossed dress in Pearl white, XS
Furla Peachy Pink bag. ( gift from my mum)
Cosmopolitan silver charms watch (my fav watch! bday present from mum ^^)
TANGS Pink Martini (or martina??) ivory heels.

Randomly put together this OTD cos i woke up really late >< Alarm why you no wake me! -meme face-
anyways i really have to compliment this awesome dress again! After stuffing myself like a pig there was still no signs of a protruding tummy thanks to the awesome cutting<3 yay really love this dress :)!

Stopped by Perla's Bakery (hidden in a small corner @Bukit timah) to pick up a cake for my bro:)

The cake was really good! Rich and chocolatey with hazelnut crisps inside ^^ a small piece is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth:) ok but i ate 2 anyways cos it was so good :)

Will update again tml if i have time! Have Choir prac tomorrow, hope it'll be good :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

OTD+ Day out in Town :)

hey all :) spent both days in town this weekend! :) Saturday was @ Takashimaya shopping for my bro's bday present :)

Modparade Red polka dot dress
Furry hearts bag (bought from overseas)
Moschino Vintage belt (passed down from my mum :D)
Fitflops (sry couldn't capture it on cam><)

i realized i haven't posted any pics of myself before.. (never show face i mean) 0.0
so here r some snapshots i took :)

all these pictures are makeup free btw, cos i think makeup will clog my pores and im not having an awesome skin week:(

Loots from taka trip!

The Godiva chocolates are for my bro cos he loves chocolates:) and i don't know what to get him for his bday so chocolates are the safest i think. So hard to get presents for guys! but the only guys i get presents for are my bros and my dad so lol. :)

Mummy bought the clinique brightening mask for me cos i tried e sample size before and its really good! after applying it you'll get naturally rosy cheeks so awesome ^^ and there's 20% storewide sale at metro(Paragon) so it was really worth it! Before discount:$79, after discount: ~$63 :)

Also went to Kinokuniya :) my fav bookstore cos my mum got discount card lol. xD the mercuryduo(Jap brand) emook is so pretty rite ^^ the SS2012 collection is really pretty! i think its Louis Vuitton inspired cos the tones are all pastel and chiffon and flowy~~~ got a free reversible bag from e emook also:) its like pink on one side and blue with floral prints on e other:) very sweet and vintage-y feel :)

Last but not least i got some chocolate biscuits which comes in a super cute box! Bought it mostly becos of the box haha. But for $12 its quite pricey :/ got it at e basement level of taka:)

okays i need to go and finish up my Language Arts assignment...#inner studyholic breaking loose..
will blog about my bro's bday celebration tml :) bye guys!

Friday, 24 February 2012

hi!:) a sharing of my current fav nail combo ^^
I love the  peachy pink and shimmery gold combination! super pretty and feminine ;)
Colours i used for this nail design:
-Essie in Pinkadelic
- Sephora for OPI in Blasted Gold (note, this colour dries up fast!)

This design is super simple to do and gives off an expensive vibe ^^ If you want the more cutesy type then an option would be to add ivory white 3D ribbon bows:) like just a small one on the side of each thumb:) super pretty also :)! I also like glittery polishes, tried out OPI nicki minaj in Save Me on my toes yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! Needs two coats for a more obvious colour though:) would recommend you all to try the nicki minaj colour ;) TGIF<3!

Love, fel :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vanity Trove- February 2012 :)

hi! :) will be introducing Vanity Trove today!:) Basically, it is a monthly subscription of beauty products, $25 per month. You can sign up on and pick their packages(monthly, 3-month, 1 year etc) :) and if you choose the monthly package you can cancel your subscription any time!:) They carry high end products, some of which are kinda hard to find in Singapore:) Eg, YADAH, Olivella, SKII, Clinique, Skin Inc, OPI etc! :) I really liked the January 2012 box which i feel is super worth the $25! Here's a link to the Jan box: []

Now i'll show you pics of the February box, which is supposedly the Valentine's Day Special:)
PS: another plus point about subscribing to vanity trove is that the box the products come in is sturdy, pretty and convenient! I use the boxes to put my jewellery and it is really awesome ;)

Yups, as you can see, it comes with a beautiful white sturdy box and is very nicely packaged:) This month's trove even came with super sweet smelling flower petals ^^
Products in this trove:
Skin Inc Eye Mask (for dark circles)
Allerines Tea Bags X2
Cheeky Ginger Citrus bath soap
OPI Shrek collection (mini sized)
OPI nicki minaj collection( mini sized, colour:Save Me)
Mekhala Black Rice shampoo
Mekhala Black rice conditioner
Rinsierose Accessory (have to email them to collect the actual item)

As compared to Jan's trove, i would say that Feb's isn't worth $25 :/ i would have liked more face products from perhaps more known brands:) I really like the OPI nicki minaj polish though! Insanely pretty with glitters and stuff ^^ And the eye mask as well:) But the rest aren't really my type :/ Maybe cos i don't like the smell of ginger so i don't really like the soap haha. But i heard that the Vanilla Vixen Soap(they give out at random) is really nice smelling! Would have liked to get that one instead hmm :/

But overall i would still like to subscribe to Vanity Trove cos i love beauty products:) and the box they provide every month lets me save on Jewellery box money haha ;)

Let me know if you guys would like stuff like giveaways! You all can win the OPI shrek and bath soap and stuff :) my email is! :) Hope to hear from you readers ^^ If there is good response i'll be holding giveaways <3

xoxo, Fel ;)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: The Tinsel Rack TTR's Confetti dress in Green, S.

Updated(6/3/12): Hi! so sry i made a mistake>< a reader kindly notified me that this dress is the Confetti dress, not the sweetheart dress>< so sry for the mistake ><

Bought this dress at Kiss Jane(Bugis) before it was launched:) But it was priced at a hefty $34! Much more expensive than $28.50( livejournal retail price) 0.0

Review: The material is really fab! Smooth and soft to the touch:) Was attracted to the unique colour when i saw it at Kiss Jane;) A very pretty blue-teal colour. Polka dots are white and more noticeable in real life than in the pictures. The pleats are also very nicely done and the dress doesn't require much ironing even after washing:) It doesn't crumple easily too ^^ Overall a very sweet dress worth $32 ;) The only bad points are that the adjustable straps aren't very stable, like it doesn't stay in the fixed length even after adjusting. After awhile it becomes longer and longer.. And its not very tummy friendly after a heavy meal! So don't wear this dress if you are going for buffet haha :)

PS: Size S probably only will fit up to uk6 or a very small 8. Cos im a small uk6 for tops and it fits just nice for me so bigger girls probably would want to take M:)

Tml's post will be on: Vanity Trove! A online based beauty site which sells "beauty boxes" at $25 per month subscription:) will talk more bout that in the next post:) Toodles!

Review: Megagamie Meet Me in my Jeans in Vintage and Megagamie Boho Eyelet Shrug, Creme

Hi again! :) Today's review shall be on the loots i just received yesterday:)
Megagamie Meet Me in my Jeans in Vintage and Megagamie Boho Eyelet Shrug, Creme :)

Megagamie Meet Me in my Jeans in Vintage

Review: Material is quite okay, not scratchy when worn:) The buttons are really vintage looking too, which i think is pretty:) Cutting is abit hugging for me as i have a heavier bottom, will probably look nicer on Uk6 girls:) The colour is nicer in real life and has a slimming effect on the thighs ;) Overall its quite an ok piece, but i don't think its worth $29 :/ kinda pricey i feel. Thus will let go of this piece:) 

Megagamie Boho Eyelet Shrug, Creme

Review: I really looked forward to receiving this piece cos it looked so good in megagamie's photos. But when i received it i was quite disappointed:( The material is smooth and of good quality, definitely:) And the eyelet details are simply gorgeous:) But it was too oversized for me and when i wore it, it is too poofy at the back, which definitely is not flattering :( Maybe its just me who can't pull off the effect seen in megagamie's pictures:/ Thus letting this piece go as well:)

Will do a review on ttr's valentine dress tomorrow ;) stay tuned for it! ;D

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Review on Love Bonito's Craft Finesse Dress & Megagamie's When Floral Meets Embossed Dress in Pearl White, XS :)

Hello! Trying out a new font today! Yay or nay? 
This post will be a review on:
Love Bonito's Craft Finesse Dress in Crimson, size S 
Megagamie's When floral meets embossed dress in Pearl white, size XS:)

Love Bonito's Craft Finesse Dress (pics credit to Love bonito)

Review: The colour of the dress is true to Love Bonito's picture:) a very elegant red, though i wouldn't call it Crimson:) Adjustable straps are a plus point :) There is underwire in the bustier section which provides support but is slightly uncomfortable. The slightly flared out bottom is a nice touch too! Made of cotton which i feel is slightly structured, not the flimsy type:) Overall a good buy! Really like the colour of this dress <3

Megagamie's When embossed meets floral dress in Pearl White, size XS. (credits to mgg)

Review: This dress can only be described in one word: Awesome! :) Made of structured hampton, which has a nice sheen and is smooth ;) Love this material:) The cutting of this dress is also very commendable, emphasizing on the waist and skimming the hips! :) Gives off a very demure and girly feeling:) Only down point is that the sleeves restricts arm movement a bit for me. But overall i have to say this is my best buy from mgg! ^^

For your reference: I am a UK4/6 for tops, UK8 for bottom. 160cm :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and review! Will be doing a review on The Tinsel Rack's Everyday is Valentine's Sweetheart Bustier dress in Teal, S, soon! Do look out for it :)

Hello this is my first post ;) finally set up this blog after procrastinating for a long time! Shall use this space to post reviews of my online loots, nail art, fashion and everything under the sun 8D Short intro(keyword:short) of myself! :)
I'm Fel and i love fashion and anything visually pleasing( like pastel macaroons and Louis Vuitton's latest candy coloured SS designs<3) I'm still schooling but will find time to update this space:) I realize that everything im typing has to be checked to be politically correct..Oh my what has my school done to me T^T hmm so i shall start of the very first post with some loots i got from ION today!

Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser and My Melody X Love More 18 Pc masks :D

I bought the Eau Thermale Cleanser because it does effective cleansing w/o water!(great for lazy bums like me) :) I use waterless cleansing products(currently using clarins's one step mint purify cleanser) in the morning and night, and loccitane's brightening foam cleanser in the afternoon after i come back from school. Washing your face too many times a day with water isn't good cos it strips the skin of moisture. :) hmm, should i do a post of my cleansing regime/products i use?? (PS the Eau thermale cleanser retails at $30.50)

ok anyways!:) the My Melody is so insanely pretty!! Needless to say i bought it 90% cos its packaging caught my eye straight away when i walked into Watsons:) this 18 Pc set is retailing at $24 currently and i think its quite a good deal^^ Then of course before buying i check the ingredients(being a science student).. and i think the ingredients are quite good:) the first 3 products(which constitutes to 75% of the entire mask's components) are flower/tea extracts and stuff so i believe it should be good:) Will do another review of this when i actually use it:) Love my buys at watsons today!

Next up, QVS 4 pack combs! Bought this only cos i lost all 4 combs from the previous sets -.-! idk how i did it but i just lost 4 of them within 2 weeks... It retails at $5.90 btw:) quite a good catch i feel, cos it has pocket friendly ones and the sharp ended one for different hairstyles ;)

Loots from Daiso! I love daiso alot, just sayin :) bought 7 items and its $14 ^^ very pocket friendly! and the items are really pretty and quality is not bad;)
Bought alot of scrapbooking materials like felt, printed paper, lace, fabric tape, velcro and jewel stickers:) I have a fashion scrapbook btw, i put in ALOT of effort to make it! shall post some pics of it someday:)

Yes and about 5 days ago was Valentine's Day:) Though it didn't really concern me(#foreveralone) i shall share some lovely Valentine's Day E-Cards by Kate Spade! :) i sent it to my #foreveralone friends too hahaha

ok my first post shall end here:) Hope you guys enjoyed reading bout these random stuff cos i love reading these random stuff from other people's blogs ;D

Fel T.