Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: TTR Fairylights Fishtail Skirt in Chili Red S, TCL Accordion pleat top, + Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler! :)

hi guys its me again! :) Hope you all r not bored of me yet heh. Today's post will be a review + rave about ttr's skirt and my fav shu uemura eyelash curler! :) But first i'll be sharing about some of the daily products i use :) 

ok so on a daily basis i use these items:

Clarins Whitening Velvet emulsion with SPF20. ($100@ Clarins counters)
L'Occitane Rice Matte fluid (~$60?)
Nivea UV Whitening Serum SPF20
Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume <333

 ok as u can see im a huge whitening fan heh <3 But its also to prevent stuff like skin cancer and hei ban(unsightly black spots)! Yups i think the clarins emulsion is super awesome cos its win-win, get to block harmful UV rays AND have whitening properties :) and the texture is light and gets absorbs easily! Thumbs up! The L'Occitane matte fluid i only use on my T-Zone cos i have combination skin :/ It works ok for me though it doesn't keep my skin matte for all day. (i dont expect it to anyways cos at my age the sebaceous gland is overactive :( yups and the nivea lotion is my new buy :) so not much to say bt it yet:) Last but not least my fav scent of all time Daisy by Marc Jacobs <3 i rly love the scent! Light and not overpowering;)

Photobomb! Key: look at the lashes :)))

These close up pics of my lashes have not been edited in anyway and NO mascara used at all, my eyelashes r naturally abit longer than usual ppl's :) The curl is 100% due to the awesome Shu Uemura eyelash curler! :) Yups i rly like it THAT much :) It fits the curve of my eye perfectly and if i hold/grip it in place for 15 seconds, the curl lasts ALL day :)! Whenever i curl my lashes it makes my whole eyes larger and more defined :) At $40 i think this eyelash curler is rly worth investing in! Everyone go to TANGS and get one now heh:) 
btw if ur thinking why my face is so red.. i had a rash breakout that day booo :( cos i touched rust and then touched my face :( lol my mum says its natural blush zzz

 some selcas! :) Look at the pretty statement necklace ^^ Its my fav necklace of all time and its got lotsa compliments heh:)

TCL (The closet lover) Accordion pleat top in Classic White :)
TTR (Thetinselrack) Fishtail Skirt in Chili Red, Size S.
Moschino Jeans Vintage Belt (passed down to me frm my mum)
Samantha Thavasa Hello kitty floral bag <3
Black Suede Booties

Upclose of the cute hello kitty print! :) It actually blends tgt with the floral prints in real life so it cant be spotted easily~ sry for the blurry pic btw><

Review( TTR SKIRT): Material is super love!<3 Made of flowy chiffon with inner lining so its non sheer:) It fits me nicely at the waist with slight allowance and the length is just right :) The name of this skirt is so apt! "fairylights" :) When u wear this skirt and walk you'll really feel like a fairy n super glam cos whether there's wind or not it'll lift lightly and flow with yr movements. Overall a really good buy worth the money<3 This colour(Chili Red) is also one of the very bright and cheery type! Wearing it will make yr day haha ;) Im sourcing for the tiffany mint one btw, lmk if u see it on sale!:)

Review( TCL TOP): Another one of my fav basic tops! This top is really simply gorgeous in real life! The colour is pristine white and goes well with any colour!:) The pleats are also well pressed and stays in shape:) Straps are adjustable and the hemlines are tightly sewn ^^ Would look really nice if paired with highwaist bottoms or shorts ;) I think its not advisable to pair it with mid waist bottoms though cos it'll look poofy on top:) Overall one of my BEST buys to date<3! Love the design, material, versatality and pretty much everything else;)

Im a UK4/6 for tops, UK8 for bottoms, 160cm for yr reference:)

ok bye! Hope u all enjoyed the review :)!

PS: Just carted out 2 items from! Hope it'll arrive soon and i'll do reviews when it does :)
will be receiving these items soon too(all from latest collection):

Lollyrouge Hearts dress
Swivelle Cross Slits Top in White
Lilypirates Lace Dress in Cream
TTR Poppy Highwaist shorts in Tiffany Mint
Wonderlust sequin peterpan collar top

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