Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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here's a short midweek food review on grub, which is located at bishan park!:)

here's a sneek peek at the menu.
mains are generally priced at $13-15, quite a reasonable price:)

for starters, we got the mentaiko fries to share!
this was pretty good, the fries were hot and crispy.
however i still prefer thin cut fries (like those in macs!)
the seaweed and mentaiko sauce drizzled over added a nice japanese fusion, loved it!
and yes that plate of mentaiko sauce was da bomb, so so good!!
i only wish they were more generous with their serving of the sauce, cos it wasn't enough to satisfy our palate for mentaiko!
nonetheless this is a yummy dish, worth a try!;)

ahh, classic waffles with maple syrup.
can't go wrong with this!
the waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
however, there isn't anything very special about this, no special topping or sauce etc.
so i would say unless you're craving for waffles that day, give this a miss!
cos there are other mains worth trying!;)

grub's cheeseburger!
i didn't try this, but my friend who did said that it was not bad, the patty was done quite well:)
however as u can see from the picture, the cheese doesn't look that appetizing, looks like those cheese u can get from ntuc and they just slapped it on the patty.

as for the fish burger, this one loses out to the cheeseburger apparently! 
(both taste and visually)
seemed like this was abit dry, i would pick a good ol fish fillet from macs over this anytime.

and lastly....the sakura ebi mentaiko pasta!
i'm a hugeeee pasta lover so this one hit all the right spots for me yum yum!
they were quite generous with the prawns and the mix of olive oil and mentaiko served as the perfect dressing for the pasta.
it wasn't too mild tasting/bland, nor too "gelat".
i would definitely recommend this to pasta lovers!

and finally a group photo of my batchies!
(sorry, this exposes how long ago this food review is due)
but...better late than never right!!!

till the next;

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Saturday, 25 July 2015


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i've been wanting to go to gardens by the bay's tulip exhibition, so daniel took half day day off on a random monday and off we went!!
plus my favourite tiah works there so she got the tickets for us with staff discount!;)

let's compare the girls vs guys' reaction when going to a dome full of flowers heh.

typical girl reaction: looking so excited already hehe.

typical guy reaction: grumpy D hahaha
no la just kidding, we both had fun and enjoyed some time alone together since the cloud forest was practically empty! (we went there at 9am, madness i know)
annoying D took this unglam when i asked him to take a selfie together instead -_-
well, at least my hair colour looks quite nice? everything else cmi hahaha

cloud forest was more chill, just walking the treetop walk and enjoying the refreshingly cold temperature.
sneaked a snapshot of mbs while transitting to the flower dome!

hehe who ask u take my unglam just now!! >)
i love daisies!! they're as cute as a button hehe.
so far all the flowers D ever got me were daisies haha.
seriously i cannot stand how he pulls off candids so effortlessly omg. 
what is this!! 
asked the boy to help me stand there while i take test shots and he looked like this haha!
someone's looking really sleepy!
-morning stretch urghhhhh-
"okay i think im awake"

sun. too. blinding. -_-
yay the tulips were beautiful!!
demonstrated to D how i suggested he should pose to look like a flower hahaha.
he told me i was crazy xD

selfie selfie

oh yes! and the tulip exhibition had some "children's classic tales" theme going on as well!
they had cinderalla, grimms brothers, ugly duckling etc!
here's us with the cinderella carriage hehe.

snapped this in like, 3 seconds!
D was very happy photo taking is so efficient for once haha!
top from lovebonito, wool skirt from jrunway.

thanks for reading guys!

till the next;

Sunday, 19 July 2015


/ / m a i n / / 

hello everyone!
i'm sharing visuals from pyzis' newest collection, which is a monochrome themed one.
Direct link here!
i really like the photos from this shoot, the first series of white on white being my absolute favourite.
i love the ethereal, light feel of this outfit.
personally, i find it very fulfilling when i get to try something fresh and new in shoots, which happened in this particular shoot.
i got to play with space and abit of height elements, and learn to position myself to make the outfit stand out more, like in this picture below i draped the skirt over the ledge to show the details in full fledged glory.

a lot of people think that 'modelling' (blogshop modelling in this case) is super easy, you just stand there and pose and look pretty. 
but really, i can't emphasize more on how thats not true.
each shoot is different and to take normal, mediocre shots each time is easy.
but it is definitely challenging if you want to up the standard and work with the surroundings to produce something of better quality which shows creativity as well.

 (excuse the random hair flip hahaha)

 this second series features simple spag tops with crochet details, in classic colours like black and white. (white is not shown here).
those who know me will know that i'm not one to wear black if i had a choice haha.
so well, i get to step out of my comfort zone in shoots!

and what i like most about this series is the mirror shots, which was the first time i played with reflections and learnt to position my face so the angles turn out well.
sadly the lighting was not so on point, so even with editing it didn't turn out as nice as i wished it would be,
 and the last of the series, the black version of the mesh skirt.
the skirt comes with inner lining btw, so its only sheer from slightly above the knees to the ankles.

hope you guys enjoyed this visual post and the little bite sized information on modelling haha.

till the next;

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

L O L A x Strangers Reunion

 / / m a i n / /

hello friends!!
here's a few cafe reviews to get you revved up for feasting during this long weekend!;)

today's featured cafes are Lola's Cafe and Stranger's Reunion.

 Lola's Cafe cos its right beside Kovan MRT, super accessible!
and i checked their menu online, everything is quite affordable and they don't charge GST and service charge, bonus!;) 

 here's what we ordered!

Lola's Full Monty Breakfast
 (feat my green tea latte!)

Avocado Eggs Benedict

 Mushroom Melt

we ordered a few mains to share cos we were leaving space for dessert heh. 
the mains were pretty good! 
the Full Monty Breakfast was a classic American style big breakfast, with scrambled eggs, sausage, salad and bacon:) 
i'd have to say my fav of the lot was the honey glazed bacon! 
i'm usually not a fan of meat but this was so nice!! 
the eggs benedict is their signature dish and its not bad, the bread is quite soft (my fav is still Wild Honey's tho!) 
and we got the Mushroom melt cos yutzu is vegetarian haha, and she said she liked it so i guess its good:)

and yes, we had desserts as promised!

Lemon Meringue Tart

 this was quite nice, it has a subtle taste of lemon without it being overly sour.
mui found the tart crust a bit hard but i think its still okay, kinda like bisuit crust.
its also a refreshing pick if the rest of the desserts you picked are all sweet ones!

Chocolate Nutella Tart

i enjoyed this alot too, def one of my favs of the day!
super thick and rich nutella chocolate flavour in the form of a moist gooey cake.
good for people for love chocolate!

Seasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream

this was ok-ok only imo!
i couldn't taste the coffee cream at all, and it would have been nicer if they incorporated the sea salt into the tart itself cos by sprinkling it over the mix of the salt and the sweetness from the tart is kinda uneven.

Sticky Honey Apple Cake with Vanilla Icecream

and this was the favourite of the day!
its just good ol apple crumble with ice cream despite the fancy name haha.
but the mix of the ice cream, cinnamon powder and flavourful apple crumble was really yums!;)

next cafe, stranger's reunion!

we decided to try Stranger's Reunion after hearing so so so many raves on it on instagram/blogs etc! we alighted at Tanjong Pagar MRT and took a very long walk there with the (burden) google maps.
it made us take the long route tsk, we took like 30 mins to walk there -_-

okay so anyways here's what we ordered!

Eggs Florentine

Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Berries

Signature Truffle Fries *MUST TRY*

the food there is quite decent, ambience is nice as well.
the eggs florentine were mediocre imo, the bread was the no no for me.

as for the buttermilk waffles, its one of their highly raved items.
the waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, paired with the vanilla ice cream and berries it tasted quite nice (though nics thought the berries made it a little too sweet for her liking).
i would think its actually slightly overrated but still a good treat for those with a sweet tooth:) 

and for my ultimate fav of the day... their truffle fries!!
it really is the best truffle fries i have tried so far:)
it was fried to perfection, really crispy, had the subtle truffle fragrance and the cheese/truffle shavings on top complemented it well.
i'd have to say what makes it stand out from the other truffle fries from other cafes is the DIP:)
it was da bomb haha, it really accentuated the truffles taste and made this the winning dish.
definitely a must try when you go to Stranger's Reunion ;)
i'd have to warn you before hand that the portion for this is HUGE though!
nic and i only managed to finish half the bowl though it was so delish ><
probably good for sharing between 3-4 ppl:)
oh and eat it while its warm cos it doesn't taste so nice when its cold!

(37 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
Tel: 6222 4869)

hope you guys enjoyed this midweek food post and have a great weekend ahead!!

till the next;