Thursday, 30 January 2014

BKK Day 2 ;)

Hello!! Here's part 2 of BKK as promised:) And since it was only a 3D2N trip.. this shall be the last BKK post haha.

A few selcas in the morning cos im early again! Somehow when im overseas i always can get ready on time, but in spore i can't :/

The morning of day 2 was spent at a safari cos we have to entertain my bro who hates shopping :x But it was fun la, who says BKK is just for shopping and food!
Here's me and couz with our breakfast heh.

Photoception by a tourist who was helping me and couz take a photo but my couz took a photo of him hahah

 LOL at my bro's derp face
 Taking pics with the fake elephants cos there's no real ones there hahah.

 We bought the package tickets, which cost about 50per pax if im not wrong? Its for 2 places, the Safari World (a bus ride where u can see the animals without enclosures) and Marine World (where there are animal shows and you walk around, something like a zoo).

So here's pics from Safari World, credits to my couz who took amazing photos though we were on the bus the whole time.

We got so excited when we saw that there was a giraffe feeding place!!

hehe this is so cute! I told my couz they look like runway models hahaha, line up so nicely and walk so synchronized some more!! cuties!!

We were lucky we got to see the tiger feeding session, which happens only once a day! And yes we were really SUPER close to like 10 tigers. Scary much???

This pretty zoo keeper wasn't scared of the tigers at all, probably cos she's used to it! And she smiled and waved to us who were taking pics also haha so nice:)

It was a pretty chill ride just looking at the animals lazing around. Its a 30 min ride btw! So after that we headed to Marine World. And at the entrance my bro took a really awkward photo with this mascot, which cost 50 baht lol.

We bought some coconut pudding cos my dad tried it before and he said its nice. I think its ok-ok, not say fantastic but it is quite unique!

Its like coconut kuehs basically!

& some other fried stuff which look painful to eat in the sweltering hot weather..

 & here's us trying our luck at shooting. My bro was really bad at this haha he got the most tries and didn't hit anything!!
 My couz on the other hand was quite pro, she hit the white AND black target (7points) on both tries.
 I tried too! And shot the black target which means i got 7 points as well not bad huh XD
 Tadah! our report card lol:)

 Passed by the gator section and omg they looked damn fake i stood there staring for 10 mins and they didn't flinch ONE BIT and really the inside of their mouth looked yellow and they looked so fake. But i mean if a bird pass by i bet those jaws are gonna snap in a moment.
 Mandatory shot with the mascots/sculptures which didn't look cute in my opinion... :x

  Passed by the polar bear enclosure as well, there was only one sad polar bear by itself, it must have been lonely :/ and the weather is so so hot in bkk even we humans couldn't stand it!! Its enclosure was open air and we felt so bad for it cos polar bears just aren't meant for such hot weather, its torturous for them:( At least the spore one is air conditioned!

 LOL at this priceless expression of my bro and he got photobombed by the white tiger which was very angsty that day!

Yay we walked past the swans river! You can buy packets of food to feed them and they'll all rush over haha.
So pretty!!

We sat down to watch the Sea Lion show cos well.. you kinda have to watch at least one animal show to make the ticket price worth it. It was pretty packed and the show was quite entertaining despite some hiccups!(like the sealions don't listen and play by themselves sometimes hahaha cuties)

Omg just look at the expression of this one!! Its like laughing haha, epic sea lion!

Oh nothing, just hanging around my hostage, nothing much really!
& sharing umbrella with this lady whose umbrella actually provided shade hahaha
Now on to my FAV FAV part of the safari!!!

 We bought buckets of bananas to feed the giraffes who were really enthusiastic, gentle and friendly! I didn't know giraffes ate bananas but well they really liked it! And the good thing is that they provided sticks so that its more hygienic and you don't get licked by the giraffes all the time hahaha.
 My timid bro who was scared of the giraffe's tongue hahahahaha
 yay i loveeee giraffes!!

Holy now would you look at that tongue @.@

And you get to pet them!! They're so gentle and friendly they won't retaliate at all, at most they'll try to lick you hehe.

 hehe i'm a giraffe!! got those giraffe ears and pointy things hehe

 I think this naughty giraffe licked my dad's ear hahahaha
 & here's my fav pic! Insta-ed it @etherealpeonies!

 hehe the giraffe looks like its kissing me XD
 & this one looks like its hiding behind me so cuteeee

& we left the Safari after visiting the giraffe terrace! Headed to Central World for some lunch. We ate at Sakura, a jap restaurant but i have no pics and erm the service there is pretty bad, not recommended!

Took #ootd shots with this bright banner which was supposed to be for tiger beer lol! But it fit my red based outfit, one of my fav ootd shots to date!! Ty to my couz for these pretty pics! She snapped these within 20 seconds and we were done heh. Awesome photography skills ;)

Chiffon Top- MDS
Skirt- Zara
Shoes- Online (can't remember)

Review(MDS): Bought this in MDS's physical retail shop in plaza sing! It was love at first sight hehe. The floral prints are so so gorgeous in real life!! I tried on both navy and white and decided to buy this white one:) It has adjustable straps, made of rough chiffon which is supposedly of better quality than smooth ones and has flutter front details:) Uber pretty!! Oh and i like that the back is elasticized for a better fit, this is definitely one of my best fitting chiffon tops, usually chiffon tops are too loose for me and that is pretty annoying. It also features a sweetheart/angular neckline which i think is really nice:) Overall a very happy buy for me! I love this pairing with the red zara skirt cos it brings out the floral prints very nicely:)

Moving on, we shopped at Platinum and Central World somemore while the boys rested in the hotel room.
And here's pics from our tea break at Platinum's food court!

Choco Banana Cold Crepe
This one isn't the crispy kind that i saw ppl eat and was yearning to try, i have to say this one is kind of mediocre!
When in BKK... spam Mango Sticky Rice!!!
This was my fav one!! The mangoes were so sweet and juicy, the sticky rice was just right and the crispy cracker thing at the side complemented it so well! 10/10!!
 Thailand is famous for these candied bean thingies as well! Spore does sell it but thailand's one is so much nicer heh.
 Loots from second day! Much lesser i have to say. Bought in lots of floral headbands for willowfawn! These are super pretty!! I bought it in red and pink<3
& some pouches for nics and myself:)
 Bought these white and navy heart knits cos the quality is super awesome, the hearts are sewn on and its cropped! Perfect for me cos i'm petite! Really loving both knits!!

Hope you guys enjoyed these 2 BKK posts and found it useful! Feel free to ask me questions on my askfm regarding bkk! I'm not an expert but i'll try my best to help in any way i can:)