Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blogs i read daily:)

sharing some fav 9gags of the moment!:)

LOL isn't this true? XD Those tv shows always say "don't try this at home" and im like, "how am i supposed to try this at home when i don't even have a giant saw(<<the saw ppl magic trick) or something!"

lolol and this is super 'smart' hahaha XD your password is "incorrect"! #likeaboss

yups, today im gonna share about some blogs i like to read!:) I did not list them according to which one i like to read most, no specific order!:) All are interesting blogs XD

1. Bong Qiu Qiu (bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com)
qiuqiu's blog is really v interesting!:) i personally think that she's very funny lol XD and she posts rly pretty pictures:) oh and she introduces new products too!:)

2.Melissa Koh (melissacelestinekoh.wordpress.com)

I think melissa is also a very pretty and nice blogger:) She introduces new blogshops and readers often gets discount ^^ oh and she is also the model for thetinselrack, one of my fav blogshops:)

3.Audrey Lim (audreylim.com)

Audrey's blog is one of the more artistic ones i feel:) She puts quotes and her pictures are always so artsy! :) 

4.Beatrice Tan (beatricetan.com)

I think beatrice is one of the most "real" bloggers. Really like her nice personality and down to earth character:) and she's the model of lovebonito, another one of my fav blogshops yay:) 

5.Sophie willocq (sophiewillocq.blogspot.com)

Sophie is one of the very casual and laidback bloggers i feel:) and she's funny too! Oh and i think she's a rly nice person cos she always helps animals find new homes:) Would have helped her with the pet adoption if my mum allowed!:( 

what are your fav blogs to read? XD i think blog reading is something v enjoyable, i do it everyday lol. Its interesting to see what other singaporeans do in their daily lives and i think alot of the bloggers mentioned above have great fashion sense!:) ok thanks for reading bye!

pictures credits to respective bloggers:) 

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