Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Editor's Market!

short post today cos i need to studyyyyy :(

ok im sure The Editor's Market needs no introduction!:) It is quite famous in Singapore already i think ;) Their retail store can be found at Orchard Cineleisure!:) Level 4 if im not wrong:)

so yups, now not only do they have a retail store.. they also have it in online version!:) Makes shopping easier doesn't it haha, don't need to go to their retail store:)

Pictures credit to Editor's market/respective owners :)

Oh yes, and now they have this "shared basket" promotion thing!:) If u buy one item, it will be at normal price, but if u buy 3 items, 6 items or 15 items respectively, the prices just get better and better!

So you can add friends to your "basket" and maybe 1 friend buys 5 items, the other buys 4 and the last friend buys 6. That adds up to a total of 15 items, which means ALL 3 friends can get super awesome prices!:) For example the original price may be $29 then after joining a shared basket, the price becomes $15 ;) awesome isn't is ^^

So yups, do visit their site to take a look!:)

oh and you can add me ( as a friend and we can share a basket wheeee~
but i just shared a basket and purchased 2 items so won't be purchasing again so soon! Maybe when the next collection comes in ;)

will update a better post tomorrow! These are the loots that have arrived(and i haven't reviewed):

Lollyrouge Hearts dress

Swivelle Cross Slits Top in White
Lilypirates Lace Dress in Cream
Wonderlust sequin peterpan collar dress

Earlgreyparty Ava Medallion Dress
Earlgreyparty Midnight Dress in Beige with heart prints
TVD Happy Wanderer Dress in Teal, XS
Lollyrouge Chalk Doodles Top
Lollyrouge Latte Barista Dress

so little time so many things to do!!:(
Friday come quickly >< >< ><

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