Sunday, 27 September 2015


hi guys!!:)
so in case you didn't see my instagram post (@etherealpeonies), recently my family welcomed a new member, Ginger!!:)

Ginger is a silky terrier, an australian breed and she's actually a hunting dog haha.
she's only a few months old puppy and we adopted her as my cousin's dog gave birth.
she's been a huge joy to the family and we all love her so much, despite her being naughty and pooping/peeing out of her cage lol!
oh her fur is black for now but over the years her fur colour will change to white, but for now i can't quite imagine it though!
i love her fluffy ears the most, its huge and so disproportionate to her tiny body but aww its so cute?!
and she knows how to get her way haha, when she plops down on the floor(like in that second picture) and look at me with those puppy dog eyes i really can't help but melt!! 
(and give her a treat haha)

so yes, that was just a short update about the new joy in the household!!
for daily updates, visit my dayre:)

till the next;

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Laneway Market

/ / m a i n / /

hola!!!:) i'm back again with another cafe recommendation today hehe.
this time its a trip to dakota with audrey for a good catchup!
but first, a few selfies cos i was early heh.
featuring my straw sunhat which just looks nice but actually doesn't really help much against the sun lol. it helped against the rain though! ahh the irony..

the nearest mrt station is dakota, its about a 10-15mins walk to the laneway market.
i'm also not very sure how to describe how to get there cos the route is in my head but i just can't describe it in words, sorry!
do note that laneway is right at the end of a row of shops, have to turn into a corner.
its right beside "mei zhen xiang", the place where they sell bakgwa:)

audrey and i were so delighted when we arrived!! 
firstly cos it suddenly poured cats and dogs while we were walking there sobs..
secondly cos the place was so so gorgeous!!!
its decorated so well, with beautiful flowers at random corners of the cafe, vintage lamps and so much more.

their brunch menu doesn't have very wide selections i have to say.
i was pining for the mushroom risotto and was so disappointed when i found out it was in the after 6pm menu sobs.
but well at least that gives me a reason to visit this beautiful place again, right?

anyways, here's what we ordered!
for drinks, audrey got a sea salt ice chocolate, i got a earl grey latte.
for mains, we shared a pulled pork hash and a scrambled eggs with salmon and apple chips.

audrey said that her iced chocolate was not bad, but she couldn't taste the sea salt so i guess that means its just kinda like normal iced chocolate!
for me, i loved loved loved my earl grey latte!
i could taste the earl grey and it was so fragrant, plus the latte wasn't too bitter and was actually delightful to sip on:)
i would definitely recommend the earl grey latte!

and for the mains, the pulled pork hash was wonderful.
its a rather unique dish i'd have to say, the pulled pork was marinated well and the whole dish just went well together.
it had a runny egg which we mixed in with the hash(potato), which made it more moist, less dry and more fragrant.
i would recommend this dish as well.

for the scrambled eggs with salmon, its a let down unfortunately.
there was nothing special at all about this dish and the bread/scrambled eggs were mediocre, or even abit less than average.
the salmon was fine but not anything special.
i wouldn't get this again on my next visit~

and now for dessert, yum!!
we got a sea salt chocolate tart and a lemon tart to share:)

both desserts were delectable and we polished them off hehe.
the sea salt chocolate tart was da bomb, so rich and chocolatey!!
i loved how they added granola at the bottom of the tart, which added a nice touch.
and yes the sea salt was noticeable in this dessert;)

the lemon tart was a good choice as well!
it was refreshing and zesty, a good complement to the chocolate tart to prevent us from being gelat.

audrey helped me take some pictures in this beautiful space after that.
(much thanks audrey!!!)
i'm wearing a chiffon top from mango, and the stahl floral midi from runwaybandits.
enjoy the visuals!!

we explored the dakota area thereafter, taking photographs and taking in the sights.
i'm actually not foreign to this area cos my grandma lives here and i visit her every week:)
still. it was a nice walk along the canal and lalang patches:)

ending off with a not so glam picture!
but its a happy smiley one and happiness is infectious so there, i hope you guys are infected with some happiness vibes!!

till the next;

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sawadeekap 1.0

/ / m a i n / /

hello friends!! 
after much procrastination and delay (oops), i'm finally publishing the first post of my trip to bangkok!! -pops confetti-

our itinerary was very simple, it mainly consisted of the malls we wanted to go to, the cafes we wanted to try and a few other touristy sites.

we took scoot there btw, and the timing was quite cray, we had to reach the airport at 2+am...
and we landed at 6am, which was quite a bad timing cos the malls and everything aren't open yet.
but the flight was a rather smooth one though.

at the airport's arrival hall there's a telecom booth, its quite easy to spot cos alot of tourists will flock there!
we got our thai sim cards there which allowed us to have 4G for a week, and it was very fast.
its not very expensive also, about $3-4 a day for unlimited data!

for accommodation, we stayed at berkeley hotel, and i have nothing bad to say about this hotel, it was rated 4 stars and i actually think its worth 5 stars haha.
its a 5-10 minutes walk away from platinum mall, and a walkable distance away from the other malls like central world as well.
not to mention, the interior of the hotel is so plush and grand, i'll let the visuals speak for themselves!
chandeliers, huge floral bouquets, gold themed designs, ooh la la ;)

on the first day, we visited chatuchak and chocolate ville.

chatuchak is a weekend market, i'll recommend you go there slightly earlier because it gets realllly hot later on in the day.
but if you stay in the sheltered area its actually not that bad, its when you walk in the sun then omg, it literally burns?!
we managed to get a few buys from chatuchak, but not at a steal.
somehow we walked into this japanese/korean inspired street and bought most of our stuff from there as its of better quality and the shops were actually air conditioned hahaha.
must try: coconut ice cream, fresh coconut juice

chocolate ville is a european themed mini village, that is something like USS i would say, minus the rides. 
its located quite far away from the central area so be prepared to pay about 400-500 baht for the taxi ride!
but its worth the fare (especially if you're travelling in a group of 3-4), because you can take alot of gorgeous photos there!
its a really pretty place that you can just chill and walk around to take in the sights and relax.
there are also alot of food places around chocolate ville so you can take your pick!
the food is not bad and the service is really good.

but note that chocolate ville is only opened from late afternooon, about 4/5pm onwards.
i would suggest you reach there the moment it opens (kiasu sporean mindset lol) because then it wouldn't be hot yet there is still sufficient lighting, and its less crowded so easier to take photos.

us in our natural state, fooling around hahaha.

and...yup! thats pretty much what we did in day 1!
stay tuned for day 2! we visited some pretty dope cafes ;)

till the next;