Tuesday, 15 December 2015

White Angels

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recently i finally had a few quality catch up seshs with the bestie.
i think within these few weeks we had more outings than we had the past year!
cos during J2, free time is practically like, non-existent.
so yup, we decided to head to tanjong pagar for some yummy food!!

but first, some otds hehe.
i'm in an all white ensemble because really, white is my favourite colour to wear!

outfit deets:
d-ring romper from theclosetlover
bag from bershka
wooden sandals from topshop

i love how this series of photos below aptly show my sombre (soft ombre) hair colour!
the ends are ash brown and its blended nicely by nic, my hairstylist at headlines!
read my posts on headlines here:

the place we decided on was may may, a japanese fusion restaurant.
i had the cold somen, sylvia had the warm somen, and we shared liu sha doughnuts for dessert!

they have some lunch promo which you can top up 3SGD for a set meal, which comes with a salad and soft drink.
they're actually famous for their cod rice bowl, but neither of us were fans of cod fish so we opted for the noodles!
sesame salad!
this was yums, i absolutely love japanese salad sauces, so so good.

be warned that the somen is spicy! 
but it was so so good!
the roe, spring onion, sauce and springy noodles just came together so well to provide a burst of flavour and texture in every bite.
i would definitely recommend this!
and its worth it for the price too because its a huge bowl, good for sharing actually, if you don't have a huge appetite.

and finally... the insta-famous liu sha donuts!!
this was not overrated at all cos it was sooo yum!
its a tad pricey at 7SGD for 3 pieces but omg its so good i'll pay for it.
definitely a must try.

may may has a beautiful modern interior as well.
parts of it is white themed and another section has bountiful greenery and natural sunlight peeking in.
perfect for snapping a photo!

hehe, us looking all happy after filling our tummies with a good meal!

here's another set of otds cos i was really in a mood for otds that day haha.
love the contrast between white and black, and the complementary peek of gold in these frames!

upclose of the d-ring details!

headed down to orchard central to shop at editors with my llamas and grab a bite at dean and deluca cos...there's always space for cake! especially when its rainbow cake hehe.
love how we're decked in monochromatic colours, totally unplanned i swear!

and then finally, last event of the day was to go to D's church choir concert!
for once i'm attending his choir concert instead of him attending mine haha.
this boy is always so shy when it comes to singing hehe.
it was definitely a fruitful and meaningful concert.
this was a super blessed day indeed.

till the next;

Thursday, 10 December 2015


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hello everyone!!
im back with a post before i jet off to spain!:)
i'll still be posting blog entries in spain cos i have drafts prepped already;)
but for daily updates do visit my insta @etherealpeonies!

for today's post i'll be sharing about Althea!
i received this mysterious box from Althea not long ago!

super excited to open this pretty box!!

 the fine details on the packaging is worth a mention!
i love the mix of classy gold imprintments on the smooth wine red box, very festive and merry indeed!

revealing my box of goodies kindly sent over from the Althea team!!:)
so what is Althea?
Althea is a sg/korea based company that sells korean skincare and makeup products at really really good prices!
they have a wide range of products and brands, including some of my favourites like innisfree, nature republic, the saem, etude house and the face shop!
and by good prices i mean huge discounts!
we all know that in sg there are many korean skincare/makeup flagship stores already, but prices are marked up pretty badly here!
when i saw the prices at Althea, i got a shock (legit)!
some items were going at a whooping 50-80% off!! 

and other than having a wide range of products/brands and being super affordable, the best part is that its 100% authentic as its shipped in from korea directly!:) 

 i'm really thankful to Althea for sending over goodies that i really like and will use!
now lets take a closer look at the contents shall we :)
 primera // watery cream alphine berry moisturizer ($35)
the face shop // rice water bright cleansing foam ($6)
innisfree // creammellow lipstick in latte brown ($13.5)
saemmul // cheek and lip tint in red ($5)
the saem // concealer in shade 1.5 ($5)
 i've swatched the innisfree lipstick and the colour is pigmented and its really moisturizing!
i've always loved innisfree's product and this one is no exception!:)
Christmas is a season of giving, so i chose saemmul's lip and cheek tint and as a gift to my grandaunt!
she has always loved such versatile products, a single item like this can add a pop of colour to her cheeks for a healthy flush of colour, and create rosy lips!
and the saem's concealer is a dupe for my favourite 3CE concealer!
it provides medium to heavy coverage (with multiple layers) and has 3 shades to suit different skin tones!:)
and not to mention, the lip and cheek tint and the concealer only cost $5 each, so worth it!!
 i love the matte white packaging, its simple yet pretty.
 and finally, the primera watery cream moisturizer!
honestly, i've been wanting to get this ever since i saw it at SaSa, but it was priced at a whooping $55! and i felt it was abit pricey :/
so when i saw it on Althea at a super good price of $35, theres no reason not to get it!:)
even though its stated to be a 'cream', its definitely not heavy AT ALL and not sticky as well!
absorbs super well and quickly, i really love this product :)
 now a look at the finer prints, these are all the benefits i've mentioned above!:)

 so go on and do some xmas shopping on Althea and prep your skin to look pretty this xmas!
or you can get affordable yet practical gifts for family and friends!!:)
especially since Althea is having some special xmas promos (read below)!
  1. Free Shipping with purchases above S$30
  2. S$7 off S$50 purchases with code XMAS-SG
  3. Limited Edition Christmas Beauty Box (while stocks last)
  4. Christmas sales and promotions on Althea Korea Singapore!

thanks for reading everyone!!
and thank you once again to the Althea team for sending me such a thoughtful gift this xmas:)
till the next;

Sunday, 6 December 2015


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visuals post today!
this set of photos are taken by my cousin.
Im in love with all sorts of buildings lately.
Both the clean, modern kind and the old rustic kind.
Both have their charms don't you think?:)
I can't wait to explore the rustic, intricate architectures in Spain soon!!
Much excited for it hehe:) 

today's otd details:
top from runwaybandits, white jeans from dipdrops.

(ps/ pardon the less than trimmed tummy hehe. abs are a thing of a past, a sedentary lifestyle is my 24/7 lifestyle now lol, how terrible!!)

till the next;