Thursday, 29 November 2012

Splash of Joy

Hey yall! Some outfit updates :)

Zara Inspired Watercolour Dress (Gmarket)
STNY bag
WILLOWFAWN's Tous inspired Necklace

Wore this cheery dress to a movie date with my bestie nics! Super in love with the watercolour prints its very very pretty irl:) I bought this from gmarket at least 3 months ago and only wore it out recently cos i forgot all about it :x Its elasticized at the waist and tube top part. The elastic at the top part is kinda tight, so probably won't fit more than a small uk6 :/ Length is just nice for me, I like it abit above the knees and this one fits the criteria:) Its made of chiffon and has inner lining too~ But inner lining is abit thin so still slightly sheer. Overall a good buy cos i really like the prints and design:)! Priced at about $24 i think:)

Oh yes, from the pics below can you guys tell i dyed my hair?? Its mid brown with slight copper undertones:) Its not v obvious now but the colour is getting brighter day by day and i'm abit worried it gets too brown for school hahaha. But i'm loving the colour! And i still haven't gotten a haircut cos i only had the groupon voucher for hair dye no hair cut zzz.

Wearing my Willowfawn Tous inspired necklace again:) It really is my fav dainty necklace of all time, fits every single outfit and it really is classy:) I showed it to nics and she said its v nice hahah

Peekaboo! Spot the new japanese sakura nails!! Got it done with nics at far east plaza Milly's before we rushed off for a movie:))

Here's nics who is very shy and refuses to take a proper pic haha! Blow drying our nails at Milly's :))

Tadah! Pretty nails:) I actually wanted to get it done at Trina's, but then the location is too far for nics so we could only settle on Milly's.

We watched breaking dawn part 2 btw! I think its the most exciting one out of all the 4 (duh right). But the action packed one was only a vision lol! Like seriously?! -__- everyone in the cinema was like ?!?! when we realized the major fighting part was only Alice's vision trololol. But i enjoyed the movie la:) Renesmee (the little girl) is so so cute!

And to those readers who requested for my America Trip post... here it is finally!! So sry its late :( I really kept forgetting about it horrible me:( 

Anyways:) Here's Day 1 and 2's pictures:) Mostly LA + Santa Monica:)

The streets of LA ^^

The famous Hollywood walkway where the mega celebrities have their own 'stars' on the floor:)
Oh yes there are ALOT of people dressed up as movie characters on the street and they literally drag you to take a picture with them. After which you have to give them money -_- so if you can escape, try to avoid them :/ unless you actually want the pictures la

I love the bright lights and billboards LA's streets have, although its def not as boomz as Newyork ;)

Grandma and Mickey trololol XD

Some of the iconic movie theatre booths we always see in movies:)

We toured around LA with a local guide as well. Here's the famous mini river/lake where the movie Valentine's Day(out last year) featured!
And we also had celebrity house sightseeing hahaha. This one is Lindsay Lohan's i think

And we had a stopover at the beach to take pics:) Although its sunny it was cold ok :O So i dressed up like that hahaha. Looks inappropriate for a sunny day but it was about 10 degrees 0_0

We had a long ride up the hills as well to see the iconic Hollywood sign:)

The white sign behind is supposed to be the hollywood sign but it can't be seen clearly in this pic :x

This is along rodeo dr aka the expensive road where all the super ex brands are. Apparently celebrities shop here alot haha.

I asked my bro to do a "Vogue" pose and this is what he gave me hahahah
My attempt heh.
Gigantic xmas tree! ^^

okay thats all for day 1 and 2 i tink:) day 3 will be up sooooon ;)