Saturday, 10 March 2012

OTD+Review: Swivelle Fendi Inspired Blouse in Cornsilk, TSR Suede Skirt in Blush, Outfits from ZARA Spring Summer Collection

hellooo :) Just some random OTDs from my trip to vivocity yesterday!:)

Swivelle Fendi Inspired blouse in Cornsilk
Thescarletroom suede skirt in Blush
Furry Heart Bag
Bvlgari Silver Cuff
Bambi Golden Ring with crystals
Topshop Brown Suede Belt

Realised that i haven't done a review on the swivelle blouse and tsr skirt so here's a short one!:)

Review on Swivelle Fendi Inspired Blouse in Cornsilk: 
Material used is really good and smooth to the touch! Design is also unique with the little cutout details and drawstring part at the neckline:) I paid $18 for it so its definitely a steal and worth the money!:) There is also a slight sheen which is fine with me but i think some people won't like it :/ But overall a really good buy with unique design and awesome material used:)

Review on TSR Suede Skirt in Blush:
I love suede materials and tsr's suede skirt is made of light suede which i think is awesome :) Material is slightly furry/fuzzy and isn't too heavy and thick which is good:) Cutting is also good, when worn it naturally flares out and gives a nice silhouette :) Colour is of a light dusty pink which is a really good neutral palette to have! (esp with the pastel trend becoming a big hit this season) :) Overall a good buy ^^

PS: will do a proper loots post on the bvlgari cuff and bambi ring! :) They're from my recent loots:)

Oh yes i went to Zara to look at their new spring summer collection:)! tried on some stuff:

Mint Asymmetrical Maxi Skirt $79.90

Crepe Chiffon Tiered dress in Cream $79.90

 So pretty right!:) Especiall the cream dress<3 I like it alot:) But didn't bring my atm card that day so :/ But im going to ION today so yups will pop by Zara and Topshop again to have a look:)

Yups, also bought my cleansing product today cos im almost running out of it :/
L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening cleansing foam :)

been using it for quite a while already and the results are pretty good! The scent is nice, foam is thick(can cleanse deep into the pores) and it lasts for months:) So i think that at $45 its ok:) It really brightens up my skin and gives a radiant glow!

Ok, Ending off with a goofy picture! Bye!

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