Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bella Stilo: Colourblock!

 hola! Here's another Bella Stilo series :)) I have been putting more effort in this area recently! Can tell right? :) The next series is going to be awesome hehe. Anyways! Today's post is for... COLOURBLOCK:) 

Earl Grey Party Colourblock Dress
Aldo Fur Clutch
Metal Cap Heels

Colourblocking is one trend that has been around in the past year and this year as well, and i don't think it'll be going anywhere soon ;) It is an easy way to make a statement, you can work it the polished way or the bold way mainly ;) Simple yet charming.

For the polished look, you can stick to clean cuts and lines, with "safe" colours like white, pink, black, etc. Mainly the softer or minimalist colours:)

For the quirky/bold/attention lovers, loud and energetic colours would suit you very well! Directly contrasting colours in the colour wheel would be for the very bold, eg, colours like yellow and purple, or orange and blue. One of my favourite bold colourblocking combinations is scarlet red and cobalt blue ;)

But sometimes colourblocking can go quite wrong, and a way to keep yourself safe from falling into those pits is to follow this guideline: Colourblock with colours from the same family.
What does that mean you may ask? A very good example will be the EGP dress featured in this series! Mix colours of different shades, rose pink and light pink in this case. Its the safest way to colourblock :)

Witha simple colourblocking dress, you can add on accessories and it won't be over the top:)
Lilac pearl necklace from SPICYHOTCAKE ;)

Or add in a playful/quirky satchel to spice up your ensemble ;)

Alright thats all for now:) Hope you guys liked this series! The next one will be even more awesome i promise;) Hint: White, Polished.

Andddd i've finally got down to arranging my wardrobe!! -proud and accomplished- lolol. So here's how my pastel cupboard looks like now:
I have other parts not arranged yet.. I think for the rest I'll arrange according to colour:) Any comments/tips on wardrobe organizing?? You can drop me a comment on formspring k:)) TML IS FRIDAY GUYS, STAY ALIVE TILL THEN:)

Monday, 27 August 2012


Hi everyone<3 Sorry if my updates are not very long nowadays! Exams are in about 6 weeks:/ Its scary that the days to the final exam is countable now -_- Time for operation mugging :/

Anyhoos! After the musical ended last Saturday, mum treated me to a day out at Bugis ^^ Cos preparations for the musical started in March and i really spent alot of time on it and so its time for a bit of post-musical relaxation;)

Whenever the destination is Bugis must stop by Kissjane also right! Right? hahah anyways i haven't been to Kissjane in months EEK. Mum says she goes there more often than me now lol.

Kissjane's new recyclable bag in neon yellow lolol. But colour can't be seen here xD
Here's my OTD!:)
Dorothy Perkins Floral Printed Blouse
FLAUNT Floral Puff Skirt
Yellow Satchel

Review: I bought the skirt because of the floral motif (again) >< I'm obsessed with floral motifs nowadays :/ But this skirt is quite pretty. Got some kind of korean feel with the slight pouf:) But its acceptable imo, not overly poofy. There's a layer of mesh outside and inner lining inside so technically its 3 layers,thus not sheer~ Only thing i don't really like is the elastic waistband cos its not hidden but i think wearing a belt over it will probably cover it more or less:)

Oh and finally i remembered to review the TVD Bianca Lace Dress:)

TVD Biance Lace Dress in Peach (S)

Review:  A dainty and demure piece! Overall I'm quite pleased with this piece, the lace is quite pretty and the pink flatters my skin tone. I've sold my lilac one away cos it doesn't flatter my skin tone at all :/ I mean the colour is really off as compared to TVD's pic. But peach is quite a sweet colour:) Sizing wise it fits me perfectly. Kinda like a bodycon dress in a way? There's a zip and it slightly stretchy so i think this can fit uk8 as well:) However its be abit sheer, should wear nude undergarments.:) Letting this dress go as i have too many lace dresses! Do email me if keen:) Its BNIB, only tried for reviewing purposes:)

Had a good skin day that day hehe:)) Still loving my new lenses alot:)

 And here are my buys for the day!
L'zzie Floral Embossed Cardigan<3333333

 Look at how pretty this piece is!! Mad mad pretty<333333 Lots of hearts for it cos i really love it ^^ My favourite cardigan in my entire cardigan collection now :)) Love the korean feel hehe. Quality is really really good, thick but still suitable for our weather. I especially love the pop up floral and dots, gives a nice texture and its uber cute:) And the silver ribbons replaces conventional buttons!^^ So dainty<3 Madly in love with this piece. Spotted it as i was about to leave Bugis and i'm glad i went in to take a look:)

Nicely packaged in this artsy paper bag:) I shall frequent this shop next time:) Oh yes, but prices are abit on the higher side, do take note!~

And of course from Kissjane!

Amber Avenue Madison Crop Top in White

 TCL Aztec Printed Dress in Pink

Yups these are the two items i got from Kissjane:) Will review them when i actually wear them out k:)

Oh and i stocked up on some beauty products:)

Rachel K CC Cream in Original
Canmake Face Highlighter in Shade 05(beige) << there was white as well but i thought this shade will be more natural:) So far i tried the canmake one and i'm loving it! Will do a proper review on both items soon, when i have time><><
 And my cutesy arm candy of the day:) Pearl ribbon ring i bought from Bugis Street a few weeks ago:))
All right thats all for now. Hope everyone is having an okay Monday!
To end off the post, here's a lovely basic skater dress sponsored by Chaceylove!<3


I'm super in love with this dress<3 Its a really awesome basic k! Material is thick and you can tell its of superb quality, stretchy as well and best of all super comfy<3 :)

Its no wonder that this dress is a sell out in Chaceylove's site and they've held backorders for it a few times:) They have it in a few colours as well such as sunshine yellow etc. But my fav will still be this wine red-rust colour;) Its unique and flattering for my skin tone hehe.

Oh yes did i mention that the cutting is really fab as well?:) This is one of the rare dresses which i don't have to wear a belt with because its stretchy and fits me just nice! Most of the time alot of dresses are too big for me at the waist area. Of course it looks just as nice with a thin belt too!:) Super versatile^^

Many thanks to Acelyn for sending me this dress<3 Loving it ttm ;D Do support Chaceylove and drop by their site today!:)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nature Escapade!

Hello!! Sorry for starting off the post with my face lol. 
I'm wearing new lenses:)) Got difference?? @.@
Anyways this post is filled with pics of my recent Sentosa trip with my bestie Niko ^^

@RWS! we wanted to take a cool shot at the steps but the lighting was bad:((

 Cool accidental shot of the day!! I swear this is candid. Haha cos we didn't bring any camera and only used iphone to take pics. And i tink the weather was too hot(?) then our iphones lagged and refused to cooperate, ending up with this cool shot cos it lagged xD
 Me looking for a good spot for photo taking i think.. xD

 One of my fav shots of the day! Love the wooden teapot <3 its uber cute ;)
 On the escalator ;)
 Haha my and niko's fav octopus lolol
 Niko kept saying that she's a pro photographer cos she took so many profile pic worthy shots of me that day LOL
CWC Kaia Crop Top
TTR Swish it skirt in buttercup~~
 We walked to sentosa btw! from vivocity all the way to Underwater world(our final destination). Pretty crazy huh xD we got lost so many times!><
 Merlion at the back haha
 Fav shot of the day! This spot holds memories for me lol, cos its where my first shoot with Thebananaparty was held:) And niko took such a nice pic:)

 Collage i made!:)
 Oh yes and i missed out the review for this dress in my prev post! Its an upcoming basic skater dress from TVD and i tried on Neon Yellow becos i have the original Topshop version in white alr;) My fav colour is still white though!

 Review: Material wise, this is really awesome:) Made of stretchy spandex-cotton i think. Thick enough, smooth and of good quality;) The cutting is also good, quite fitting though. In fact for a uk4/6 for tops like me, this one was just nice, as in it hugs the body, not much allowance. So i think for uk8 and above it might be abit uncomfortable though it'll prob fit(stretchy material). Colour wise irl its brighter than in the picture. Like really bright neon yellow haha. Hope this helps!:)

Anyways:) I've received my August Bellabox:) It came with a free I<3SG beach bag this time:)
 Vouchers from Enavose, Anna Sui, Elizabeth Arden etc:)
 Here's whats inside!:)

China Glaze Nail Polish
Loreal Youth code
Enavose Exfoliator
Anna Sui Eyeshadow
Elizabeth Arden Visible Defence Serums, facial wash
Facial Fresh Green Tea Mask
 I think this month's box is still okay, not as bad as last month's but not say super good as well :/ The better ones would be the Anna Sui eyeshadow and China Glaze nail polish imo:) I tried the Facial Fresh green tea mask and it was so-so only i feel. At first the scent was quite nice and then gradually it turns into a weird scent, abit sour :/ The other products i haven't tried yet~~
 Anyways this Anna Sui eyeshadow is so pretty ^^ Even the box and compact has a lovely design:) And the colour is rose pink, quite nice and its pigmented for lasting power;)
Okay thats all for now! <3 Have a great weekend:):)