Sunday, 25 March 2012

Random Celebrity Spazz ;) PT 1 :D

hey all! :D My weekend passed by so fast, i don't even remember what i did on friday and now its Sunday already -.- ... anyways i spent this weekend mostly studying cos exams r coming up :(( but thank goodness the exam schedule is staggered, like one exam per week haha:)

oh but i still managed a trip to vivo city on saturday!:) cos my mum went to a church near vivo and my bro wants to go to vivo's arcade ._. will post the OTD tomorrow!:) yups, and i'm watching HUNGER GAMES TML after my exam! -Fist pumps- >:D everyone who has watched it says its super awesome so i'm really excited for it! on a side note, i haven't eaten popcorn in months lol. I don't even remember when was the last time i watched a movie... >< omg i think it was Twilight, which was eons ago! :( sad sad life! haha never mind i shall have my life back.. after the exams lol XD

oh ya i totally sidetracked for the entire two paras above. Yes, today i feel like spazzing about my fav celebs! :D i have alot of fav celebs haha so i might need two posts to fully show my love for them lol XD

American/Western Celebs!

1. Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries! <3
i made this picture X-large so stare at their genetically blessed faces XD nina is my fav western actress of all time! So pretty and talented <3 and down to earth! She and ian are the main characters of vampire diaries:) They kinda have a love-hate relationship sometimes but i like to think that they are actually very in love XD (according to the book by L J Smith thats the case!) oh and they are a couple in real life, i support! :) Do watch the vampire diaries if u don't, its really awesome and exciting!:) The story line is rly good and each episode is filled with adrenaline :D

2. Leighton Meester!:)
Yups like most people i knew of Leighton Meester through Gossip Girl (im team Blair!) :) But i like her for her fashion and style more than becos of Blair Waldorf haha XD Love her fashion sense!(most of the time) :)  Alot of her outfits are featured in fashion magazines n such:) Oh and she sings well too! I think her voice is rather deep as compared to alot of other singers, its quite a unique voice actually, slightly husky? but calming :) I think she's gonna have an album so do support k!

3. Elle Fanning

Such a sweet looking girl right:) I think both Elle and Dakota Fanning are talented and have good fashion sense :) But i like Elle's style more ;) And she seems very cheery and have an uplifting vibe! Love her red carpet choices too!

4. Olivia Palermo

I'm not so sure of her personality but i love her style ^^ She always manage to look so classy and there is always something special about her outfit, like a subtle twist to make it unique ;) I watched The City (reality tv show also featuring Whitney Port) and i didn't really like her character that much though :/ not sure if it was scripted or not but nonetheless her style is two thumbs up!

okay actually there's alot more but i shall just stop here today XD still have a few more fav western celebs i haven't mentioned and a whole list of Asian celebs (mostly korean! -coughs-! XD) shall continue next time! :) Who are your fav celebs? ;) U can leave a comment for me regarding that! I would really love to hear from you guys :D

PS: I just checked my blog stats today and omg i was pretty shocked :O currently this blog is i tink one month and one week old, and i have 2000+ views in the past month! :O Which is pretty awesome! Thanks guys!!! ^^ <333

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