Friday, 30 August 2013

Dream Castle

This post is so overdue but okays better late than nothing right!:)
Went to USS sometime back with dear wy and nikki! We got the student passes at $88, can go unlimited times till november 31 i think bwahahaha.

Accessory of the day; givenchy inspired panther necklace

Go USS so hot must bring sunnies right! (It sure did come in handy though)

Floral sunnies; F21

selca heh.

Love the tassels;
Studded shorts, but with pearls.

Casual OTD, diff from usual dress up days!
ps; yes i have been working out, dual line abs im on my way.

CWC Kaia Crop Top (White)
Indiesin Studded Shorts
HVV Wedge Sneakers in Puce

Review: Bought the indiesin shorts some time back when i was in a semi denim craze. Its a nice pair to own, the details and studs make it stand out from the normal denim. Sizing wise its too big, ends at the hips for me and slightly droop. Quality wise its quite okay, no colour runs and the frayed hems add a nice touch. A good denim piece to own! Review for the cwc top can be found here :)

Upclose of shoes of the day! 
(Pardon the shoe lace, wore it out of the box for photo taking purposes, so didn't tie it properly yet)
Colour true to first two pics.

So here we are at USS!
Mandatory USS globe pics haha, acting all touristy!
We even asked actual tourists to help us take this shots :x They were more than happy to, then after helping us take pic they REQUESTED pics with us and we were quite dumbfounded 0.0
A group of tourists from Phillipines/ Indonesia i think! We were like, LOL why you want take photos with us hahaha

Then when we were queuing to buy the tickets we spotted another group of tourists (from which country idk) taking pics of us omg ._. I know for sure they were secretly taking candid pics of us cos when we turned and looked at them they immediately looked away. @.@
Nikki was like "This is so weird omg, second time today somemore!!"
Yes, needless to say we really didn't know what was going on LOL, (and still don't).

Tadah, entered uss!

I caption this, "Le nikki and her purple balloons" hahaha

We were lucky to grab this pic with the mascot cos it was kinda running away alr haha, to change shift i guess!

Candid shot taken by wy haha. 
Got abit of philosophical feel anot, (no la jk i know don't have) XD

Lunched at the New York section of uss! Wy and nikki had pizza, i was craving some bolognese.

My pretty classmates! <3

This is us doing a parody of gossip girl lol! You know the pic of them like in the expensive part of Manhattan or smth! The wy was like, "Blair will not approve of my slippers LOL" hahaha

Thereee this one!! The background very similar right lol

Asked someone to help us take a group shot but then bumblebee was cut out of the pic :(

Photobombed by a pro passerby! (Shijie you need to learn from this cool auntie)
Us taking pics even while lining up for the rides :x
bring camera so heavy must make full use of it right!

See our sunnies were put to good use! It was really a super duper hot day @.@
We were literally melting under the heat...

Next stop, mini egypt!

If you look at the right side of the photo you'll see these incredibly tall guys on stilts. 
We were too paiseh to take pics with them, i mean look at how scary they look 0.0

Jurassic park up next!
We basically went there for the water ride haha.
Tip: Bring slippers and poncho if you want to ride this without getting wet & gross.

Its so creative/cute of them to create these drying pods for people who got wet! But then again the heat is already unbearable. stand under these pods confirm heatstroke lolol

We were randomly walking around and spotted this quaint, picturesque spot in USS which is like deserted but is so perfect for phototaking!

This series of black and white photos are taken by wy! 
We had a mini photoshoot there basically, it was fun heh.
Nikki was asking me how to like model for photos, a question that i used to ask my cousin (photographer for willowfawn). But now i know, natural movements is the key. 
These shots were taken like when we were just randomly walking! Oh, and it helps to look in the distance so that the shots will turn out looking candid and more natural ;)

This photo of nikki is too cute!

hahah nikki caught selca-ing!

These guys were pretty good! and charismatic haha

Due to lack of time we skipped the whole madagascar portion! I really liked the signs though, too pretty!

& tadah! My fav part of USS, far far away ;)
The castle is omg... so pretty @.@

Oh! And over here we were asked by some tourists for a photo AGAIN!
A group of indian tourists (a whole family) this time. Omg it was really quite funny. 
They asked for solo pics with each and every one of them lolol

Candid shot of me taking pics for other tourists again hahah

Our smoothie from shrek cafe! Basically syrup, colouring and ice but it was refreshing la. Blame it on the weather! haha

One of my fav pics!!! Gorgeous friends, gorgeous background, perfect day:)

hehe my uss pass:)
Ty for the polaroid wy!
Dinner at Marche!

Savoury Salmon Crepe with Mushrooms 
(not that you can see the fillings but it tasted AWESOME)

Rosti with sausage!
Abit overrated but i still enjoyed this:)

Us snapchatting the rest of our class hehe.

Kays thats all.
To nikki and wy, thank you for the awesome day out!! 
Leggo for another outing soon kay! Love yall<3