Friday, 28 November 2014


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Good hair day calls for selfies hehe.

Went back to malaysia to celebrate my bday with my relatives there!:)
Its been some time since i went back, missed everyone alot and the sense of familiarity was wonderful.
I had some chill time in the garden by myself and really, solitude isn't that bad, in fact its rly relaxing:)

Noticed some fresh periwinkles popping up too, it wasn't there the last time i was back!

And whats better than taking a stroll in the garden is... having ice cream while taking a stroll!;)

One of my greatest joys in life is to spend time with people i love, and of course family is top priority:)
My fav grandaunt and granduncle brought me to a new beach resort just to take a look around!
We enjoyed the sea breeze, walked around like tourists and took lots of cute photos and just, savoured life's simplest but most fulfilling moments. 
I can't remember when was the last time i had no worries on my mind, and it felt truly great to just let go of everything at that moment and fully enjoy the company of loved ones.

See i made them do this pose and they look so cute right!!!<3

My grandaunt took some OTDs for me as well hahaha, i'd say its not bad since its her first time in 65 years taking OTDs for someone XD

Midi dress is from Lilypirates ;)

My grandaunt reaally wanted to take some nice OTDs for me haha, aiyo so cute one <3 ^^

Cuties again hehehe

Photographer chee's fav photo of the day is this!
Candid shot which shows so much joy and love :')

Im at a payphone~~
Lotsa love for two of my favourite ppl!!

Oh yes let me just do a short review for this midi piece if not people will start asking me on askfm haha!
I got this from lilypirates ages ago, not sure if its still avail now :x
They launched a few colours for this, in baby blue and yellow too if i remember correctly, but i chose white cos its the most classic colour choice and is suitable for alot of occasions! I love the mesh polka dot details, its absolutely gorgeous and make this midi piece stand out from the rest! The panelling at the bottom hems and sweetheart neckline are also some of my fav features of this dress;) Sizing wise its slightly big for me at the waist and PTP (its not elasticized), and i got this in the smallest size, should be XS/S! Its made of really lightweight chiffon thats super flowy and has adjustable straps:) 

So yes after that we went for dessert even though its right before dinner haha!

It was a wonderful birthday dinner and i enjoyed everyone's company so much :)
Thank you all for the love!!
Featuring my favourite cousins ever<3

And then i attempted to take selfies with everyone hehe!

My bb brandon and his funky hair hahaha
Little aidan and his squishy cheeks<3

My fav aunt<3 (who asked me to take this at 45 degrees so her face looks smaller hahaha, im bad at this 45 degree angle thing im sorry T.T)
Daddeeeee~ ~ <3
Ma hipster grandma teehee
Some more with the cuties hehe.

I love how they're so up for selfies hahaha!! 
The love of photography runs in the family eh ;)
Da gu and gu zhang!
My partner in crime hehe.

Family is always the most important,
they'll love you for eternal no matter what.
So really, take some time off to show some love for your loved ones today:))

Hope you guys enjoyed the visuals!

Till the next;