Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: Dressabelle Floral Embroidery Blouse , The gorgeous look Shimmery Gold Shoulder Asy Dress(Cream)

Dressabelle Floral Embroidery Blouse 

Review: Got this from Dressabelle a few collections back! I actually received this 2 weeks ago but was procrastinating and so its only up now XD Paired it with my own tweed dusty pink skirt:) Design wise its quite ok, love the floral details which are nicely sewn on:) The sheer shoulder details are also a nice touch though i think it'll look alright even if its opaque :) But material wise not so good :/ its supposedly inner lined but still kinda sheer! And its slightly scratchy on the skin :/ But i'll keep it because its so LV like and i love the cute collar and floral imprints :)

The Gorgeous Look Shimmery Gold Shoulder Asy Dress(Cream)

Review: Major love for this dress! Asym hemlines+ Gold sequins! Two of my super likes :D I think its very grecian goddess looking no? haha:) Sequins are sewn on quite well, but i think still must handwash! Material is flowy chiffon, quite ok as well:) The only thing i can complain about is the inner lining :/ as can be seen from the pics its rly short! Inner lining should be at least 3 inches longer imo >< But other than that i really like the feel this dress gives off;) My fav buy from TGL so far!<3

Anyways!:) here are some random 9gags i found interesting!

In lieu of Mother's Day, here's a very "inspirational" card a kid made for his mum...... XD

#TRUESTORY. How come all hairdressers are like that! hahah XD

HAHAHAHA//This guy rocks XD

happy holidays ppl! :)) I'll be enjoying my 24hours of freedom tomorrow >:D

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Review: HVV Betsey Polka Dress in Pale Aqua, SMooch Delia Tiered Dress in Rose

Short review before i head out to town!:) Exams are over wheeee:D finally can go out (Y)

HVV Betsey Polka Dress in Pale Aqua

Review: This dress is mad cuteness haha:) Design, cutting is really quite good:) Flattering for most shapes imo:) Material is alright too, though not say super comfy. Super love the polka dots haha its gives off such a mod/retro feel :) Comes with a sash though i thought it wasn't needed cos its elasticized at the waist area:) Colour is not true to my pics btw! Its more of a green tone than blue. Overall i really like this dress! But decided to let it go since i alr have it in another colour XD Tried it on solely for reviewing purposes only:)!

SMooch Delia Tiered Dress in Rose

Review: Made of quality flowy chiffon material:) Colour is pretty, vivid and bright! Good for making statements haha;) I like the knot detail at the shoulder area + the asymmetrical hemline, so pretty! I got this from BO extras btw, just emailed them to try my luck and yay so lucky they had quite some extras ^^ But i was thinking that it makes me look fat in some angles(esp w/o the sash in the 1st-3rd pic) :/ so im still contemplating whether to sell it off or not>< Overall it is a pretty design, worth the price :)

anyways i gotta scoot! Finally some much needed time out from studying ^^

PS: THEBANANAPARTY is launching tonight, 8pm! do support them:)! 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sponsored Review: Hello Blogshop!

hello!! so sorry i haven't updated since wednesday>< Been really busy with school and upcoming choir concert! Its gonna be a blast (YYY) So anyways, today i'm going to introduce a new blogshop to you guys!

Helloblogshop kindly sponsored me the item below( Peterpan Collar Blouse) to review!:) Many thanks to the lovely owner Jayce once again!:) 

Review: This blouse is really prints madness!:)) The prints are superly adorable ^^ Gives off such a dainty/korean feel doesn't it?;) Material is quality chiffon:) Its very lightweight and cooling for Singapore's hot weather!:) Though its long sleeved but its really alright for our weather:) And another of my favourite part is the navy collar of course ;) so cute right! I'm a huge fan of collars cos they really bring the outfit to another level:) Last but not least, helloblogshop's prices are very wallet-friendly! Most of their items are priced at around $16-$20 :) Such a good deal isn't it?^^ Anyways i showed my mum this top and she said its very nice! Which is rare cos she hardly says my clothes are nice hehe.

Do join their mailing list for more updates and promotions! And normal postage is free,always ;) 
To add on, they are having a promotion now! 
Get $3.00 discount if you purchase 2 pieces.
Get $5.00 discount if you purchase 3 pieces. :)
& you can visit their blog for more updates and behind the scenes! ;) Do hop over and take a look^^


Wheeee some new pictures to update! 
I got new specs heh :) Cos my old one broke :'( But its okay, i've been using the old one for about 5-6years anyway. Time for a change! Iwas very skeptical at first to choose anything non frameless + not white, cos i'm really not used to dark specs! I've been wearing frameless ones for as long as i can remember!

So how? Does it look ok?XD my bro says i look like a nerd ._. oh brothers. >< Just gotta say mean stuff ._." its like their full time job to annoy me hah. But anyways i'll be wearing contacts most of the time except for at night when i'll wear specs:)

oh ya i saw this advert in a magazine!:)) HUSH PUPPIES+ANNA SUI's awesome collaboration wheee :)
so that means it'll be comfort+design :D double awesome! i wonder where they stock these pretty shoes at, maybe big departmental stores? :/ 

haha okay i'll update again soon:) Hope the pics were sufficient!

PS: Dear Rachel Sim, you have won the benefit promotion card!:) Do drop me an email so that i can send it over to you ^^ Thanks for the participation people!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Thescarletroom Scallop Hem Embellished Dress in Peach

Anyways today was a slacker day :) Finally a day to rest:) I mean even after exams i'm still busy ttm._. never ending quizzes and assignments and essays >( Its like no difference from exam >( okay shall end of rant:) 

anyhows, i received quite a few items today! :) happy that singpost is getting more efficient:) But only managed to post one review today:) 

TSR Scallop Hem Embellished Dress in Peach

Review: This dress caught my eye cos of the sweet colour and embellishments!:) Its banded at waist so it fits a range of sizes, though its slightly big for me at the ptp area(can be seen from the upclose pics above). Material is chiffon, i find it ok only, cos it crinkles quite easily :/ But i think the design is quite pretty^^ I realise that for me personally, design>material haha:) Quite a versatile dress though! I think it suits stuff like parties or a casual weekend lunch/movie :) Don't regret carting this out on impulse ;)

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Have a happy week ahead, lovelies! 

Do like them on facebook for sneaks and giveaways etc!:) PS: I've seen all the items from their upcoming launch and it looks great! You won't wanna miss out on it:) And watch their facebook space for the exciting collaboration i mentioned a few posts earlier!:))

Monday, 23 April 2012

O Cards and Macaroon Delights~

continued post from yesterday!:) Went window shopping after the ramen feast:) Still craving for more ramen now though i had shaker fries and a mc sundae >.< fat day!!

Anyways i saw this whole rack of pretty cards at Times bookstore<3 i remember this used to be my fav brand of cards when i was younger heh. My mum always says that i'm very horrible, so young alr know how to pick out expensive brands lol. These series of cards are so pretty but so ex $6-7! Just look at it lor, look don't need money de ^^ Don't know why today i'm in such a singlish mood heh. XD

Lovely notebooks! Resisting the urge to buy cos i have lots of notebooks already><

Yups so anyways me and my mum got 'sucked' into sasa cos there was a sale going on XD being girls we love sales and face products haha:) so my mum got some japan collagen drink and i got these:\
Bear eye mask
Biore makeup remover(wipes)

this bear eye mask was raved by tammy from so i decided to try it:) will review it when i've actually had the chance to use it:)

here's how the wipes look like:

details of e bear mask:) It retails at $12.90 btw:)

yups and i got some 3D textured flowers for scrapbooking and cards:) And a pack of pastel blue ribbons for nail art!:) So cute<3 

& momsie bought delifrance macaroons! So far its my fav brand of macaroon:D haven't tried canele's one though! Maybe that one is better :)

oh and mum  bought cleo magazine and i was flipping though when i saw Velda from Love,Bonito! haha on her blog she mentioned that she's gonna be a kotex ambassador but still it was quite :O when i saw this advert! Its really cool anyways hehe

ok bye! :) No monday blues today for me! cos exams are over (YYYYYY)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review: Amelie Anne Summer Lace Dress in White, Lollyrouge Stellar Constellation Top + Ramen Feast!

hi guys!:) Some of you may have known from bestofshopping.lj that i waited 2 weeks for my amelie anne parcel and was worried it was lost mail>.< Well, thank goodness its not:) I finally received this super sweet +angelic dress 2 and a half weeks later! Singpost is reaaaaallly slow tsk ><

upclose pics: 

As u can see its kinda sheer:O

Pretty Pretty lace and rose details!

Review of Amelie Anne Dress: Such a pretty piece omg! Totally didn't regret spending ~$27 on this:) Its sweet and casual, can wear for almost any occasion (Y) The details are the best part, just look at the upclose pics and u can see how pretty the details are^^ Material wise its light and cooling:) But top part is def sheer, white/nude undergarments will solve this, no problem.:) There is inner lining at the bottom part though, so its not sheer :)  Overall im really loving this dress! :D heh i realise i really have a thing for white lace dresses <3

Next up, lollyrouge stellar constellation top from BO! Waited for this piece for about 4-5 weeks :O Its worth it though!

Upclose of well done stitching!:)

Review of lollyrouge top: A perfect bohemian piece heh:) Its made of chiffon with inner layer so its not rly sheer:) Lightweight as well:) But of course the stitching and design is the most unique part right:) The workmanship is really dae bak(awesome) as can be seen from the closeup:) Its not those kind that'll the threads will come loose easily. And this is white so its good for easy pairing:) For the pics above i paired it with lacepipe's blue organza skirt btw:) Loving this item as well!:) As you can see im not a fussy buyer at all heh.

Saturday~~ Went to Plaza Sing cos my dad needs to set up some starhub thing :O So we had lunch there as well:) Look at my pretty momsie :) She doesn't look old at all right haha

& here's my bro who is getting rly fat ._. Like seriously he can finish the whole portion of steak, salmon and chicken(see below).. Huge appetite! & he'll growl at you if you ask for some of his food LOL

my seafood ramen!:) Scallop and crabmeat and squiddy goodness ^^ I really love Ajisen's ramen! Fav ramen ever (Y)

 i ordered a set meal so it came with an ala carte dish too:) Had a craving for gyoza! yummy:)

my dad and bro's food, both meat lovers :O Look at the amount of meat omg._. And fries. 

well ok tomorrow i have a last paper! Wish me luck :)) kthanksbye!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bellabox April Review!

Received my first bellabox on wed!:) It came in a pink sturdy box for protection as seen in the second pic:) So far i'm loving this subscription! Will elaborate more on that later ;) Here's the light beigey pink box used to contain all the products:) Can be used as a storage/jewellery box as well ;)

Quite pretty packaging:)

& here are some of the detailed cards that came in the box explaining how to use each product etc:) This month's box also came with a $5 lemongrass house voucher!(its located @313 somerset btw) & also a Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher:)! Its a one for one promotion voucher which is of quite good value as a normal brow grooming session at benefit would probably cost around $25 already:) (Acc to my mum at least haha)

Products(Left to right):
Enavose H20 Black Tea Quench Mask
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer
Lemongrass house lavender shower gel
2X Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink

I would say that bellabox is really one of the best for value beauty boxes!:) For $18 it includes reg postage, lots of different brands(high end included!) and the products are really good:) Really loving this box hehe. I think as compared to Vanity Trove, it is better for value and faster delivery:) But Vanity Trove's physical box is of better quality haha and the packaging is slightly nicer:) I like both boxes though! Can't wait for my April Vanity Trove to arrive:) 

Texture of Ahava Moisturizer:
Very lightweight, has a subtle scent and absorbs easily! Thumbs up ;) Though i wouldn't say that its super moisturizing so people with dry skin might want to opt for a heavier/richer moisturizer:)

Kinohimitsu collagen drink:) It was all bubblewrapped in the previous picture so here's a close up pic of it!:) I tried one bottle already and it taste ok:) Like sweet fruit blackberry +apple juice ^^ 

Texture of hydrating mask:
Haven't tried this product on my face yet, only tried it on my hand:) It has a very light scent which is not overpowering at all:) After 10-15 minutes my hand felt smoother and radiant, more velvety as well:) I think its quite a nice product for hot days cos its slightly cooling as well! :)

& specially for my readers, here is a giveaway for the Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher!:) Simply leave a comment with your email and say " I want to win the Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher!" and thats it! :) I'll pick the winner at random and she'll be contacted via email:) 

Happy Weekends everyone!