Monday, 29 July 2013

2:03am local time, tuesday.
Dead tired from a whole day of school and cca till near 8pm.
Couldn't stand it anymore, crashed after dinner till 12am.
My timely alarm woke me up, i wouldn't budge.
Until i remembered what was at stake, what i had to work for.
Forced myself to wake up at 12am, time to study again.
This year has been the toughest so far;
2 weeks ago i heard one of the worst and most demoralizing news ever.
It was hard to continue believing, almost wanted to cry when they announced it.
I kept thinking "NO i CANNOT possibly achieve it, this time it really is insurmountable."
Then came a timely word of advice. 
"As HC students, if you give up without a fight, you are a FAILURE. But if you fight on and don't succeed, i will still be proud of you."
Dear friends, if you see me mugging my ass off, please do not say the usual "eh why so mugger, hardcore mugger sia."
You have no idea what im fighting for, not unless you're in my exact plight.
Its something i want badly, an opportunity of a lifetime to do what i love, with the people i love.
I've decided to really really give it my best. Fight till the end, not giving up no matter what.
There is too much at stake this time, not just me, i cannot possibly let down my other members.
Not going down without a fight.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tonight; We Are Young

(Drafted this post in june, posting it in july like a boss.)
 Kick starting the hols with STJ, a tradition in HC:) It basically means "senior treat junior", like the senior class (12S74) hosts a party for the junior class (13S74 which is my class). 

Yups! we were supposed to meet at harbourfront at like 6pm but i met up earlier with wy and nikki for some girl time! Shopping + eating heh heh

We decided to try fruit paradise! Their fruit tarts look so so yummy oh gosh @.@

group shot!<3 love these girls :)

Ordered their Strawberry Mango tart and Chocolate Banana tart to share:) Both are super yums! Preferred the Mango one though ;) Oh & i super love the tart crust hehe, wy also!

Doing what we do best hahaha, take pics!

Braved the rain outside to take photos with RWS in the background XD And this mini train just chugged by, uber cute!
Love this shot the most hehe

btw.. check out my tan line at my feet :/ not kidding when i said i really got alot tanner due to pe at horrible times of the day. pffffft
Joined the rest of the 74 gang later hehe. Here's mel and HY!
HY super fascinated by my flip cam hahahah

Queen of unglam poses- pingz ._.
my classmates so cute XD
hi its pingz again. i have too many unglam shots of her @.@

This shijie and YY photobomb the girls' photo!!
"Tiam" sisters hahaha. (our surnames are tham and tiah so... add them up and LOL)
seniors! ty for hosting STJ<3 oh and yy photobombing again nooooo

this photo is actually quite nice, jonny smiling so happily, then you have pingz doing a derp face again -_-
shijie acting like he got swag hahaha, the cross leg pose i teach him one :x
New fav epic face of the day -yumei hahahah
melly so cute here!
Wa this one, otp otp! (one true pair) I CALL THEM SHILISSA, so atas right >)

Captioned by yumei (the one standing like a boss in the middle):
"Look at ma bi**hes" LOL. she really look like boss haha
Seniors catered food from pastamania! We had bolognaise, aglio olio, garlic bread, pizza, chocolate mousse etc!

HY eyeing the food alr the moment we walked in XD
Spastic yishin hahaha
this must be one of the rare un-unglam photos of pingz XD okay who am i kidding pingz ah you still unglam leh ._-
went abit crazy 15 mins into the party LOL

omg this face ._. come i clap for you XD

Zoomed up version lol!! my camera auto focus on pingz's face hahaha it must be very amused as well

Chelsea forming the 74 sign with her half eaten chicken wing XD hahaha love you chelsea
okay so i wanted to take a pic with my angel (nicholas) here, then kenna photobombed again @.@
We have an angel-mortal system between senior and junior class btw. I didnt know who my angel was till they revealed during the party. TY Nicholas for the chocolates!
second photo also photobombed hahah

Wa, yumei you win pingz in this photo XD
this yy attempting to photobomb again!!

sleepy garreth hahahaha. he's not a party person as you can tell XD

EPIC PHOTO!! Look at how scared YY is cos pingz is being gross again hahahahaha
YY's revenge, photobomb pingz haha
Party was great haha, there were alot of shocking moments as well(caused by the one and only pingz, who else) but you know, shan't delve into that.

my mrt buddies haha
me, ele and daniel are neighbours haha.
sleepy daniel is sleepy
XW also tak boleh alr haha. Sleeeeeeep

& before i forget...ootd!

Missypixie Abby Lace Top
Megagamie Eyelet Skirt in Yellow S

Review: Really cannot resist lace items so when missypixie launched this i knew i had to get it :x Its lined at the front, not very sheer i guess but the back portion is sheer. The lace details are pretty and material isn't very thick, which i'm okay with cos the weather is too hot these days! It features a unique boxy cut at the back and a sweetheart cut at the front. Am quite happy with this piece, its a good basic to own i guess, goes with pretty much anything! :) As for the megagamie skirt i've reviewed it previously in the rose/magenta shade here :) Super happy with the yellow piece as well, its the perfect shade of light pastel yellow i've been looking for! 

So anyways here's the loots from me, wy and nikki's shopping trip:)! Pre STJ haha

Forever New Bowler Bag

It was on sale, 40% off! I knew i had to get it :x too good of a deal to be missed!! Paid about 45 for this after discount which is really really worth it considering how much i like the design + the superb quality. :)
Features gold metal clasps and detailing, inner pockets and top handles. 
Made of faux leather, the rough kind which i actually prefer now because the smooth kind of faux leather tend to peel over time if you get what i mean, happened to my topshop satchel... :/

Floral embellished basic tank

On sale as well, only like 10+ after discount mwahahhaha. Love the embellishments and beads which are sewn on nicely:)


Pastel Multi Coloured Nails;
Ivory Ribbons

Not my best artwork but you know, i had fun painting this hahaha.

Some goofy shots otw to senior's house at harbourfront area.

This pic below is too unglam but omg please look at mel's spastic face idk how she does it hahahaha love you mel XD

Proper Instagrammed pic haha (@etherealpeonies)

Had such a great time with my lovelies.
& Thank you seniors for the treat; though we may not be very close and chummy but we really appreciate all the effort you guys put in into prepping this party;)