Sunday, 11 March 2012

Loots sharing! ELF + Accessories :D

hello again! :) Just a thank you to all those who view my blog!:) Yesterday my pageviews skyrocketed to 200(per day) which i think is awesome since this blog is Less than a month old!:) Thank you all once again! Once it reaches a total page view of 1000 i'll do a giveaway :) How does that sound? ^^ hehe ok anyways i promised to do a sharing of my ELF loots the other time so here it is ^^

Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose
Shimmer Palette
Cream Eyeshadow in Butter Pecan
Cream Eyeshadow in Coffee and Cream
Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal
Body Shimmer
HD Powder

yay finally got my elf loots! These are from a spree ( ;) I paid a total of ~$36 for all these items which i think is pretty affordable as compared to sprees like sephora:)

I like the shimmer palette the most cos i love shimmery eyeshadows:) It really brightens up the eye area!:) The colours are really blendable though i wouldn't say very pigmented, so gotta apply more :) The cream eyeshadows are also very blendable though the texture is abit too melty/wet. I like the more matte kind of eyeshadow:)

The shimmering facial whip is alright i guess:) Mid pinkish hue which can be used as a highlighter or lip gloss even:) It has sparkly particles which makes yr skin radiant and sparkle, like edward cullen lolol. But personally i prefer Benefit's Moonbeam cos its more natural ^^

The HD powder is good for mattifying the face if u got oily/combination skin:) It gives a powdery and translucent finish :)

Yups and the body shimmer is like in solid form, kinda like solid perfume texture. :) But this colour i chose (mystic moonlight) doesn't really suit my skin tone i feel. Maybe a golden hued once would be better:) This one has pink undertones:)

and last but not least the matte lip cream!:) It glides on really well and isn't drying for me:) Colour is abit too light and purple ashish though:)

PS: i bought two of the shimmering facial whip! was thinking of using it for giveaway:) Sounds good?:)

~~ Yups and here are my accessories spree items and random loots:)

Bambi Golden Ring with Crystals
Fox Wraparound golden ring
Fairy Alphabet stamps
Fluffy white polka dot pen
Snidel Floral Tote Bag
Brown bear

ok so just to clarify i thought the bear would be of smaller size! The kind which you hang on yr bag or pencil case.. but it turned out to be so ginormous so im just gonna use it as bedroom deco haha. Gonna use the Snidel Floral Tote as one of the giveaway items too! My fav loots out of this bunch r the two rings and the alphabet stamp:)! 
Here's an upclose of the rings:

 oh and not to forget the Bvlgari silver cuff which i have been wearing in my previous few OTDs :) Its pretty isn't it :) My fav cuff so far! (currently tied with my juicy cuff :)

ZA's new range of products! :) The total hydration range:) I didn't buy these two items though. At my graces camp we had this "personal grooming" workshop which taught us how to apply makeup properly and skincare tips and at the end each of us was gifted with these two ZA products:) Nice advertising for ZA if u ask me XD Anyways i only tried the Amino mineral refreshing gel(on the right) and its texture is quite lightweight and is more of a gel type which i think is quite cooling :)!

oh yes and my outdated shoes post haha. This pair of shimmery heels were supposed to be my heels for graces camp but apparently it has no straps and has "not enough support" so technically it wasn't allowed  booo :( But its a nice pair of heels right:) For special occasions maybe:)

Silver glitter ballerina flats! :) So shinyyyyyy :) And the criss cross details really makes it look like ballerina shoes! I know cos i learn ballet haha.

Here's a random 9gag which i thought is so close to my heart LOL XD 

Yups thats all for the loots sharing!:) Hope yall enjoyed looking through the pictures:) Oh yes do leave a comment or in the cbox if you have any ideas what would be good for the giveaway:) Cos i don't really know what products to include in the giveaway hmmm ._. Will be looking forward to yr comments! :) Kthnxbye <3


  1. hi babe, may i know whr did u purchase e Silver glitter ballerina flats from? Thanks!

    1. hi:) i got it from Cos i organized a spree last time and got the pair of shoes for myself:) I'll be placing spree orders on wednesday, do let me know if u would like to order a pair of the glitter flats:)