Monday, 19 March 2018

La Roche Posay- Toleriane Series

Hey guys!!:)
Its been so long since i've posted anything here.
I've been using the micro blogging platform, dayre, but sadly its closing down, so here i am again:)

Today i'm sharing some new products La Roche Posay kindly sent me!
I've been using them for a month or so and am finally ready to share my review!:)

 The new series is called Toleriane, and i was sent the caring facial wash, toner, and moisturizer from this series!
The team kindly added in a body wash and body lotion from their lipikar series too, thank you!!

For those who don't know, i have really thin and sensitive skin (sigh), and also have eczema on my face. 
This year around chinese new year, i had a really bad breakout after using some eczema cream that was too oily for my face. 
It was a really bad experience and i still have many scars left from that breakout.

I won't exaggerate and say that using the products from this series helped my scarring problems, because that's not what this series is made for.
Instead, this series of skincare is specially made for sensitive, reactive skin like mine.
I use it as my daily defense against eczema, because when the skin is moisturized, the chances of relapsing is lower.

 The star product of this range is the Toleriane Ultra Light, which is a daily moisturizer.
Its not a cream, more of a gel, which i actually prefer cos it feels lighter on the skin.
There is no fragrance as well which is highly appreciated because parfums can irritate the skin.
I really do like the texture of this, it absorbs really well into the skin and there's zero feeling of oiliness:)
 This is after i spread it out abit, as you can see its very easily spread and absorbed!
After using this for a month, its so far so good.
It doesn't irritate my skin and does not trigger eczema flare ups, unlike some other products i've used that turned out to be too strong for me.

The formula is kept really simple as well so its safe to use for those with sensitive/allergy prone skin!
Here are some of the key ingredients:
> Neurosensine (soothes, anti-inflammatory action)
>Glycerin (hydrates)
>Shea Butter (restores protective barrier)
>Thermal spring water (relieves and soothes skin)

Its a pretty simple and straightforward product, no fancy packaging and whatnot but im happy as long as it works for me:)
Speaking of packaging, it has a pretty unique design that ensures no wastage and contamination too:)

 Another product i'd like to give a shoutout to is the Dermo Soothing Hydrating Lotion!
Such a long name haha, but its basically a toner.
Feels very watery, has no fragrance and yes, non sticky at all!
I use this as the first step of my skincare routine (after cleansing of course).

Thank you to the La Roche Posay team again for sharing these products with me!
I have been making good use of them :)

To find out more about the Toleriane range, click here.
To redeem a sampling kit, click here.
And to get a bundle of 2 Toleriane Ultra at $62 (rtp $42.9 for one), click here.

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