Monday, 30 July 2012

Lancome X TANGS Beauty Workshop with Michelle Phan!<3

hello everyone!:D Super excited to share with you guys about the Beauty Workshop i attended recently!:) Thank you to the team at TANGS and Lancome (esp jolene) for inviting me to this workshop! :)

Its organized by TANGS(Vivocity) and Lancome, and the speaker of the day was none other than...

Michelle Phan! :)

I'm sure all of you know who Michelle Phan is, but here is a more detailed intro including snippets you might not have known ;)

Michelle Phan, a 25-year-old American make-up guru, is themost popular makeup artist on YouTube and the official video makeup artist forLancôme, the world’s largest luxury beauty brand. A social media sensation,Michelle recently became the number one “guru” on YouTube, and has the mostsubscribed beauty channel on YouTube.

Michelle is a self-taught makeup artist who transformed herfavourite hobby into something that has inspired people around the world. The popularity of her videos took Michelle by surprise, butshe understands that makeup enthusiasts are eager to learn in an accessible,unintimidating way. “It’s comforting to play a video at home and apply makeupalong the way,” she says. 

Michelle joined the Lancôme team in February 2010 as thebrand’s first-ever video makeup artist. She will be creating special videos,among other responsibilities. Michelle came to Lancôme’s attention because shehad used several of the brand’s products in her videos and the brand was captivatedby her unique approach to the medium. “Lancôme is legendary, so I was shockedwhen they reached out to me,” she says. “I’m very excited about the thingswe’ll be doing together.”

Since then Michelle has created for Lancôme’s fans makeuptutorials ranging from essential “how- tos” with regards to applying foundationand mascara to “step-by-step” help for clubbing, or prom or holiday looks. Shemakes makeup so easy and accessible for all women! :)

More information on Michelle Phan available at

Yups, now moving on to the actual event!~

Lancome's beautiful counter at TANGS(Vivocity) :)

Eyeshadow Quads in very wearable shades, suitable for work/daily use! Rich and long lasting as well.

Some of the special featured items in collaboration with Michelle Phan:
Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara
Ombre Absolue Palette F95
Rouge In Love Mini 132M
Bi-Facil Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

The meet and greet poster:)  There were many who signed up for the workshop, it was full house I think!

Inside the workshop room:) A cosy space with nicely organized facilities like a big TV screen to let participants see how Michelle apply her makeup in a close up version. There were professional photographers too( many thanks to them as well for the nice photo of me and Michelle!) 

see the cables at the back? There was a DJ as well haha!

Here are the products Michelle used for her demonstration:) Mostly eyeshadow as you can see, and featuring their Hypnose mascara and oil based makeup remover:) The look of the day is Dolly Eyes.

and here is Michelle! Starting the workshop with a smile and high levels of energy and enthusiasm!:)
She is showing the participants the different types of brushes to invest in.
Basically, here are the four she mentioned:

 Eyeshadow/blending brush (tapered shape)
Crease Brush
Angled Brush (for definite shapes, cateye etc)
Multi purpose (for highlighting, lining etc)

She mentioned that using sponges/fingers to apply would be okay as well, but using brushes would definitely help if you are trying various looks and going towards a more artistic direction;)

Here is Michelle's makeup model-Tandah! She's super sweet and pretty, I had a nice chat with her before the session :)

Michelle was very nice and encouraging to Tandah who was abit nervous about applying the makeup herself:) In the end Tandah did a really great job as well!

Michelle showing us which shade to use as base~

Oh yes, one point she emphasized was to Dab the product on first, after that then use the brush to blend, that way the colour will stay longer:) 

so cute! high fiving after successful application of the second eyeshadow colour haha ;)
some other tips Michelle gave:
-start from Light colours, then graduate to darker ones for definition
-Matte colours first, the shimmery ones
-Matte colours are good for contouring of eyes to give a 3D effect
-To find where your eye crease it, search for your eye socket
-Elongate the shape of your eyes by applying dark shadows to the outer half only.

Michelle also said that she likes to use a napkin(or tissue as we call it) to prevent the eyeshadow from dropping on her face and to stabilize her hand as well. I think Tandah found that tip useful cos she had shaky hands.

Finishing up the look!

Yups, overall the session was well timed and informative, definitely! Michelle is really talented in the make up field  and her personality is bubbly and outgoing as well. Loved her interactions with the audience and little jokes ;) Wish her all the best for her remaining workshops to be conducted in other countries!<3

Oh yes, did i mention that i saw XiaXue(wendy) and Sophie at the event as well?:) So excited to meet them in real life haha. Wendy is really petite in real life, and nice! She took pics with alot of excited fans haha <3 I like her pink hair xD

and pretty sophie! She is much prettier irl :))) And super tall, even if she's not wearing heels! -envious- And she's super nice as well:))

and finally, a pic with Michelle! Taken by the professional photographers:)) Love this pic alot :))

and now for a giveaway!~ ~ ~

Lancome Products GIVEAWAY:

And now some perks for my readers! A lovely three piece set of Lancome Products for you to win;)
Simply follow the steps below:

How to win: Simply share this post on any social networking sites(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) with the caption 
"Read about Michelle Phan's Lancome Beauty Workshop @TANGS and stand a chance to win Lancome products!"  Note: Link of blogpost must be included, and in a clickable format:)  After the 2 steps above, you can email me your screenshot as proof of sharing.( Or Follow me on instagram @chitinous_cell_wall and tag me in the screenshot you uploaded:)  Its that simple~ good luck! Hope you guys win something for yourselves :)) 
Overall, I had a really enjoyable time at the workshop and it was very enriching as well! I learnt so much makeup tips that will certainly be useful ;) 
Michelle is not only a talented make up artist, her explanations and demonstrations are clear and concise as well:)
Once again a big thank you to the team at TANGS(esp Jolene!) for inviting me to this event! 
PS: there will be a part 2 to this post!;) Lancome will be sending me some products to review and i'm really excited about it:) Stay tuned!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cherry On Top<3

hi guys! my com is officially down:( So updates will be less often sry! Have to kope my bro's com to update.. and he's pretty stingy with it cos he's addicted to computer games -_-

Anyways!:) a sponsored review again ;)

Pretty accessories from SPICYHOTCAKE!:))

wheee~ Look at the pretty gold hued 3D necklace:) I love anything gold hued cos it gives off that air of elegance and really spices up your look:) This one is shiny gold, very classy:) And i like that it is detailed, has gems and florals and different geometric shapes which makes it really unique imo:) I think this necklace is one of their best selling ones currently so do grab it while you can :D 

upclose! see the gold rose? It looks like fabric but its actually hard, gold mesh:) Really structured and once you touch it you'll know its of good quality:) Quite a nice statement necklace to own^^

next up! The white floral bib necklace which i like alot as well!:) Its daisies if im not wrong:) Gold and white pairs quite nicely, sophisticated! And since its a bib necklace, once you wear this one accessory, other aspects can be kept minimal and you can already make an impact:) Thats why i love bib necklaces hehe. Its a lazy way out ;) Oh yes! In the middle of the daisies there are small crystals as well:) You can see it better in the close up shots:)

Yups, so get your fix of accessories at SPICYHOTCAKE today!^^


Dropped by Kissjane a few days back!:) I zoomed to mgg's rack straight away haha, cos i knew what i wanted to try on- their Pastel Embossed Bustier Tops :)

MGG Upcoming Pastel Embossed Bustier Tops 
Amber Avenue Pleated Skirt in Salmon

Review: Ok, im actually quite surprised that these were still hanging on the rack at first, and with sizes left! Quite a shock 0.0 But then i tried it and i kinda knew why.. I mean, i love the colours alot, pastel yellow and lilac are both very pretty colours. But the design for the top just doesn't do it for me, imo. Firstly, i tried size S and the ptp and waist part is too big for me:/  Material is smooth but not padded. And the embossed details are quite pretty but can't really be seen.. :/ But the one thing that made me not buy it (at ~$35) is that its straps are just not acceptable :( Its non adjustable and its very thick at the top and becomes thin nearer to the chest area :/ The design is just weird><>< And its actually not flattering :( Yups>< I was rly looking forward to this piece but now i know i'm def not gonna get it in the launch. Its just my opinion though~ if you girls want to get it still by all means:))

happy weekend!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Soft Satin~

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates recently>.< have been rly busy nowadays :/ musical prac ended at 10.45pm yesterday.. Recently i spend 16 hours at sch, reach home bath then sleep-_- not much of a life if u ask me >< so tiredddd:( 
Ok enough of the rants~ will be introducing an accessory shop to u guys today:) featuring... SPICYHOTCAKE! :) 
The owner Phoebe was really nice to send me five lovely items to review;) but i cant wear them all out at once so here's the first one today:)

Look at how pretty the heart shaped jewel is:) I really super love this hairband! Its so pretty and dainty:) 

the jewels are SEWN on, not stuck on so its def more sturdy;) The pink satin is also of good quality, smooth and nice to the touch:) Really impressed with this hairband! My new fav hair accessory yay:)

& its so sweet and dainty isn't it?;D haha confirm plus chop my style xD Its pretty versatile, you can wear it out on casual shopping trips or even during more formal events:) Also i like that its not overly bling, like only one side section has gems so that is sufficient to make it nice and classy:) If the whole thing is bling then it would'nt be as nice imo:) 

like the necklace you see here? Review for that will be up soon1! ;)

It really is a lovely piece, so do drop by SPICYHOTCAKE to get it today!:)


And some reviews:)

AE Paris Lace Crotchet Dress in White

Review: Once again, I'm super loving AE's apparels ^^ This dainty dress is totally my style hehe. I love sweet dresses like this one:) And the crotchet/lace on this one is really nice too:) I was pretty shocked when i received the dress cos its really heavy/weighty. Material is thick enough with several layers/inner lining so its non sheer:) But this material is like normal cotton though, so it creases pretty easily, def need ironing! And i paired it with a white sash of my own for more definition:) Adjustable straps are a plus, i seriously can't do w/o adjustable straps haha. Length is alright for me though i wouldnt recommend it to girls above 160 cos it'll be too short :O Overall a pretty satisfied buy, though abit on the pricey side~ 

Bag of the day! Juicy couture Suede Tote Bag:)

Arm candy~~

love my pearl ribbon hair tie! Will be bringing in this for the massive spree i'll be holding soon:) Yay or Nay? Leave me a comment/formspring me! Do lmk what items u guys would like to see on the spree so that i can source for it^^

Okay i spent 2 hours on this post becos my com is really really super duper laggy!>( Com why you no work! Ok bye guys!<3

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Drama for you?

hey everyone! :) I'm finally doing the drama post as requested on my formspring:) The beauty + skincare post will be up soon k:) Photos already taken!

Dramas! I'm sure most teenagers/ ladies like to watch drama right? haha xD all my friends love dramas, even my tchs lolol. So yups here are some of my favs! (not in any order~)


1. The Vampire Diaries <3

Ok although i say that its not in any order, my fav fav fav US drama of all time has to be TVD <3 i tink i had one post long time ago raving about how i love this show:) Its super awesome, the plot is always changing, the cast is incredibly pretty/handsome! Nuff said ;) everyone go watch it! Its the only show that i watched for 3 seasons alr and don't feel bored of it at all, yups its that awesome:) I gave up watching gossip girl after season 2 haha. Oh yes did i mention that im a delena shipper? Damon+elena! I'm a huge fan of both of them ;) Nina and Ian are rly super gorg :) and talented!


I love thrilling/ mystery themed shows ;) And pretty little liars is obviously in that category:) It keeps you on your feet at all times and is really full of suspense! Its not scary per se, but its enough to scare you if you're home alone(at certain scenes). Hope there will be more twists to this awesome show! Recommended as well :D


All time favs:

1. Secret Garden!

Easily the best drama i've watched this year, nuff said :) Haha yes i know im super slow cos its released a few years back. A must watch if you ask me! Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin are super talented and natural actors/actresses. Love how they portray their character, super funny and alot of endearing moments<3 oh and i love the storyline, considered a more unique one! :) oh yes and can i say that the writers of this show must be some hopeless romantics? haha xD This show has so many romantic scenes my gosh, super sweet and the best thing is that its ORIGINAL:) Some scenes are so famous that ppl make parodies of it(coughs, BigBang's parody...) hahaha, anyways just watch it! I'm gonna rewatch it during the hols ;)

2. Boys Over Flowers

I'm sure all drama fans will know this show haha, its like super famous and propelled many actors to A-list fame as well( Lee mino, Kim hyunjoong). I think this show is nice to watch becos u can rly see the beautiful sights in korea, not to mention luxurious. The scenes are really expensive haha. And of cos there's alot of eye candy in this show, my fav is Kim Bum!!<3 check out the huge pic i put for him xD so cuteeee:) 

3. My Girl

The first kdrama i've ever watched and this def remains in my top 3 drama favs!! One thing i like best bout this is the OST(soundtrack), its awesome you all should check it out xD Energetic tunes/ballads, alot of genres, very nice as well:) Omg and this drama is hilarious hahaha, mostly becos of Lee Da Hae(one of my fav actresses). She's really funny, and lively! Makes the show so fun to watch:) Although at the back it get slightly draggy, a very nice show overall. Lots of eye candy as well, and storyline is pretty well written. The jokes and stuff are so funny hehe. PS: I've watched this drama 5 times alr, i rewatch it every year ;D

4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Historical shows are one of my favs :) There's just smth diff, the feel is very nice and ancient-y, something that we crave to understand but am unable to in current times, so we get the closet experience by watching historical dramas! :) Anyways i watched this drama becos of Song Joongki(former member of runningman). A good watch if u have time to spare:) I'll do a little comparison with another historical drama(refer below)

5. The Moon That Embraces The Sun 

Lovelovelove this drama ^^ Okay i may sound abit biased here, but imo i like this one better than sungkyunkwan. Simply becos the plot is more interesting, more exciting:) You know when people are in danger (like chased by assassins or smth) its just more exciting lol. xD I like the main cast of the moon that embraces the sun better as well. Just look at the child actors! They're so cute! And they're really talented budding actors/actresses as well :) And the grown up version( Kim soo hyun of Dream High fame and the gorgeous Han Ga In) are very aesthetically pleasing. I also like that in incorporates some fiction with black magic and such, a nice touch imo ^^ Ok hope thats enough to persuade u guys to watch it, now go watch! :)

phew, i spent like 2 hours on this post :O To the reader who requested for this post, hope you'll enjoy reading it!! I enjoyed doing up this post too, its like self spazzing about the dramas haha. I'm def gonna rewatch some of these during the year end hols ^^ :D 


some backdated reviews~~~

AE Bella Top in Black, S

Review: I was really excited to receive this top, but when i tried it on it was slightly disappointing :/ I mean this piece is very pretty, intricate lace and the high neckline is elegant:) But black is just not my colour :/ I don't think i suit black that well so i sold this alr, but for those who suits black, this is a nice piece to own:) Material is stretchy and comfy, though i think it may fur over time~ Changed it for the white one instead, hope it suits me better!