Sunday, 29 March 2015


// m a i n //

had brunch (again) with nikks haha, whats new right?
this time its at pacamara, located at upper thomson:)
its quite easy to get there, from marymount mrt, take bus 410 from exit A for two stops, then facing the whole line of shops, walk all the way to the far left and its the last shop!:)

nikks and i absolutely loved the clean, white minimalist interior of pacamara.
very modern and stylish.

here's what we got!

truffle eggs benny 
banana french toast 
flat white (nikk's)
(no we did not eat the cactus. jonny asked this ridiculous qn and it made us laugh so hard lol!!)
the eggs benny was pretty good! 
the truffle fragrance was rather distinct and melded in well with the hollandaise sauce.
for the toast/bread it wasn't the best i had though!

and the french toast...
so sweet omg hahaha.
the caramel sauce is really super thick and sweet, it makes it gelat so its best for sharing.
even though we shared i couldn't finish my portion (1 piece of the toast).
however, i really have to commend the unique combi!
the banana and granola worked so so well together, it was marvelous.
also the toast was well done, crispy but soft on the inside, yums!


made use of the pretty interior to take some otds hehe!

really haven't worn such a girly ensemble in awhile!
but it feels good to be back to my roots hehe.
oh and my mum and i have the same shoe size so... kope!! hehehe

embellished wool shift dress in baby blue from lacepipe
bag from online
shoes from my mum (hahaha)

this is how pacamara looks like on the outside if you guys were wondering!
equally as classy;)
loveeee the silver accents omg.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Tue to Sun: 9am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Marymount

nikks and i had a super successful shopping trip after that omg. 
i haven't bought so much stuff in a really long time, been on a shopping hiatus lately!
but i loved all the loots alot so its definitely worth my 2.5 day pay haha!!

met up with the llamas for sylvie and cw's surprise bday celebration after!
one act atas shot with cw in the cd store haha.
we were actually just resting there cos we know our dear friend chay can spend hours in a cd store haha.

and since the night was young, we randomly roamed the esplanade/fullerton bay area.
this picture below omg..act demure only lor everyone hahaha (esp sylvia)

auntie sylvia nagging at everyone again hahaha
and then...
this crazy girl asked me to take a photo of her acting like a homeless person?!
like seriously sometimes i just wanna say omg i dont know you -_-
crazy girl hahahah

purple mbs hehe

such a happy day spent with my dearest friends :')
love you guys to the moon and back.

till the next;

Friday, 27 March 2015


/ / m a i n  / /

here's a short food review on Saveur (fep outlet)

Saveur's Pasta *must order*
A signature of Saveur's, pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu
& sakura ebi with minced pork sauce 

this pasta was SO GOOD! i'm a huge pasta fan but that doesn't mean i'm not picky with the quality of my pasta dishes ;)
this one is really unique, nothing like i've tried before so far:)
the chilli oil and sauce went together really well and made it super fragrant!
and the mini shrimps added texture to the whole dish as well!
i would say this is a must try when you're there, especially since its so affordable ;)

Duck Confit *must must order*
Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom,
orange segments & orange infused natural sauce

this is definitely one of the best duck confit i've tried, the other one of similar quality is at sultan hotel, but that one is slightly pricier.
this is really a must must must try when you go there!
i'm not a fan of any types of meat actually, but this one hit all the right spots!
the skin is really super crispy yet the meat is tender.
i don't know how the chef does it but its pretty amazing!
i especially loved the mashed potatoes as well.
 it has very smooth consistency, melts in your mouth and just so yummy for a simple side dish!
the mushrooms were really juicy and fragrant as well!
oh gosh im really craving for this as i type this now! 

and for dessert...

Sticky Fig Pudding!
i think this dessert is a seasonal special cos they just added it in at the front of the menu:)
it was a good choice cos its really yummy!
i love sticky date puddings and this one is a similar version, just that its infused with tiny pieces of crunchy fig which i thought added a really nice touch:)
oh and the accompanying syrup/sauce is really nice too!
it helped make the pudding more moist and not that dry.
do try this as well if you're there and its still available!

Till the next;

Thursday, 26 March 2015


hello, its 1:15am now and i'm here being a night owl again.
the sense of accomplishment feels really good.
finally finished the dedication book, after alot alot alot of writing.
i felt like i was writing econs essays again haha, and i actually miss it (yes i'm an econs nerd)

i sincerely hope that the book will bring some solace to the ones we're giving it to.
i know its not much but at least its something.

so why am i here and not sleeping?
because i feel disappointment and anger bottling up inside of me and i usually use this space to vent these emotions.

these people i thought i knew, are such huge disappointments.
seriously all i can say is, where are your morals?
for someone who dedicated so much of her time, effort and love for us over the years, you don't even want to spend a mere 5 minutes to pen down some thanks?
even when ali and i offered the option of sending us your message via text and we will write it for you.
not even that, seriously?!
don't you know whats called "reciprocate other's kindness"?
she spent hours and hours marking our work, even into the wee hours.
she read our reports again and again, even when we ourselves are sick of it.
she skipped lunch so that we can have consults and clarify our doubts.
and most importantly, she loved us and genuinely cared for us.

i'm really thankful to those who specially made the trip down to my house to pen their heartwarming messages.
and to those who really had a legit reason, couldn't make a trip down but still penned down the messages yourself, thank you as well.

now why am i upset?
because i'm honestly so disappointed in some.
you know who you are.
the ones who had time to go out every week,  go for fine food, publish it all over social media?
and yet have no time to do this, or simply rush out an insincere, half hearted post and make someone else do the job and write it out for you. 
some really do have a legit reason, and i understand, the sin of procrastination is not as deadly when you at least have sincerity. 
whats on the outside may attract eyes, but nothing matters if you don't have a beautiful character.

seriously, i am not the only one disappointed. 
the rest of the class is too.
there's honestly no excuse, because we all had one month to do this.
it all boils down to whether you actually cared.

through this, it shows so clearly who are the ones we should keep at our sides and those who aren't worth the time.
you may put up an angel, perfect front, but who are you really?
the rest of us can see.

(update/ those who clarified, thank you, it matters. those who didn't even bother, i have nothing to say anymore.)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

{The Sushi Bar * Ma Maison}

  / / m a i n / /

hello! this post is super backdated so i'm not even gonna try and remember when the exact date was..
anyways its a post full of food photos so i suggest you don't read this now if you're hungry hehe.

i've been to the sushi bar at far east plaza a few times, just wanted to share some of my favs from this awesome place:)

Salmon Aburi Roll (8pcs)
this is their signature dish and i can tell you, it is a MUST order when you're there!
 the salmon is really fresh, the mentaiko is to die for and its just.. heavenly!
 its my new fav jap place in spore currently for sushi alone:)
 i'm so hungry typing this now, def gonna make a trip down again soon just for this dish, so so yummy i can't even!

California Roll (8pc)
this is really good as well! unlike the usual cali rolls this one has avocado, which gives it a nicer texture and complements the taste.
i'm not a fan of avocado usually but this one is really nice! i would recommend this dish as well:)

Soft Shell Crab Aburi Roll (8pc)

we decided that 2 plates of sushi is not enough for us so we ordered a third!
nikks said we eat too much for girls but i think 3 plates of sushi for 2 is okay no?...
okay anyway by the time we ordered this i was somewhat abit full already, so maybe thats why this didn't taste as good to me as the first two.
or maybe its cos i'm not a fried food fan in general!
but still this was very fresh and flavourful, and i still loved the mentaiko on this alot!!
the bill came up to about 20-23per pax, including drinks, which i feel is pretty reasonable considering almost all the cafes/restaurants in spore fall in this range for a decent meal.
and this sushi was really good so yes i don't mind paying abit more for a satisfying meal definitely:)

next stop, ma maison at bugis junction for dessert!:)
the interior deco is so on point, really vintage and cozy.

we ordered two tarts to share, and we thought that it was quite alright but not fantastic.
still, its a really cozy place to just chill and have afternoon tea.
i would like to try the mains at ma maison in future though!
heard their fried cutlet is really good;)

i'm sorry if you're reading this at midnight and your tummy is growling, cos i'm typing this at midnight and i know how that feels haha.

on a side note, i would like to confess about my bad eating habits lately :(
someone please chide me about eating too much booo :(
for example, for lunch today, i had a whole sanum from llaollao, a mushroom puff from old chang kee and a whole big plate of mentaiko pasta.
and for one of the dinners last week, i had a mushroom puff from old chang kee, the largest sized smoothie from smoothie king and a bowl of 9 piece yong tau foo. 
like omg right how can anyone girl eat so much!!
like i felt so full i was gonna die and thats pretty unhealthy :(
i always overbuy food when i takeaway and bring it to work, cos everything is so tempting?!
sighpie i need to find a way to curb these temptations and stop overeating T.T

sorry for the meaningless rant T.T

till the next;

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Safe Haven




the calming rhythm of your heartbeat as I
lay upon your chest.
it unconsciously pulls my attention away from the film in front of us.
gladly, rightly.

warmth radiates from you.
in the night breeze, in your embrace.
i feel safe.

i inadvertently smile,
as i bury my face in the warmth of your neck.
the scent of familiarity,
or of you.

or when you cup my face in your hands,
and kiss me with all the love you have.
i feel flutters.
butterflies in my tummy.

quite often,
i'd catch you staring intently.
"what are you doing?" i ask with a laugh.
"i'm looking at you."
blushing, cheeks flushed, i try to cover my face.
"your eyes are so beautiful.
its bright, so full of life.
not everyone has that."

i'm hungry, i said.
i read out my long list of cravings and gush about them.
you'd laugh and say i'm a pig, a gluttony one.
but when you pull me closer and,
arm around my waist;
you'd say in forlorn
 "i can feel your bones, i can hold you with just one arm.
please, won't you eat more?"
"make up your mind mister, am i too thin or am i too round"
you pause for a moment.
deep in thought.
"you're not too thin.
you're not too round.
i think you're just nice.

/my first attempt at a semblance of poetry, at writing.
i hope i could weave bits and pieces of the little moments into memories.
planted here, in my personal diary.
where you'd leave your mark./

Thursday, 19 March 2015


// m a i n //

hello!! how has everyone been doing:)
i'm finally catching up abit on the backdated posts so do bear with me!

after i came back from korea i had a mini catch up sesh with nikks!
i was flying off to nepal the next day and kinda haven't packed but i rly missed nikks so heh, packing can wait!

oh and i played pool with daniel in the morning before meeting nikks!
i was so lousy at pool hahaha but still managed to 'win' two rounds (only cos daniel let me win la..)
but anyways it was fun!

so, nikks and i actually went to artistry before but this signature ootd spot was taken up then!
so when we were in that area and saw that it was empty...kope!!
and thus we took our first ootd together yay:)
ps/my top is from hvv, georgia skirt from fayth.
anyway, a perk of having long hair; just braid/tie it when having a bad hair day!
we had brunch at Wonderland, which was at Haji Lane!
the interior deco and everything was so dreamy and warm!
its a shophouse so on the second level they sold apparels and gorgeous books:)

it was after christmas already but the decos were still up and it gave off a warm fuzzy feeling!
i loved the ambience so much :)

we were lucky to get a spot beside the ribbon adorned christmas tree!
honestly the food choice there was...really little.
they didn't have any of the usual brunch choices like eggs benny or toast etc.
albeit the lack of choice, the food quality was commendable:)

we got the mushroom soup, lemon tart, quiche and carrot cake!
the soup is homemade and really tasty imo, you can taste all the little bits of mushroom!
the carrot cake was one of the better ones i've tried, loved the cream cheese, it would have been nicer if the cake was slightly more moist though!
we loved the lemon tart as well, it was zesty and not too sour nor sweet;)
and lastly, the quiche!
nikks was raving about this haha, and its really really good!
i like this better than tiong bahru bakery's one ;)
oh but note that the chips are like...vinegar flavoured lol. 
both of us didn't touch the chips :x

so yes it was a wonderful meetup!!
we had a nice htht while eating:)
what we talked about however, shall not be discussed here hahaha.

since we've both started work now it may be a bit harder to meet up boohoo.
but i'll always make time for you nikks!!;)

hope everyone has been having a fulfilling year thus far!

till the next;