Friday, 9 March 2012

Graces Camp 2012 :)!

hi guys im back from my 3D2N camp! :D it was super awesome<3 Travelled from Downtown East back to school today and reached at 12pm. Then i crashed at home and slept till like 7 thus the late update XD warning! Its gonna be a super picture heavy post :)

So yups this camp is my last camp in my current school:( will be moving on to tertiary education next year... So this camp was all about teaching us etiquette, poise , confidence and being respected by others:) So we had like fine dining classes, workshops teaching us how to walk with poise and elegance etc. So less talk! Photos away!

1st day! @ D' Marquee (giant tent beside wild wild wet) for lunch and workshops!

1st day(NIGHT) Ethnic costume dinner party!
(I wore an indian costume just in case you can't tell XD)
The variety of outfits were just amazing! My batchmates put so much effort into this event haha. There were Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indian and even mongolian costumes! :O

Night time partying in our chalet rooms! (this is when the party really starts and we go crazy)

yups! We partied till 2am haha. Not too late considering that thats the time we sleep 3/5 days of the week cos the homework load is crazy! Had a tai ti (chinese new year "gambling" game) tournament haha! But of cos we didn't bet money, just played for fun! And we implemented a new rule : winner= King, runner up=queen, 3rd=maid, last=donkey. XD So the donkey has to give the king her best card and the king will give the donkey her worst card. Vice versa for queen and maid :) heh so we all slept late and had panda eyes the next day eek. 

2nd day! Ettiquette workshops and THE FORMAL DINNER NIGHT( main event of the whole camp haha cos everyone dresses up so nicely)

Black quilted clutch, Turquoise flower gem ring, Juicy Couture heart charm cuff, Navy polka dot hair clip.

Ending off with a cute photo of my friend Syl haha XD  I think when my friends upload more pictures i'll post a Graces Camp Part 2 ;) Hope the blast of pictures doesn't bore you guys! 

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