Thursday, 15 March 2012

Megumi Jap Food + spree loots!:)

Lunch yesterday was at Megumi!:) Located at Clementi, Sunset way:) 

 some snapshots of their menu so u can have s look at the choices and prices ;)
assortment of sushi!:) The $10 series are quite wallet-friendly in my opinion:) 

If you decide to go to this restaurant, i think the Yaki Meshi(Fried rice) is really worth a try! My dad goes bonkers over their fried rice haha XD

Chawanmushi! One of my fav jap side dishes<3 Along with soft shell crab and shrimp tempura:)

Here's my main course: Spider Maki (Soft shell crab filling) 
i think they changed this item abit, last time it was coated with the orange coloured roe instead of sesame seeds :/ I prefer the roe coating much more, but it still tastes good so no complains!:) 

Last but not least my FAV dish from that restaurant.... FRIED ICE CREAM<3! 
This is the most awesome fried ice cream i've ever tasted yumyums! The fried coating and chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream goes so well together! I'm craving for it so bad right now boooo:( 

oh yes, recent spree loots!:)
This has got to be my most "worth-it" buy ever :) Its a huge jewellery box!:) Made of quality, expensive looking suede and has double layers :D

Top layer:
Can put rings, small necklaces, watches, bracelets etc:) and there's this hoops for those short necklaces if u wanna hang it:) 

Second layer!:) For putting bigger necklaces or large/chunky cuffs/bracelets:) It looks small here but is really spacious in real life:)

Look at the lock detail!!:) So cool it even comes with a lock and key heh:)
 oh and this cost $36 after shipping:)! Which i think is a great deal considering that jewellery boxes can easily cost up to $70+ in Singapore and its super small sized zzz >< Actually its cost price is only $26 but cos its an overseas spree so shipping is ex>< Thinking of getting another one for my mum cos she has way more accessories than me haha. Anyone interested in this?? I can help you order one too:)! No charges haha cos im nice XD

anyways, other spree items! All very cutesy looking yes? :)

Yups, just some scrapbooking materials like pens, lace border stickers:) and two very pretty notebooks, purpose undecided yet XD and a iphone cat sticker which is so cute!! and its made of some unique slightly furry material:) Super love<3 oh yes and The Body Shop Honey&Oat Mask :) One of my fav masks, along with the clinique brightening mask:) This mask is simply awesome because:
1) Its scent is SO YUMMY :D really smells super fragrant, everytime i apply this i feel like eating it :x cos it smells like oat XD
2) Its 3-in-1 :)! Moisturizing, Brightening and exfoliating!<< becos of the actual oat grains which acts as exfoliants :)
3) Its much cheaper than the clinique mask hahah XD Half the price!:)

yups thats all i can think of currently haha. Excitedly waiting for my loots to arrive~~ Esp the EGP dresses XD kthanksbye!

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