Thursday, 27 February 2014


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And at this rate i'll have to apologize on this space every time i do update haha. 
So.. its another wordy post today, but today's post is really special to me, because through it i've really changed my whole perception on the idea of love and relationships. My senior shared this post on facebook and i just happened to click on it cos i was feeling bored that day.
And i've never resonated with and felt so deeply for any article before.

Before i read this, i have to admit that when it comes to relationships, i have a very opinionated view of how i want it to be. I was very much into the idea of waiting for the "perfect one" and solely that person only. I was entrenched in my notion of forever, and to me, anything that fell short of that doesn't deserve to be considered. But yes after reading the article it gave me alot of new insights and fresh perspectives. I realised that because of my stubborn view, i was forcing myself to be in a bubble and pushing a lot of people away. Everyone deserves a chance and i didn't do that.  I was cancelling out all the options simply because a few or even just one of the criteria was not met. And after that i can't help but think, "What if?"

So.. now i'm seeing things differently. I'll open up my bubble and let people in, because really, " to disregard a love that does not last forever is to disregard a love that still could be powerful and life-changing in its own right."  

To those who would like to read the article, you can do so here, or if you're lazy to even click on the link, i've pasted the whole article below. Hope it gives you guys as much insights as it did for me:)   


" When you know you’re not the one they’re going to marry, it may not be because you got into a fight and broke up and you’ll never see each other again. It may not happen in the middle of plans to marry one another, it won’t happen after the engagement, when you’re picking out colors and flowers and invitations. Most frequently, it will happen in the quiet moments of the morning, or when you look up at the person sitting across from you at dinner, or when you lie awake in bed at night and realize your thoughts aren’t about them and that one day, this will end. It’s a very soft, very small voice that tells you, “this isn’t ‘the one’,” whatever ‘the one’ means to you, but it’s few people that listen to it before they end up letting their ignorance wreck them.

It will be bittersweet and sad, a final sentencing looming over your head. Because what you have will one day end, and it will become stark and apparent as you see couples taking those next steps, whether or not you want to take them yourself. Whether or not you ever planned on getting married, whether or not it ever meant much to you. Because even if you’re not the type to get married, the act of getting married isn’t the thing at play here. It is forever that is no longer up for grabs. It will loom over you when you realize that you are not ultimately right for them, and they are not ultimately right for you. That you will not end up together. That your time is finite.

But not having forever does not mean that this is the end. Not quite. Not yet. Because love comes and goes, and the people we love come in and out of our lives with their own reasons, their own rhymes, their own agendas and sense of timing. And this sense of timing, their reasons for staying, and their obligation to leave does not mean they loved us any less, or that what they have with you and feel for you is any less good or real. Because it is good. And it is true. And whether or not that good thing amounts to the kind of love we’re told to search for, the kind of love we’re groomed to want to meet at the end of an aisle some day and somewhere — the fact of the matter is that we still have it. That we still love someone, and they hopefully love us. And that is precious and rare, and to end it sooner rather than later just because you fear the end, is to take for granted the fact that you have it, that you found it, that it’s still love.

We build up all these notions of finding the one, of searching for forever and the future and the not-so-distant horizon that sometimes we forget about right now. Because the person we are in the moment needs love, too, whether that is a forever sort of love or a love that manages to take care of us here and now. Your middle school crush is not your high school sweetheart is not your college fling is not your first live-in lover is not your rebound is not your long-term is not your long distance is not your forever. Each one serves their purpose. Each one is special, and one person can embody some or all of these lovers, but multiple people can play different roles, too. What you need is what you need. What you need is love.

And so when you realize that the person you’re dating is not the person you’ll marry, you’ll want to let them down easy, to avoid wasting their time. But how could loving someone be a waste of time? How could wanting to see them happy be anything but productive?
I am not the one for you, you’ll whisper in those quiet moments when they’re asleep and your mind is racing beside them. I am too loud and too opinionated and we disagree on politics and I can’t stand your mother and you hate avocados and who hates avocados and something just feels off between us and denying that doesn’t work; denying that feels like settling.
And your mind will keep going and going because you’ve figured out that it will all end, but still, sometimes it’s worth it to keep going because you don’t quite know how or why or when yet. Sometimes you need to just see. Sometimes it’s worth it to read the story anyway, no matter the spoilers. Because even tragedies have their happy moments and their jokes and their comic relief and the memories that are worth discovering on their own merit. Because to disregard a love that does not last forever is to disregard a love that still could be powerful and life-changing in its own right. Because you never know what the future has in store until you get there. Because you never know, you could be wrong. Maybe you want to prove yourself wrong. Maybe, you think. Maybe I am the one you will marry after all.

And because right here in this moment, if you love that person in the here and now, whatever the future has in store, then loving them now is what you should still do. "

Credits to Ella Ceron, original article from thoughtcatalog. 

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Catching Fire

// pre //

Top c/o twistpolka
Skirt c/o Willowfawn (just launched!)
Shoes c/o H&M

Review(Top): A really good basic to have in my opinion! The pleats aren't exactly your conventional pleats where its like folds, this one is more like a textured design. Material is quite alright, made of rough chiffon, non sheer even though its white:) The straps are the thin, non adjustable kind which i usually don't prefer, but the straps for this one isn't overly long so its still fine! This piece goes with literally everything, from denim cutoffs to high waist skirts:) An investment piece if you ask me!:) 

On a side note, this gorgeous floral skort is just launched! I swear this is one of the prettiest and most flattering items yet, and in the best material everrrrr!!! The colour im wearing in the above pic (dawn) is all sold out on site already! But there's still one last pc of dusk is available, head here to check it out!;)


After much planning, the nuts x llamas' outing is finally put to action!! So much love for these girls, i had the time of my life in upper sec because of these ppl! And the other four seveners as well :) Miss the fun times we had in our 4/7 classroom and all the silly things we did :')

Dinner at Bangkok Jam @ the new Plaza Sing!
Reminded me of the good times i had in BKK a month ago hehe. (but of course the food there is much cheaper and more delish)
oh my silly friends haha

i love these candid shots haha too cute!

Yay such a nice group photo!:) The waiter at BKK Jam has good photography skills i must say ;)
Ordered Phad Thai and Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream to share with sylvie!
 Both were goood hehe we enjoyed it very much;)

Happy bday sushi!! Sry we couldn't celebrate with you on the actual day but i hope this made up for it!! Anyways i bet you had a great time spending it with you know who -winks- ;)

& the other bday girl yutzu!!! (who couldnt make it for dinner)
This was in the elevator when we were rushing for our movie haha! We surprised/trolled her with loads of carrots becos she's vegetarian xD

& after catching catching fire (pun intended), this goondoo seah went to charge her phone IN THE CINEMA OMGGGG -_________-
I was like "omg i dont know you!!!" -hides-
idk what tham is doing as well hahaha can i just say we were all abit crazy that day XD
& then this seah went to charge her phone AGAIN OUTSIDE THE CINEMA OMG im rly gonna faint from her antics!!!

Attempting to take more grp shots using self timer heh.
And then the security guard walked past and we thought we were gonna get scolded bt then he offered to help us take photo!! Aww so nice :')
And with such pretty xmas decos how cld we leave w/o taking a picture!:)


This shot is so gorgeous ^^ I made a right choice of investing in my camera hahaha
And more candid shots!
Cass photobombing the new way hahaha, so epic!!

A great day spent with great people :')
Hope you guys had a great day tooooo<3


Saturday, 8 February 2014


// main //

Hey guys!:) Not a pictorial post today! 
Thought i'd just share my current fav songs with you guys:)

Whats on my playlist:

{ Royals - Lorde/Pentatonix}
{ Say Something- A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera }
{ Let Her Go- Passenger }
{ Let It Go - Idina Menzel }
{ Burn - Ellie Goulding}
{ Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke}
^the meaning of this song isn't so appropriate but it is a catchy song..
{ Fine China- Chris Brown }
{ Counting Stars- One Republic}
{ The Man Who Can't Be Moved- Script}
{ Without You- David Guetta }
{ Almost Is Never Enough- Ariana Grande}
{ Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey }

Its quite a mix of diff genres, hope you guys will enjoy these songs as well!
My current fav fav fav song is royals, but i prefer Pentatonix's cover over the original ;)
Watch it here if you'd like!!:) They definitely deserve your time, so much talent in one video <3

Till the next;