Friday, 30 March 2012

Of Chemicals and Opal tones ;)

TGIFTGIFTGIF! happy friday everyone!
yes the weekend is finally here -fist pumps-!

ok my week has gone by quite slowly, feeling brain dead after hours and hours of lessons ._.
oh but chemistry was fun this week haha, we made slime and a bouncy waxy ball! pictures~~

the transparent dumpling like thingy is the slime! i moulded it into a dumpling lol and my friends got tricked haha. but after a while it wil melt by itself into a glob of slime, which i think looks like mucus >.< the tang yuan like thing is the waxy ball!

ok enough of the slime and whatnot XD

here's some random otds :)

 Lucyd Acyd Flight blouse in 1
Topshop Denim Floral Patch shorts
Black Suede Wedge Booties

i think this blouse is rly cool imo! it has a cape like design and has a smooth satiny feel ^^ so chic and edgy<3 not my usual girly style but i still like!

 HVV Jagger Leather Skirt in Red, S

major love this skirt ^^ made of quality faux leather and the colour is so bright and cheery! cutting is awesome too though abit big for me at the waist:) <3<3<3 this skirt^^ one of my staple pieces :)

paired with Runwaybandit's Damir sparrow blouse:) Pretty prints! Oh but im selling the blouse(BNIB) cos i carted out 2 accidentally on rwb's website><!

oh yes i massively updated my selling post! do support k! ^^ more at ;)

Vintage Sunglasses- $7mailed
Yellow weaved cardholder-$3mailed
Burgundy red notebook-$6mailed
Yellow,lavender, pink twirly hairband-$2mailed for all 3
Candy pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed
Lace pastel pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed

Clarins Iris Toner-50ml, 2/3 left, $4mailed
The Face Shop Trouble healing spot treatment (for pimples) Brand new! $6mailed! rtp:~$20
ZA Amino face cleanser and moisturizing gel- $2.50mailed for both
Clinique Cleansing foam, 50ml, $6mailed
ELF shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, Brand new, $3mailed
Canmake Nose shading powder(for contouring), $6mailed, Swatched once. rtp:$~18
Olivella Shampoo Brand new, $4mailed
Double eyelid tape, approx 320pairs, $4.50mailed
Cheeky Ginger Citrus soap, BN, $4mailed

Thefaceshop nail polish in cobalt
Rimmel Pro Nail polish in Brown
OPI nail lacquer Shrek collection (colour as shown), mini size
Face shop nail polish in midnight blue
Sally hansen quick dry coat, BN, $6mailed
Face shop nail polish in pearl white
Face shop nail polish in dreamy pink
Rimmel Pro Matte nail coat (slightly yellow but once applied its transparent)
NYC glitter nail polish in 105. (great for layering!)
Rimmel pro nail polish in fuschia

All rimmel colours-$3mailed
All faceshop & NYC colours;$2mailed
OPI colours-$4.50mailed
Sally hansen-$5mailed

Assorted hairbands-$3mailed for 3
Colours: Indigo, sky blue, teal green
                 Tea rose, candy pink, coral pink

Michael Kors BLACK Fur Crossbody bag BRAND NEW $190 with free reg mail
note that colour shown is brown, im selling it in BLACK. Design is exactly the same:)

thanks for looking! and have a great weekend everyone ^^

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