Thursday, 1 March 2012

Review: Pearlavish Be My Love Buttoned Swirl Dress in HEART-SHAPE, Frockettes Cape Skirt in Khaki

hi all! :) Will be doing the review on Pearlavish's Be My Love Buttoned Swirl Dress in Heart Shape and Frockettes Cape Skirt in Khaki as promised:) Will be just a short review as i have a test tomorrow!:( #sadlife.

ok so here are the pics for the pearlavish dress first:) 
(its abit crumpled cos i reviewed it BNIB)

Review: Was kinda :O when i first received it because the colour is so different from the one i saw on Pearlavish's site ._. imo the colour difference is just too big and unacceptable for me cos i thought the dress would be more pink but it turned out to be a rust colour. It comes with inner lining so its non sheer, however i wouldn't say that the material used for the dress is superb. The length is still ok for me but sizing wise its abit too big( esp @ the ptp and waist area) So i paired it with my suede brown Topshop belt:) Overall i wouldn't say this is my best buy(not worth $30.50), but am still keeping it cos i don't have any dresses in rust colour and the small heart prints are pretty cute:)

Frockettes Cape Skirt in Khaki! :)

Review: I love this skirt! :) First time purchasing from Frockettes and am very pleased with this item ^^ The colour is really versatile and the buttons and sash are nice details <3 Quality is good too though slightly on the heavy side:) Most importantly the cutting of the skirt is gorgeous :) flares out and gives a slight A line shape:) Very flattering for wider bottom people(like me) :) Apparently it can be turned into a cape too though i haven't experimented with it yet:) Although the sizing(waist area) is a bit big for me, i think that its overall a really good buy! Happy with this purchase:)

PS: I paired this skirt with Catwalkclose CWC's Frilled Bib Top in White ;) its quite a famous piece from cwc i think:) really love the frilled bib top! it cascades down gently and is so sweet and feminine :) Love this top so much that i bought it in alot of colours ( White, Teal, Wine, Candy Pink, Blue) ^^ Will do more reviews on the other colours in future if i have time ;) 

Ok bye guys i have to mug for my test!! FRIDAYYYY TML :)))) #savemybraincells!

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