Tuesday, 13 March 2012

9gag spam!:D

 Lol this picture depicts the absolute truth!!! But its already happening now when im not even in college yet. ok its next year but u get the idea hah.

This always happens to me bsbfjdsbvfjdn!!! le PM ._. phone why u no be smarter!!

 Yups. Totally true again zzz.

Anyways :) received my pinkish-nude maryjanes today!:) So pretty ^^ and its quite comfy to walk in also:)

oh and here r my charles and keith heels which i wore for my graces camp. Realized that i didn't put a picture of it in my graces post so here it is! Its like camel-ish coloured but when i wore it it turned out that its kinda skin tone coloured too so it made my (short) legs look longer. :) yay to skin coloured heels!

was @ cold storage today grocery snacks shopping when i saw this insanely cute chocolates! :DD But its super ex so i didn't buy it :((( chocolates why u zhang jia so much!!

yups. had a bit of free time today so i decided to review my (outdated) Agneselle Flower Girl Pleated Dress in Ruby! :) Pictures ahead wooosh!

Review: Colour of dress not true to my pictures:) Slightly darker in real life:) Sorry for the un-ironed dress btw. Yups i think the material of this dress is ok, quite smooth though slightly on the heavy side. I think the colour is really nice and complements fairer skin tone imo:) The flower sash is a letdown though:( Not true to agneselle picture :/  the pleats are ok though if u iron it im not sure what will happen to it cos its not the type of pressed into shape kind :( On the whole this dress didn't really live up to my expectations so i'll be letting it go.. Still looking forward to Agneselle's new collection though!:) Heard they got a super pretty crotchet skirt in manufacturing now ;D 

oh yes before i forget... introducing the super awesome dou hua from Old Airport road food centre!! :) This dou hua is rly super awesome and eating it once a week is not enough! I only get it eat in on Sundays when i go to my Grandma's house booo :( Btw my grandma had a super famous chicken rice stall in the food centre last time. But now she's retired le.. still miss her chicken rice!

 Hope i didn't tempt u too much! But its really super tasty yumyums:) Kkbye!

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