Sunday, 30 March 2014


// p r e //

hey everyone!:) 
blocks are finally over so im here to update this space abit! 
here's a simple twist braid look i did some time back, decided not be so lazy all the time and neglect my hair haha.

LOTD was a simple one, i was going for a concert in school!

anyws im super into jewel accessories nowadays! esp necklaces/earrings:)
Got this gorgeous turquoise/mint pair from F21!

& here's a side view of the braid:) and i realise my highlights are growing out oops. 
time to head to the salon sooon!

// m a i n //

Cadence Crop Top c/o Twistpolka
Tweed Burgundy Skirt c/o (bought in Japan)
Accessories c/o F21
Shoes c/o H&M

For those who emailed me asking where i got this top from, here you go! The review + where i got it from! Sorry its late :x

Review(Cadence c/o Twistpolka): Made of smooth, stretchy cotton blend! Its quite soft and comfy, upper half is lined so its not sheer even for white. I love the cropped length, it flatters people who are petite imo:) But it may be too short for the tall people! Sizing wise i think it fits a UK4/small 8 best, cos even though its stretchy its more towards the smaller cutting. It features a v cut at the back and at the front as well. Overall its a good basic that really goes with anything! I'm really into basics nowadays haha, they're just too fuss free to pair!:)

moving on to the actual concert...
finally eug appears!!:) Me and pingz were like "OMG eug is playing the guitar bass thing?! SO COOL!!" then we fangirl hahahah! Cos we thought he was gonna play the drums as usual (don't get me wrong its still cool) but then he just walked on stage with the bass guitar haha, S W A G!

snippets from the concert hall:)

& pictures with our talented classmate/new idol! We're all eug fans now hahaha!

pardon the horrible quality! lighting was bad and the filters made it grainy ><

yay solo shot with eug ^^

full grp pictures of S74ers who went to support eug:)!

& here's a collage version koped frm my insta (@etherealpeonies) :)


other happenings in school..

13S74 & 14S74's senior meet junior session! 
Im glad the juniors are really nice and high like us, though they probably didn't get alot of our inside jokes or maybe got weirded out by our irrational high-ness :x 

still, i think we get along quite well! nice meeting you juniors!:))
And my angel + mortal is really nice haha! they keep giving me food XD which is really useful to keep me awake during lectures and stuff hehe. Juniors please say hi to us more often!! we're really friendly people :D


& we also celebrated dear smelly melly's bday haha! 
This girl is obssessed with Ariel (the mermaid) and yes being nice friends we are we got her an Ariel balloon and she was damn happy:) Glad you liked the little surprise mel!


Another really fun event i enjoyed..... RioHC's orientation!! 
I really love my batchmates haha, and the juniors too! I think we click quite well, like we communicate on the same level (of lameness) hahaha! But thats what makes us a fun loving batch of 13/14! ;)

& yes I was OGL for OG4 and it was a slightly scary experience leading them but i hope you guys had fun!!

 this was from our photobooth challenge! the theme was buff or smth hahaha

here's a candid shot of us laughing at bohan who was trying to be seductive(?) or smth hahah!!

"Oi get up leh mister "
"Sua, lets all sit down la" haha XD
Thank you my BBs for being such a great OG and cooperating with me!! It made things so much easier and more fun <3

& here's our Soprano grp photo!! missing some ppl but still one of the nicest sops photo we have so far:)

Aresians!! So much love for my red hot fac as well ;) best faculty ever!! Im so proud of the J1s for winning war games and POP this year! You guys did us proud and claimed the God of Dance title for the 7/8th year running! <3

my batchies!! <3 haha why we so unconventional take pic in a whole line one XD

& finally.. my absolute fav photo of the day! 
this rioHC photo taken frm topview ^^ 
after orientation we hobo-ed around the choir room playing cards!
chengwee snapped this pic of me and mingen (who is too focused on the game lol!)

& becos my batch loves food sooo much.. we had a batch outing to Sakura for buffet haha! Fat die us XD Not much pics cos really i was too busy stuffing myself silly :x Spam all the sashimi!!!


Amidst the draining, dry lessons my class got the chance to go to Arts Science Museum for a dino exhibit! Cos my GP teacher is cool like that >)

epic photo of the day omg!! this crazy pingz saw this baby triceratops(?) and immd bent down and was like "Take a photo for me!!" and she posed with this freaking hilarious pose! Have to give her credit it does look quite alike no? XD
Class photo outside MBS! Love this photo <3
And after yiyang sent this to our class whatsapp group sng was like "omg i look so black beside chee" then he was like "next time dont stand next to chee already" hahaha so cute one my classmates XD


A level results day:) 
I wasn't worried at all for my bro cos well... he's too smartass to mess up, esp since he has been scoring straight As his whole life so well, whats new when he got all straight As plus distinction for H3 econs again haha. But anyways im still immensely proud of him! He shld pass me some luck so i don't screw up my As this year haha.


dramafeste '14 :) 
I'm really digging the ticket design!! it is SO PRETTY!! It makes the $5 worth it hahaha.
I didn't get to go for dramafeste last year cos i was sick, but im glad i decided to go this year cos dramafest is one of the main events in hwach and its really nice to experience it before i graduate next year! Def a special experience you can only hv at hwach ;) Plus most of the plays this year was really good!

yups that was a realllly long update!! 
Hope you guys had the stamina to stay through the long post hehe. 

Til the next;

Friday, 14 March 2014

Bleu Celeste

[warning: VERY overdue post, like 4 months oops :x]
Hey how have you guys been!!
Today's outfit post features 2 of my fav online shops heh.
I'm loving the blue ensemble, its ironic but the colours to me are like, perfect for countering monday blues cos it complements each other so well!
PS/pardon my messy hair!! Took these just before going to the salon :x


Review(LB's Top): I love anything basic with a twist, so when i saw this on LB's preview i knew i had to get it:)) And i did haha, got it in 3 colours, baby blue, daffodil and white! Its made of chiffon, double lined so its non sheer:) I really like the strappy back details, makes a basic top so much more interesting:) I took XS for this and its still abit big, mostly due to its flare design and i think this is meant to be slightly loose as well. Nowadays i can't really comprehend my sizing for LB cos it varies for design to design, kind of urgh if you ask me. But anyways im happy with this item, a good basic to have!

Review(TTR's Good Girl Flare Skirt in Cobalt): I don't really have skirts in such a striking blue shade so i decided to get this as a new addition to my wardrobe:) Its made of chiffon, quite light and when you walk its swirly and flowy :) I like that it has those cute gold functional buttons and two pockets:) Oh and a pleated waistband to create an illusion of a smaller waist:) The waistband has belt loops as well:) I took size S and it fits me well, UK6:) UK8 and above prob have to go for M:) A good buy!

PS/ Clutch co shopmissingavenue
Glass heels co twistpolka

And tadah, after a trip to the salon, new, unintentional brown highlights.
It really was unintentional, i wasn't planning on doing highlights at all, i went there to get a treatment fix cos there was some promotion but my hairdresser Sharon @essensuals told me she spotted some greyish strands (-_- I attribute this to stress :((( ) so yups she convinced me to get it covered up and thus... the highlights. I must say, im really loving the outcome! Its subtle enough to not get in trouble at school and yet is still visible to add more dimension to my boring dark hair. Thank you sharon for the job well done!
ps/ this post is so overdue my highlights are growing out alr -_-

Sharon is very skilled in choosing the places to highlight, the overall effect is very nice, pictures don't do it justice really!

Some food snippets;
Blackforest Cake, Bakerzin

Bacon Cream Penne; Bakerzin
Honeycomb; Horlicks; Strawberry Fields Ice Cream;
from Udders

Tofu Cheesecake with Raspberry Drizzle; Shokudo
The name sounds weird i know, but its called 'tofu' cheesecake cos it looks like tofu i think? haha but this piece of cheesecake is amazing.  New fav from Shokudo!! I think im slowly liking cheesecake more and more, i used to detest cheesecake alot :x

Im really into brunch nowadays!! Esp those with both savoury and sweet choices:) Any good places to recommend?:) Do leave me a comment on my askfm if you know any nice places!! I will be very grateful :D

Till the next;