Saturday, 29 September 2012

Velvet Shimmer

 Ohai! :) I'm prepping posts pre exam so that even during exams i can "update" haha. See im so dedicated to blogging:)) So this post is prob prepared a week earlier than the date now.

haha anyways, I've received a few emails and formspring questions asking if the Dollywink eyebrow pencil which i blogged about here is good or not. Well I haven't tried a lot of brow pencils before, but i feel that dark brown is definitely a better colour than black for me cos black is too harsh :/ And previously i like to use brow powder instead of pencil, but now because i can't find a powder colour that suits me, i'm sticking to dollywink's :)

Its pretty good and natural, price is acceptable as well:) Here's how it looks like:) If you can't tell that i actually used the brow pencil, then that's good cos it means it blends in well haha:)

PS/ i specially pin up my fringe to take these pics lol! I look horrible without fringe i know hahaha

see, with fringe much better right haha. 

 I've finished using my L'occitane Immortale Brightening face wash already, so this is the new product i'm using now:)

Dr Wu Acnecur Gel Cleanser with Niacinamide

This product has many benefits in one:) It lightens scars from pimples, prevent pimples from occuring and diminishes current blemishes:) So i decided to try it haha, since exam stress is causing me to break out at times :/ 

Andddd.... I got an early birthday present from my aunt!! Its the holy NAKED PALETTE BY URBAN DECAY :DD -prances a little-


No need to say, i super love this gift :') I tried it once already and now i finally know why its so highly raved. Fro packaging to quality, everything is thumbs up:) The outer casing is made of plush velvet, super luxe one:) It comes with a free eyeshadow primer which is also highly raved on MUA etc:) And the best part is the colours are so so wearable! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eyeshadows and this palette does it for me:) Can play around with colours abit but not too over the top haha. And its pigmented! So a little amount will suffice:) 
<3<3<3 Many thanks to my super caring aunt:))

Some (really) overdue reviews:

TTR Enchanting Dip Hem Maxi in Mint

Made of reallllyy comfy material just as joyce said it would be:) Slightly stretchy, it kind of feels like jersey cotton. Anyways the colour is abit different from ttr's pics i would say, abit more to the green side irl. Still its a fresh and bright colour:) Design wise i like the dip hem, but it ends at the wrong place for me(at the front) so it'll make my calves look fatter :/ I think it would look better for taller girls:) Oh yes it has inner lining so no need to worry bout vpl:) I really like the colour but have to sell it since its not the most flattering dress haha.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sweet Shades of Rose

Hey all:) I won't be able to update as much these coming 2 weeks k>< But I'll still post as often as i can!:) Some overdue otds and stuff:

Amber Avenue Madison Crop Top in White
Camel Tweed Skirt
Moschino Vintage Belt

Review(AA Top): 
I wanted this top but missed out AA's launch! So i tried it on when i saw it at kissjane:) Although there was only M left i still took it cos i really like the design:)) The subtle panelling is really pretty, and the cutting is nice as well ;) For about $30 i think this is worth it cos its a good basic top to have, since it pretty much matches anything ;) And its super chic! Oh yes, sizing wise, M has allowance on me, but not to the extent of oversized. I think S will be more fitting but because this top is not v stretchy and has no zip whatsoever, S might be abit hard to put on. So i'm glad i got M:) Good buy!

LB Cassis Cardi (Pink)

Review: Rly super gorgeous irl:) I love the cropped length cos its perfect for my petite size:) And it has gold shimmers! Totally suits the sweet pink shade to a T :) The seashell buttons are also a nice touch! Looks shiny and pearly, very pretty:) Material is not thick, which i think is good cos Singapore is rly hot :x but if you wear it in cold offices/cinemas it may not provide enough warmth. Overall still a good buy, love the design, colour and cutting!

So... everyone has been raving about BKK lately! Its like suddenly everyone goes to BKK haha. I also want to go but sadly i still have school.. so my mum and dad went alone tsk. But shopaholic mum got me lots of stuff back from BKK!<3 Loots below:

My fav one is definitely the yellow eyelet skirt :) So bright and happy!! Second fav is the coral pink crop top with cutouts:) 

During my one week hols i did my nails:) Lol yes i know its only one week but pretty nails still make me feel better haha:) 

Here are the colours i used:)

I know the pedi is kinda messy haha, didn't bother cleaning away the excess polish :x But i added pearls! So pretty:))

And family dinner at Takashimaya!:) One of the restaurants on level 5:) Forgot what the name was though>< 

Clam Vongole Pasta yum:)

And my fav accessory section in kino hehe. Always get super tempted by the neat stuff. But oh so pricey :x

wore my wine red dr martens inspired shoes out again:) V comfy!

And another OTD!:) Featuring a crotchet pink dress from BKK:) Mum says its imported from korea and costs $40++!! :O all i can say is, mum spent $40 on this dress in BKK?! hmm, v pricey for bkk standards :/

Some fashion/girly reads to destress :) Bought these 2 cos Nina Dobrev is my fav actress EVER:) ANd i like victoria justice too:) Both v cute one haha

Anddd... i succumbed to this scrapbooking border design, but its pretty! and prob can last quite long too so okay value for money:)

Macaroons from Rive Gauche( B1 takashimaya).
Def not the best i've tasted :( ... i don't think i'll purchase from them again :x

Anyways i'm itching to try Canele's macaroons!! Def will try them after exams:) Gonna go on another foodie trip with my friends after exams:))

Before i end off, here's a sponsored review from LOVEPINE!;)


I'm loving the vivid, bright tropical prints on this dress! :) Super statement dress hehe. Has great cutting (flared) and has semi structured mesh at the bottom hemlines for a really nice shape:) My mum commented that it looks like a dress off the runway which i agree:) Its really gorgeous in real life:) Get yours from LOVEPINE today!:)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Preppy Pastel Knit:)

Hey guys! Its saturday again:) I'm churning out this post before heading to malaysia to celebrate my lil bro's bday with my relatives:) UPDATE: sry i did't manage to post this on saturday lol ><

So during the hols i went out with my buddies for a bday celebration! Just a day of food, movie and shopping haha, what girls love the most ;)

Okay so we started the day quite unhealthily :x Lunch was at burger king cos there wasn't alot of shops opened in cinelesure yet :/

 Syl and her strawberry sundae:)

 Bday girl Muiz! Lol why they all in denim ah, just realized O.O Anyway syl is wearing a polka tie top from My glamour place!:)

 Omg finally a glam-er pic of sylvia! if you realize later on all her pics v unglam de why!! okay and you'll see my crazy side in abit :x Im actually not demure at all to be honest, im rather hyper and nonsensical in front of friends :x and syl just called me a monkey today hmmphffff.

 okay the spastic faces are -_- my image is ruined. but never mind la haha

 my side of the table!<3

 full table shot!
 anddd the other side- Tze She and Chay :))
 waiting for mui to buy gongcha and sneak it into the cinema(we are secretly rebellious :O)

Just look at chay omg hahahah
 she's blowing syl's hair if you didnt realize haha. omg the things we do..
 syl act cool!!!
 designing of mui's bday cake at The Icing Room(somerset 313)!

 Anyways im the photographer that day cos i upload pics much faster than ahem, miss syl who takes at least 2 months to do so. coughs.

 syl and chay staring at a water bottle in amazement??? lol what they doing?! haha

 everyone looks so nice here, except for syl who has a sheepish face hahaha. see wat i mean by unglam always xD

 me and syl ooloo ooloo-ing  around. aka slacking and fooling around while the other more artistically inclined friends decorate the cake nicely hehe.
 omg syl why i have a best friend like youuuuuu hahahah xD

 syl the llama with horns. teehee

 spastic chay caught fluffing tzeshe's fox keychain!!

 #sylvia made me do it

 TADAH! all done:) No credits to me and sylvia seriously... we were in a world of our own doing silly stuff.

 See if you can find out which one is my name! ;) my nickname that is ;)


 we love you mui!!:)

 our awesome rainbow sponge cake <3 koped from instagram ;)
 and after which we went shopping! Used the chance to take some OTD pics:) Pardon the shoes, we went out straight away after chemistry lesson in the morning haha.

TVD Peterpan Top in Baby Blue (S)
White Crotchet Skirt (Valleygirl, Aussie brand)

 LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COORD!!<3 I bought this set after trying on ;) Its from Japanese shop Dip Drops btw<3 This outfit(knit top and polka chiffon skirt was at special price of $49 for both! Such a steal<3) I showed mui this coord and she enthusiastically gave the thumbs up :D
 So Jap-looking right?:) My fav- knits and pastels :)) Anyways i'm really into Jap style lately:)
 Dip Drops is officially one of my fav stores now! Along topshop, zara, kissjane etc ^^
 Mad pretty. Can't stop staring at them:) And i actually think the preppy look with a peterpan blouse inside looks cuter :) W/o the peterpan blouse inside oso can la :)
 Another good find!:) Daisy pearl bracelet from a random shop in cine for $6.90:)) It totally looks like a piece off Forever New's racks which can easily cost $20++ @.@
 Ribbons, floral, lace. My usual favs:) From accessories store minkin( i tink its spelt this way?) at level 2 of cine:)
K thats all! Good weekends everyone:) I'll be mugging for exams asnijsbafavfb.

okay thanks bye:)