Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekends overload!

Hi guys!:) How has everyone's weekend been?^^ Holidays are just over for me and im currently in the meh-ish mood booo:( So anyways~ i spent my weekend in Malaysia:) Visiting my relatives and such:) Shopping in msia is always such a joy cos after calculating RM to $ its always more to my advantage haha XD But the best shopping places are in KL and i always got to Johor only ._.

Cuteness overload!:)) My super adorable cousin who is only like 2 yrs old and he knows how to call "gor gor" "jiejie" "fish!" "aiyo" "bye bye" etc! :) I foresee a genius in the making <3

"Put my face nearer to the camera so i look cuter<3"

Sleeping #likeaboss!
Thats ribena btw!
"Hello why are you looking at me??"

SO cute right :)) Btw im not sure how many of u can tell, but my cute cousin is actually part caucasian :) That explains his natural hazel brown hair. :) Oh he's called Aiden btw! Such a cutie pie:)

ok and here's a picture my older cousin drew... of a robbery that happened in his house ._. Please look at his nicely drawn graphics and take note of how smart burglers have become!! O.O!!
Omg so his house is 2 stories and the thief climbed up to the balcony on the second floor... Used a FISHING ROD to scoop up my aunt's handbag which was far far INSIDE the room and stole everything in it. Except for her passport , house and car keys so i guess the thief has a conscience after all.. 0.0 but omg thiefs nowadays are becoming so "innovative" :O okay and the best part of this whole story is that there is a police station a few units beside my aunt's house. #win. ok so be careful people! Things are getting weirder in our society ._."

Here i made this picture extra large for you all!:)

oh and here is the Aglio Olio Penne with Basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and sliced ham which i made by myself:D For lunch on friday that is, cos my mum went shopping and i was left to my own devices. :)
It looks pretty good doesn't it :) I wanted to be a cook last time when i was younger but my mum said no cos im currently studying so hard and it'll all go to waste if i become a cook. ._. true i guess... so i'll be a dermatologist or researcher in the science field:) I'm super interested in the skin area (Like epidermis, dermis layers of the skin etc) so i guess i have to work hard to get my dream job!:)

oh and this is totally unrelated but i saw this caricature in my science textbook about Global Warming... SPORE version O.O!
Is it a good thing that I'm living in Bukit Timah???._.

ok to end of here's a sneek peak of whats coming up soon!:)
Received my swivelle cross slits top today! Rly love receiving swivelle's parcels cos they always have this nice card that makes me happy when i look at it:)) So pink and cheery!

ok cheers ppl! Hope no one has the monday blues~~~

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