Friday, 30 March 2012

Of Chemicals and Opal tones ;)

TGIFTGIFTGIF! happy friday everyone!
yes the weekend is finally here -fist pumps-!

ok my week has gone by quite slowly, feeling brain dead after hours and hours of lessons ._.
oh but chemistry was fun this week haha, we made slime and a bouncy waxy ball! pictures~~

the transparent dumpling like thingy is the slime! i moulded it into a dumpling lol and my friends got tricked haha. but after a while it wil melt by itself into a glob of slime, which i think looks like mucus >.< the tang yuan like thing is the waxy ball!

ok enough of the slime and whatnot XD

here's some random otds :)

 Lucyd Acyd Flight blouse in 1
Topshop Denim Floral Patch shorts
Black Suede Wedge Booties

i think this blouse is rly cool imo! it has a cape like design and has a smooth satiny feel ^^ so chic and edgy<3 not my usual girly style but i still like!

 HVV Jagger Leather Skirt in Red, S

major love this skirt ^^ made of quality faux leather and the colour is so bright and cheery! cutting is awesome too though abit big for me at the waist:) <3<3<3 this skirt^^ one of my staple pieces :)

paired with Runwaybandit's Damir sparrow blouse:) Pretty prints! Oh but im selling the blouse(BNIB) cos i carted out 2 accidentally on rwb's website><!

oh yes i massively updated my selling post! do support k! ^^ more at ;)

Vintage Sunglasses- $7mailed
Yellow weaved cardholder-$3mailed
Burgundy red notebook-$6mailed
Yellow,lavender, pink twirly hairband-$2mailed for all 3
Candy pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed
Lace pastel pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed

Clarins Iris Toner-50ml, 2/3 left, $4mailed
The Face Shop Trouble healing spot treatment (for pimples) Brand new! $6mailed! rtp:~$20
ZA Amino face cleanser and moisturizing gel- $2.50mailed for both
Clinique Cleansing foam, 50ml, $6mailed
ELF shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, Brand new, $3mailed
Canmake Nose shading powder(for contouring), $6mailed, Swatched once. rtp:$~18
Olivella Shampoo Brand new, $4mailed
Double eyelid tape, approx 320pairs, $4.50mailed
Cheeky Ginger Citrus soap, BN, $4mailed

Thefaceshop nail polish in cobalt
Rimmel Pro Nail polish in Brown
OPI nail lacquer Shrek collection (colour as shown), mini size
Face shop nail polish in midnight blue
Sally hansen quick dry coat, BN, $6mailed
Face shop nail polish in pearl white
Face shop nail polish in dreamy pink
Rimmel Pro Matte nail coat (slightly yellow but once applied its transparent)
NYC glitter nail polish in 105. (great for layering!)
Rimmel pro nail polish in fuschia

All rimmel colours-$3mailed
All faceshop & NYC colours;$2mailed
OPI colours-$4.50mailed
Sally hansen-$5mailed

Assorted hairbands-$3mailed for 3
Colours: Indigo, sky blue, teal green
                 Tea rose, candy pink, coral pink

Michael Kors BLACK Fur Crossbody bag BRAND NEW $190 with free reg mail
note that colour shown is brown, im selling it in BLACK. Design is exactly the same:)

thanks for looking! and have a great weekend everyone ^^

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My 15minutes survey

random note i decided to do!:)

Starting time: 5.03pm
Name: Fel Tham
Shoe size: C&K 36
Hair Type/Colour: Black
Piercings: yes (ears)
Height: 160 cm , still hv chance to grow(i hope!)
What are you wearing now?: My Dance Academy shirt:)
Where do you live?: Bukit Timah
Favorite number: 3
Favorite drink: Watermelon juice
Favorite month: November ( exams are over >:DDD)
Favorite breakfast: Honey Stars in cold milk <3

-Have You Ever-

Broken a bone: no -touchwood-
Been in a police car: Of course not
Fallen for a friend: nah 
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time: nah
Swam in the ocean: maybe, but i dont remember ._.
Fallen asleep in school: yes... -sheepish look-
Broken someone’s heart?: idk!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: nope~
Saved e-mails: yes
Been cheated on: err idk!


Your room like?: Like crazily messed up.
What is right beside you?: my printer
What is the last thing you ate?: Instant noodles!

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox: yup
Sore throat: yes, all the time 
Stitches: of course not
Broken nose: no

-Do You-

 Believe in love at first sight?: maybe.. if it actually happens to me ._.
 Like picnics?: yeah! 


Did you last yell at?: my friend syl (in a joking way XD)
Who was the last person you danced with?: classmates, dance module!
Who last made you smile?: my friends syl and peeta(nickname hehe! named after peeta of hunger games<3)

-Final Questions-

What are you listening to right now?: Heora's Under the moonlight
What did you do today?: meh, the usual..
Are you the oldest?: nope
Indoors or out doors?: indoors!

-Today did you-

Talk to someone you like?: erm well, i like my friends, is that counted??? ._.
Kiss anyone?: nope!
Sing?: yeah! in the shower and on the way home~
Talk to an ex?: what??? noooo
Miss someone?: yes 
Eat Yet?: yeah am eating now!

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone?: syl
Went to the movies with?: the peeta gang! HUNGER GAMES<3
You went to the mall with?: momsie
Who cheered you up? : alot of ppl<3

-Have you-

Been to Mexico?: well, no. but i would like to!
Been to USA?: YES<3 just went last year:) maybe i shld do a travelogue!


Have a crush on someone: nope!
What books are you reading right now?: textbooks???
Best feeling in the world?: when school does not slam hordes of stuff in my face.
Future kids names?: something cool, like Angela Evangeline something lol
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yeah! they take up more than 1/3 of my bed hah
What’s under your bed?: this qn is creepy :/
Favorite place?: Home<3 and malls haha.
Who do you really hate?: erm don't rly think bt such things. Peace yo!
Do you have a job?: nope!

What time is it now?: 5.18pm
With however long it took you to complete this, post as my _ mins survey. & Tag 20 people to complete it.<<< not gonna do it!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Wonderlust Sequin Peterpan Dress, Sunday night out ;)

hi guys! Didnt update yesterday lol cos i reached home late>< went out to watch Hunger Games with my friends and it was AWESOME<3 will blog bt that another time ;) here's my updated post for sunday haha. Just some OTDs and pics:) 

Night view of vivo city! Sunday night @ vivo was crazy ._. the jam was so horrible and all the parking lots were super full. >< And my dad was being >:( in the car lol. cos he hates jams. i think its like his most hated thing ever haha.

OTD: Wonderlust Sequin Peterpan Dress 
cosmopolitan watch
Fairy pink belt (from a "high class" stall @ far east lol. high class cos it costs $39.90) ><

and i should do a short review on the dress also XD
Review: A super pretty piece! The glittered collar is just right, not too over the top and keeps the dress interesting. :) My mum complimented me for the outfit lol! And she rarely compliments my dresses haha XD (she tinks the ttr fairylights skirt isnt nice btw, idk why><) Yups, material is slightly structured and flared at the bottom.Quite a flattering shape i would say:) oh and it has subtle pleats! Plus points ^^ Overall a very pretty dress worth the ~$27/28 i paid for it:)

oh and the bag i used on sunday:) Samantha thavasa Tweed pink bag :) another one of my fav bags! As u probably can tell im more of a bag/clothes than accessories person XD this was a present also:)

ending off randomly with a pic of a LEGO merlion which i thought was pretty patriotic :)
i know its not august yet but oh well XD I <3 spore!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Random Celebrity Spazz ;) PT 1 :D

hey all! :D My weekend passed by so fast, i don't even remember what i did on friday and now its Sunday already -.- ... anyways i spent this weekend mostly studying cos exams r coming up :(( but thank goodness the exam schedule is staggered, like one exam per week haha:)

oh but i still managed a trip to vivo city on saturday!:) cos my mum went to a church near vivo and my bro wants to go to vivo's arcade ._. will post the OTD tomorrow!:) yups, and i'm watching HUNGER GAMES TML after my exam! -Fist pumps- >:D everyone who has watched it says its super awesome so i'm really excited for it! on a side note, i haven't eaten popcorn in months lol. I don't even remember when was the last time i watched a movie... >< omg i think it was Twilight, which was eons ago! :( sad sad life! haha never mind i shall have my life back.. after the exams lol XD

oh ya i totally sidetracked for the entire two paras above. Yes, today i feel like spazzing about my fav celebs! :D i have alot of fav celebs haha so i might need two posts to fully show my love for them lol XD

American/Western Celebs!

1. Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries! <3
i made this picture X-large so stare at their genetically blessed faces XD nina is my fav western actress of all time! So pretty and talented <3 and down to earth! She and ian are the main characters of vampire diaries:) They kinda have a love-hate relationship sometimes but i like to think that they are actually very in love XD (according to the book by L J Smith thats the case!) oh and they are a couple in real life, i support! :) Do watch the vampire diaries if u don't, its really awesome and exciting!:) The story line is rly good and each episode is filled with adrenaline :D

2. Leighton Meester!:)
Yups like most people i knew of Leighton Meester through Gossip Girl (im team Blair!) :) But i like her for her fashion and style more than becos of Blair Waldorf haha XD Love her fashion sense!(most of the time) :)  Alot of her outfits are featured in fashion magazines n such:) Oh and she sings well too! I think her voice is rather deep as compared to alot of other singers, its quite a unique voice actually, slightly husky? but calming :) I think she's gonna have an album so do support k!

3. Elle Fanning

Such a sweet looking girl right:) I think both Elle and Dakota Fanning are talented and have good fashion sense :) But i like Elle's style more ;) And she seems very cheery and have an uplifting vibe! Love her red carpet choices too!

4. Olivia Palermo

I'm not so sure of her personality but i love her style ^^ She always manage to look so classy and there is always something special about her outfit, like a subtle twist to make it unique ;) I watched The City (reality tv show also featuring Whitney Port) and i didn't really like her character that much though :/ not sure if it was scripted or not but nonetheless her style is two thumbs up!

okay actually there's alot more but i shall just stop here today XD still have a few more fav western celebs i haven't mentioned and a whole list of Asian celebs (mostly korean! -coughs-! XD) shall continue next time! :) Who are your fav celebs? ;) U can leave a comment for me regarding that! I would really love to hear from you guys :D

PS: I just checked my blog stats today and omg i was pretty shocked :O currently this blog is i tink one month and one week old, and i have 2000+ views in the past month! :O Which is pretty awesome! Thanks guys!!! ^^ <333

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Banana Party, Launched on 23 March!

hi guys!:) Here to introduce a new blogshop today!:) THE BANANA PARTY ;)
Check out their debut collection!:) They have a nice range of apparels, from Polka Dotted Peterpan Blouses to flowy Asymmetrical dresses and printed blouses to make a statement! :)

Here are my top picks from this collection:

The dottie peterpan top looks so cute right?;) Polka dots+ Peterpan collars =major love! ^^

And i really like this Owl printed blouse :) The colour is so pretty and i think its versatile!:) 
quite a bohemian piece, no? ;)

Yups, so do check them out!:)

The Banana Party has launched its First Collection on 23rd March! 
Like them on Facebook ( ) and View their First Collection at!


Review: Lilypirates Happily Ever After dress in Lace Cream, EGP Gold-Navy Medallion Dress:)

hi all!:) gonna post a review on Lilypirates Happily Ever After dress in Lace Cream and EGP Gold-Navy Medallion Dress:)

Lilypirates Happily Ever After dress in Lace Cream 

Closeup of lace details

Review: Major love this lace dress!!:) First time purchasing from lilypirates and it was a very pleasant experience:) Received my item super fast and thumbs up for their cust service!:) The lace details are quite pretty in real life, but though lilypirates stated that this dress has inner lining and thus is non sheer, when worn i feel that it is still slightly sheer:/ And there were some loose threads so i would say quality wise is not superb. But the cutting of the dress with its cap sleeves are really pretty! Similar to mgg's when floral meets embossed dress ;) Overall a very pretty dress and though quality is not say rly good, still love this dress!:) The lace makes it very sweet and feminine without being overly mature:) A staple piece i would say ^^

EGP Gold-Navy Medallion Dress:) 

Closeup of medallions at hemline
Review: This dress is slightly big for me, even with elastic waist i still think its abit loose, but design wise i really like it :)! Quite a unique piece with the medallions.And i think that gold and navy is a very elegant combination, gives off a regal feeling no?;) Comes with inner lining so its not sheer and length wise its just nice for me:) Though the quality is not very up to standard(stitching not done nicely, as can be seen from the closeup of the medallions at the hemline, not sewn properly). Yups, but other than that not much to complain about this dress:) The design makes it worth the price even though quality is not fab~

Thanks for looking!:) 

I am a uk 4/6 for tops, uk8 for bottoms, 160cm for yr reference:)

oh yes, and my friend have started a shared basket on the editor's market! basket closing in 37 hours so do join us asap if u would like to share the promo:)! Currently already have 4 or 5 items out of 15 i think. Do leave your email if u would like me to add u to the shared basket:) Do join us and share the awesome price! Btw The editor's market just had a new collection yst so now is the time to shop to yr heart's content ^^ TGIF everybardi!! (barbarella from the noose's fav catchphrase i tink! haha)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Review: TVD Warehouse Inspired Dress in Aqua

Hi!:) Reviewing an old TVD piece which i got from a super nice seller on sgflea:) Got it at a steal of $18 ^^ Aqua is really a super pretty colour, similar to my fav colour turquoise irl :) Pictures away!
PS: My cam has been cranky lately thus the slight blurry photos, sry bt that!

Paired this with my Samantha Thavasa White furry Aimi bag which was a gift:) Love the bag to bits!:) oh and paired it with the nude-pink maryjanes :)

Review: Firstly the colour of the dress is super not true to my pic cos of the lighting in my room haha. Colour more true to TVD's pictures:) Super love the embroidery details! Very whimsical like and the stitching is done fairly well:) In real life the dress is even prettier haha:) And its very similar to Warehouse's version so thumbs up for this dress! Quality is pretty good and got it at a fraction of the price:) Very worth it i feel:) Oh and it has a sash to tie at the back, sash cannot be detached. Length and fit wise is kinda too long&big for me cos this is size M. Sent it for alteration though:) Overall i really like this dress, recommended!

For your reference, i am a UK4/6 for tops, UK8 for bottoms, 160cm:)

Yups, and im super sorry for the late reviews>< Cos i had to wash and let it dry n stuff before reviewing... Its 90% dry already though, probably can review it tml :) Oh and i already received my Swivelle Cross slits top but its defected :(((( so sad>< There were  brown stains on both sleeves, maybe due to the metal detailing?? im not very sure :/ Sent an email to swivelle already though, hope they reply soon~ 

oh yes, im recently addicted to Korean Green Tea! :)) Its rice green tea actually, nicer and lighter taste than usual Lipton green tea:) Super love the taste and fragrance:) The brand is Dong Suh if u wanna try it:) Feeling super healthy this week cos i started drinking green tea which has so much health benefits and i'm playing badminton every day for about 45mins and its a really fun workout! I hate exercising ._. but badminton is a FUN sport so i actually rly enjoy it!! :) Kudos to a healthy lifestyle haha~~ Last time i actually made an exercise routine to tone up but i became lazy after a few weeks :/ maybe i'll share the routine tml haha XD

will update again tml! Thanks for viewing kthanksbye :)

The Editor's Market!

short post today cos i need to studyyyyy :(

ok im sure The Editor's Market needs no introduction!:) It is quite famous in Singapore already i think ;) Their retail store can be found at Orchard Cineleisure!:) Level 4 if im not wrong:)

so yups, now not only do they have a retail store.. they also have it in online version!:) Makes shopping easier doesn't it haha, don't need to go to their retail store:)

Pictures credit to Editor's market/respective owners :)

Oh yes, and now they have this "shared basket" promotion thing!:) If u buy one item, it will be at normal price, but if u buy 3 items, 6 items or 15 items respectively, the prices just get better and better!

So you can add friends to your "basket" and maybe 1 friend buys 5 items, the other buys 4 and the last friend buys 6. That adds up to a total of 15 items, which means ALL 3 friends can get super awesome prices!:) For example the original price may be $29 then after joining a shared basket, the price becomes $15 ;) awesome isn't is ^^

So yups, do visit their site to take a look!:)

oh and you can add me ( as a friend and we can share a basket wheeee~
but i just shared a basket and purchased 2 items so won't be purchasing again so soon! Maybe when the next collection comes in ;)

will update a better post tomorrow! These are the loots that have arrived(and i haven't reviewed):

Lollyrouge Hearts dress

Swivelle Cross Slits Top in White
Lilypirates Lace Dress in Cream
Wonderlust sequin peterpan collar dress

Earlgreyparty Ava Medallion Dress
Earlgreyparty Midnight Dress in Beige with heart prints
TVD Happy Wanderer Dress in Teal, XS
Lollyrouge Chalk Doodles Top
Lollyrouge Latte Barista Dress

so little time so many things to do!!:(
Friday come quickly >< >< ><

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blogs i read daily:)

sharing some fav 9gags of the moment!:)

LOL isn't this true? XD Those tv shows always say "don't try this at home" and im like, "how am i supposed to try this at home when i don't even have a giant saw(<<the saw ppl magic trick) or something!"

lolol and this is super 'smart' hahaha XD your password is "incorrect"! #likeaboss

yups, today im gonna share about some blogs i like to read!:) I did not list them according to which one i like to read most, no specific order!:) All are interesting blogs XD

1. Bong Qiu Qiu (
qiuqiu's blog is really v interesting!:) i personally think that she's very funny lol XD and she posts rly pretty pictures:) oh and she introduces new products too!:)

2.Melissa Koh (

I think melissa is also a very pretty and nice blogger:) She introduces new blogshops and readers often gets discount ^^ oh and she is also the model for thetinselrack, one of my fav blogshops:)

3.Audrey Lim (

Audrey's blog is one of the more artistic ones i feel:) She puts quotes and her pictures are always so artsy! :) 

4.Beatrice Tan (

I think beatrice is one of the most "real" bloggers. Really like her nice personality and down to earth character:) and she's the model of lovebonito, another one of my fav blogshops yay:) 

5.Sophie willocq (

Sophie is one of the very casual and laidback bloggers i feel:) and she's funny too! Oh and i think she's a rly nice person cos she always helps animals find new homes:) Would have helped her with the pet adoption if my mum allowed!:( 

what are your fav blogs to read? XD i think blog reading is something v enjoyable, i do it everyday lol. Its interesting to see what other singaporeans do in their daily lives and i think alot of the bloggers mentioned above have great fashion sense!:) ok thanks for reading bye!

pictures credits to respective bloggers:) 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekends overload!

Hi guys!:) How has everyone's weekend been?^^ Holidays are just over for me and im currently in the meh-ish mood booo:( So anyways~ i spent my weekend in Malaysia:) Visiting my relatives and such:) Shopping in msia is always such a joy cos after calculating RM to $ its always more to my advantage haha XD But the best shopping places are in KL and i always got to Johor only ._.

Cuteness overload!:)) My super adorable cousin who is only like 2 yrs old and he knows how to call "gor gor" "jiejie" "fish!" "aiyo" "bye bye" etc! :) I foresee a genius in the making <3

"Put my face nearer to the camera so i look cuter<3"

Sleeping #likeaboss!
Thats ribena btw!
"Hello why are you looking at me??"

SO cute right :)) Btw im not sure how many of u can tell, but my cute cousin is actually part caucasian :) That explains his natural hazel brown hair. :) Oh he's called Aiden btw! Such a cutie pie:)

ok and here's a picture my older cousin drew... of a robbery that happened in his house ._. Please look at his nicely drawn graphics and take note of how smart burglers have become!! O.O!!
Omg so his house is 2 stories and the thief climbed up to the balcony on the second floor... Used a FISHING ROD to scoop up my aunt's handbag which was far far INSIDE the room and stole everything in it. Except for her passport , house and car keys so i guess the thief has a conscience after all.. 0.0 but omg thiefs nowadays are becoming so "innovative" :O okay and the best part of this whole story is that there is a police station a few units beside my aunt's house. #win. ok so be careful people! Things are getting weirder in our society ._."

Here i made this picture extra large for you all!:)

oh and here is the Aglio Olio Penne with Basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and sliced ham which i made by myself:D For lunch on friday that is, cos my mum went shopping and i was left to my own devices. :)
It looks pretty good doesn't it :) I wanted to be a cook last time when i was younger but my mum said no cos im currently studying so hard and it'll all go to waste if i become a cook. ._. true i guess... so i'll be a dermatologist or researcher in the science field:) I'm super interested in the skin area (Like epidermis, dermis layers of the skin etc) so i guess i have to work hard to get my dream job!:)

oh and this is totally unrelated but i saw this caricature in my science textbook about Global Warming... SPORE version O.O!
Is it a good thing that I'm living in Bukit Timah???._.

ok to end of here's a sneek peak of whats coming up soon!:)
Received my swivelle cross slits top today! Rly love receiving swivelle's parcels cos they always have this nice card that makes me happy when i look at it:)) So pink and cheery!

ok cheers ppl! Hope no one has the monday blues~~~