Sunday, 29 May 2016


/ / m a i n / /

who hasn't been to national gallery yet?
if you haven't, then scoot along and plan a trip there today heh!

national gallery is the new hipster place in sg, its all over instagram and everyone has been there (almost).

daniel and i went there some time back, a bit later than most but still better late than never!
the best part is its free for singaporeans and there's aircon inside the building so its easy to enjoy art without having to brave the heat!:)

the whole building was huge and we definitely couldn't explore all the nooks and crannies even though we were there for more than an hour!
but i think we managed to see the main galleries and areas:)

enjoy the visuals!:)

my top is from bangkok
skirt from osmosestores
bag from bershka
shoes from asos

m a r b l e tiles everywhere!! -inserts heart eyes-

made daniel take a photo too for memory sake hehe.
he's wearing a shirt i picked out for him when we went malaysia!:)

if you're wondering how we got these shots...
i brought a tripod hahahah
luckily we didn't get many stares while taking these!

what we think we look like:

how (lame) we actually look hahaha

we're not artsy people at all but we try, we try. 

went to raffles city for tea break after!
we had nutella cake and truffle fries at Podi.
sinful max but its alright, we enjoyed it to make the calories worth ;)

till the next;

Saturday, 14 May 2016


/ / m a i n / /

hello friends!
i'm back, heh. 
idk why all my posts are starting off with pictures of food nowadays hahaha
it seems like i'm always eating good food but at the same time i'm still always craving something? 
these cravings are sooo random and i don't even know how it happens lol!
i think in the past month i've whined to daniel about my cravings almost every few days :x
let me try to recall, i think i craved for croissants, tom yum soup, ikea food, thai food, macs' fries just to list a few hahaha.

but some cravings are just there like 24/7, cos its like food i never get sick of.
and one of those include... korean food! 
so glad i managed to catch up with seah over some good ol korean food. (YAY)
truly "good food good company" hehe. 

some of my favs include toppokki and army stew!
we had these yummies at korean tapas bar, in serangoon gardens.

this is the korean version of "tau sa piah", its like a sweet fried pancake!
this one came with cinnamon and nuts so it was quite fragrant, and i love the black sesame at the side!

thank you seah for taking my otd for me again!
one of the most patient friends i have when it comes to photography hehe.

love the cool grey-silver babylights here, esp in this photo!

colour of this photo isn't true, it turned out too saturated so i had to layer some filters over!

spot the hidden mickey? hehe

outfit deets:
top from carousell
skirt from hvv
satchel from bershka
shoes from c&k

its the hols now and looking back at this post, i really miss sylvia!
been going out with various friends recently but there still something missing without her around.
but i guess this is how things have to be, so for now it'll just be skype sessions!

catch me on dayre or instagram (@etherealpeonies) for more frequent updates!

till the next;

Thursday, 5 May 2016


/ / m a i n / /

hi friends!
i'll be sharing about how i spent valentine's day this year:)
its kinda late but still not too bad right!! (in comparison to my track record of backlogs heh)

we spent valentine's simply, like the previous year which you can read about here!
this year we decided to go to SOD cafe, which is located in hougang area.
its kinda inaccessible/far for us but we decided to go there because we were really tempted by their menu!!

before food shots heh.
"nah, you want fries? ahhhh open your mouth"
just kidding, he was just fooling around cos i was trying to take a photo of him!!
someone's really happy about the food!!
pardon the badly taken food shot :x
we were so hungry i was trying to fast game hahaha.

we ordered the...
truffle fries
honey wings
mushroom soup
chicken with potato gratin
iced lime with cube jelly
i have to say that we absolutely LOVED the food!!!:)
the affordable prices were a huge plus point, like its super affordable as compared to normal cafes, but of course portion wise its slightly less, but we're ok with that cos it means we can try more food and won't feel overstuffed:) 

this is the chicken with potato, which i liked very much even though i'm not a fan of meat.
the chicken was soooo tender and juicy!
it was fragrant and nicely done, not overly salty or heavy.
the potatoes were a letdown however, its just sliced potato pieces which were kinda tasteless and had no texture to it.
mashed potato (if done well) would be a better pairing to this i feel!
and this, the honey wings!
undoubtedly our favourites of the day!! 
this was so so delish. 
we can taste the sweetness of the honey and the wings were really crispy but soft inside!
i've been craving for this so bad cos its really that yummy.
definitely a must order, and in several portions heh heh.
how can we miss out a brunch staple right?
truffle fries it is!!
this was really yummy too:)
i would rank it our second favourite hehe.
it was served hot and crispy, and the truffle scent emanating was saliva inducing.
this came in a slightly smaller portion than other cafes, but its very reasonably priced at about 6-7 dollars, which honestly, makes alot more sense, rather than pricing it at a whooping 13-15dollars (other cafes -coughs-) served in HUGE portions which no one can finish and gets really sick of by the end of the meal. 
(sorry im being overly honest here but its the truth!!)
so anyways, we loved this, it was perfect for sharing between 2:)

and not mentioned/photographed individually was the mushroom soup, which is such a simple dish but difficult to leave an impression.
SOD's mushroom soup however, did leave an impression, we enjoyed it very much.
it feels like a warm homemade blend, not overly thick/watery, and it has so much more texture than the usual canned soup.

here's us looking very happy as we filled our bellies with yummy food at SOD:)
the staff were very friendly and offered great service as well!!:)
PS/ we wore pink/shades from the same colour family to match our outfits for valentines day haha!
idk why but pink seems to tie in nicely with the season of love hehe.
after our meal, our plan was to head to town to walk around abit and grab some thai milk tea flavoured desserts which i've been wanting to try for some time!
but... the moment we stepped out... it rained SO HEAVILY.
what luck hahahaha.
its really the crazy rainstorm kind! like super strong wind blowing the rain and the raindrops actually felt sharp against my skin like wow.
we hid under the hdb block but even there we could feel the rain lol!
we were kinda drenched (D got it worse than me), but my curls instantly died on me lol! (ok sorry first world problems and girl problems)
but well somehow we managed to laugh it off, really goes to show that being in the company of loved ones is truly enough to make one happy and thankful, amidst unfortunate events.

we switched our plan and decided on an airport date instead!!:)
thanks to my instagram boyfriend for this series of otds heh heh heh.

my dress is from hervelvetvase:)
its sold out on site already and im letting mine go cos i won't wear it often enough, do email me at if you're keen!:) 
its really a super pretty piece, in a very sweet blush peach colour, has adjustable straps and mesh at the neckline and hems!

i absolutely love this shot!!
my D looks so adorable here!!

(im sorry you had to see this friends, hope it didnt blind your eyes hahahah)

my love.
every day is truly like valentine's day because this boy spoils me silly and makes me feel loved in all the ways possible.
i thank you for loving me, for being in my life, and i'll never love another like you:')

the last part of the day was actually spent with another super important person in my life, my bestie!
sylvie went to aussie (for studies) and even though its valentines day i must turn up to send her off, because what kind of bestie would i be if i didnt right!!

i dont say this enough but i'm really proud of you my llama!
sometimes i wonder what would have been of us if we went to aussie tgt, aft all we rly bestie power got the exact same grades hor LOL.
it would have been the time of our lives!! just growing up together and entering this new phase of life together.
but its alright, even though we're continents apart, things won't change.
i still worry for you, worry about whether u know how to iron your clothes (-_-), worry about whether you stress yourself our unnecessarily, worry about whether you gonna finally get angmoh boyfriend anot!! (kidding)

but yes, jokes aside, you'll do fine, really :)
because you're my super sylvia!!!

its been a long entry, but i hope everyone managed to stay here till the end:)
and thank you everyone for reading, always:)
i'm grateful to have a small pool of readers here and my blog is nothing fancy but i thank you all for joining me as i document my life journey!!:)

for daily updates, view my dayre instead!:)

till the next;