Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holly Jolly Xmas // Tiong Bahru Bakery



Finally made a trip down to Tiong Bahru Bakery after reading loads of good reviews on it!:)

How to get there:
-Alight at Outram Mrt Station
-Use the overhead bridge to cross over to the hospital side
-Take one stop from bus stop B06051

56 Eng Hoon Street, S160056

All looks pretty good doesn't it?;)

Here's what we ordered(for 2):

Vanilla Millefeuille
Croissant (original)
Kouign Amann
Almond Tart
Cream Cheese Mushroom and Tomatoes Bread
Upclose shots;) Look away if you're hungry!!

This is the only savoury pastry we ordered, and im glad we did cos i enjoyed this one! Its my second fav of the day;) Its like bread but the texture is more chewy and i liked the fragrant taste which wasn't too overwhelming(unlike some cheesy pastries)! Be warned however, that this is probably better for one person instead of two because its better if you hold it and bite directly instead of using a knife to cut. Believe me we tried using the knife to cut and it was... really really tough cos the crust isn't made for cutting haha!
Nikks and I both had our eyes on this one and we both agreed to order it!:) Its really crispy and made with layers and layers of thin crust with vanilla custard in between, a little bit dry though after a few bites! Best served with some tea/coffee!
The almond tart is subtly sweet and has the signature fragrance of almonds. This one is good for sharing in my opinion cos it can get abit dry after awhile!
And THIS, my ultimate fav of the day! Nikk's fav too(she bought another fone for takeway after our meal haha).
And of course how could we forget to order the croissant? Its usually the most basic pastries that is the hardest to master. We really liked this one as well! Its really crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, just the way i like it<3

The pastries are all pretty affordable, from about 3.5-8.5! But in fact the ones i enjoyed the most are the most affordable at $3.50 haha, except for the kouign! For a nice ambience and pretty delectable pastries, i'd say Tiong Bahru Bakery is worth the visit! Plus its a nice getaway from the busy city as it gives a very cozy and warm vibe:) I'm really craving some of that kouign pastry now as i type out this post><

On our way back to the mrt station we spotted this pretty white fence and decided to take our ootd there haha!

& we passed by pretty Kisses Bakery as well, but it was closed that day, what a pity!
More otd shots:)

Top c/o Charlene's Black Loft
Skorts c/o BKK
Shoes c/o preorder shop(forgot which one)
Bag from Australia

Review(Top): Alot of b/s are selling this pretty lace flutter top, but i got it at CBL for the best price of less than 20! Made of lace, its duo layered but because its in white so still its slightly sheer. I like that it has adjustable straps, and it actually has a double tiered design, but i tucked in the second layer into my skorts so it can't be seen here! When its tucked in/paired with high waist bottoms it gives the effect of a crop top because the first layer is of a cropped length. Overall a good basic to have in my opinion, and not too pricey at 20 for its okay quality and material!

Headed down to ION thereafter to do some xmas shopping and soak up the festive vibes! Not to mention visit the ION xmas display at the first level outdoor to take loads and loads of pictures which turned out really well!!<3

But selfies first haha :x

yay pretty night lights!!! I really love the xmas displays!! like rly love max ^^

& then nikki spotted a purple reindeer haha!

& i have to say (again) that i rly love my camera flash! Its the BEST haha, even my dad's canon dslr flash can't beat it XD

& then... there was this white xmas sleigh and we were like OMG we have to take a pic with it! But then... there were so many ppl queuing to take a pic with it as well and we got photobombed in the end haha

& here's on of the main highlights, the gigantic/humongous/super duper big xmas tree outside ION! It changes colour and its really so pretty ^^

Here we are trying to poke the star but fail max hahaha

Yup and im out of pictures!
Hope everyone had a merry, merry xmas indeed!!