Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hey yall! Sooo i have been on a BBQ roll sometime back! Visited a Japanese restaurant at Holland Village (Nagomiya) for some BBQ, sashima and basically uber yummy jap cuisine:)

We were actually sitting outdoors, enjoying the breeze and rare starry night:) And then suddenly! A gross lizard fell onto my dad's back omggggg. My lil bro screamed and dad just calmly flicked it away lol. Then we looked up and saw that there were so so so many gross lizards on the canopy. So obviously we moved indoors after that haha. Anyone who knows me well will know that the one thing i really really hate (0% liking) are lizards -_-
Yep indoors was so much more comfy, minus the night scene. 
Free starter- Sashimi!
We had some seafood pancake and BBQ beef which i didn't eat alot cos im not a meat lover. Both items were really good though!:)
& my fav dish of the night, Salmon Tea Rice!:) Totally my taste can ^^ I love the subtle tea taste and fragrance, the rice was nice and qq, and the salmon was yums as well:)  Love max!<3
& i ordered dessert too:) Red bean with mochi:) 
Though it was yummy, the portion was pathetically small! Like can finish in 2 spoonful:( So at like $4+ this is not worth it at all, no matter how tasty it is.

But overall i loved the food at this Jap restaurant, everything was yummy max:)

My ootd:
Flauntcc Teacup Dress
Vivienne Westwood Inspired Shimmer Satchel

Sweetheart neckline:
Upclose of cutesy teacup prints:
Super pretty shimmery satchel!:) <3
Review(flauntcc): Decided on this dress solely because of the design! I thought the teacup prints + polka dots were quite unique and totally gave a vintage feel hehe. Okays so the cutting is pretty good, flattering as most flared cuts. Some might find it a bit too poofy though. I quite liked the sweetheart cutting at the front too, subtle but makes a difference definitely:) The only complaint i have for this dress will be the material :/ Its made of cotton which is kinda rough, semi structured and i think might fur. Also it crumples more easily probably. However its not sheer even without inner lining so thats good. An okay-okay buy i would say!

Hokays then the next day i went out with the LFC clique! ^^ It was lunch at Thai express then BBQ at Yipz's house at night :) Love spending time with these crazy bunch of friends:)!

Here we are at yipz's house fooling around. Syl and shupoo were fighting over the soft sofa hahah, bad manners ah tsk tsk!
Moved to the function room which is just beside the BBQ pits! 
They have a karaoke machine omg so happy :DDD One of my fav pastimes is to sing karaoke hehe. I'm from choir ma! hehe

& here yipz and shupoo are breaking the corn into smaller pieces to grill. Tough job!

poor yipz having a hard time!
omg spot the kbox machine<33333333
& here we are at the BBQ pit! Syl the 'pro' working the fire yo! Mui posing in the background hehe

No make up day! But forgot to take out contacts T^T thus i couldn't stay too close to the fire :/
Wheeee! syl brought some sparklers :)
Goguma (sweeeet potato) and corn!:) I really liked the BBQ sweet potato, so yums! Craving for some now boohoo :(
Some drinks, chocolates and of cos marshmallows! Whats a BBQ w/o marshmallows right ;)

Caiwen got me some korean bear hehe.
& shuxin was demoted to being the food taster lol, to see if the food is cooked haha. If stomachache also she kenna one lol. But she was happy eating all the food first haha

TY to yipz for the yummy food! We had corn, chicken wings, squids(which tasted the best imo!), shrimps, sweet potato, marshmallows and fish :)

Happy us with happy marshmallows!

Okays and after stuffing ourselves silly we had some games and sang to our hearts content hehe. Free kbox man!! #auntieinstinct
Had a great great time with the LFC:) We're currently planning a CNY outing soon hehe! Kope all the angpows!!

Oh! & on a totally random note, im ending off with a random quiz thing i did:) 

1. if you could create your own dream, what would you choose to dream of?
I would dream of a world with supernaturals, like seriously!! I always think about this LOL.
2. if you could have a(n extra) sibling, what sibling would you want--an older/younger sister/brother?
I think a younger sis:) too much guys in the family... ._.
3. what is your favourite breakfast food?
Mc pancakes with maple syrup wins hands down yo.
4.if you ruled the world, what would be one change you would make first?
I would tighten security, too many bad things happening.
5. if you could rewind your life, which moment would you want to relive?
Not relive, but to change how some things happened.
6. birthdays, or christmas?
7. what was your one most favorite food that you stopped eating because of your ED?
What is ED?.. But erm i've been off mcs and kfc for quite some time! Like months! 
8. what is your favourite smell?
Grace by philosophy/ Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Oh i like the smell of cookies too. And my house's basement, dont ask why LOL :x
9. name five things you wish to do in this lifetime. 
- retire in a countryside, somewhat like Little House On  A Prairie, a secret dream i've always fantasized about.
10. if you had to scream something out loud right now, what would it be?
-ARGHHHHHH. Yep. always wanted to do that heh.
11. which famous person would you want to live the life of, if just for a day?
Yoona :D hahahahaha
oh yeah, so recently my friend from another secondary school asked me for some advice as to which JC she should apply for! 
Well erm I didn't take O levels (Im in IP prog) and would proceed to JC straight away w/o Os so I didn't really know what advice to give.
And recently alot of  O lvl people have been talking bout L1R5 and cut off points, at that point i still was kinda uncertain what it stood for so i did abit of research:)
Well basically if you want to know about L1R5, read  this.
And it so happened that that day I was checking my online report book and my L1R5 was shown there! I got 2 points~ ~ ~
Actually it was 6 but minus 2 for getting A for higher chinese, minus another 2 pts for getting A1 in CCA :) 
So, heng ah if i took Os still can get into my choice of JC hehe.  Oh I'm in hwachong btw! My bro too:) So now i'll see him at school lol. 
Slightly awkward if you ask me! XD 

Oh right, so anyways my friend got like 6 points (final score)! So i did some googling and found this:
Lolol raffles and HC tied same score haha. I actually like both schools! Who says we have to be rivals lor, one of my best friends +
my cousin is in raffles and we're on good terms :)

With 6 points, she can enter the JCs from ACJC onwards. So with 6 points, AC is tied with Temasek. She was more towards AC and i supported her choice. She said its nearer to her house anyways haha. :)

JC orientation is starting on Friday for me and I hope it'll be fun!! I think JC is the start of a very different life, more matured, more space, more independent, more commitments and definitely more STRESSFUL.

Well I'll see how it goes and will update yall on school life!

Kay byes everybardi! -does the barbarella wave- XD

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


hehehe starting off with memes to make your day!!:) 
Ppl are getting more and more innovative XD Bread pitt LOL

haha kays so anyways becos im singaporean, the kiasu trait acts up sometimes you know?:) So me and momsie went CNY shopping like after Xmas hahah.Got post xmas sales ma:)

Here's my ootd!
Ashincans Lace Off Shoulder Top (Cream)
Megagamie Eyelet Skirt in Rose 
TCL Suede Clutch in Kelly Green
CK Quilted Heels

Review(AIC): Got this awhile back, i think this is one of their hotsellers, like all oos alr! Anyways off shoulder tops are popular now, and i can see why:) This piece is the lace version, so its more feminine :) I personally quite like the design, its elasticized at the upper half so that it won't droop. The lace material has flower patterns and a subtle sheen as well which makes it look more expensive. However the inner lining is quite thin so prob its slightly sheer. I think this top can be dressed up/down, like with denim shorts on a casual day or with a highwaist skirt(like i did) on a more dressy day:) Love this buy! I'm tempted to get TTR's non lace version hehe.

Review(MGG): Bought 2 colours of this pretty skirt!:) Will review the other colour when i actually wear it out:) Okay so at first i wanted to get lilac instead of rose, but i decided i have the AE lilac skirt already so might as well get a new colour to add to my wardrobe:) And the decision was well made! Rose is such a gorgeous colour irl!:) Like a deep, luxurious shade of ruby pink, quite unique imo:) The design on the skirt won me over as well, the laser cut eyelets are well done, intricate, and the pleats are well placed too, to give a slimmer waist:) The only not so good point is the length, which i find abit short, definitely not for ppl over 1.6. Material wise its some kind of polyester probably, quite light + thin but at least there is inner lining so its non sheer even for the lighter shades. Overall i <3 this buy cos of the gorgeous design + unique shade!:))

Oh yes, colourful skull bracelet kindly sponsored by EPICFAS! :)
You'll be seeing these lovely accessories more often cos I used them in Willowfawn's shoots:)

& i was feeling abit more adventurous that day! Tried using eyeliner again:) Am actually starting to get used to it, don't feel so goth in them now:)
Yea anyways, momsie and I went to Raffles city/plaza sing area to shop:) There were awesome sales!! Like really daebak! So both of us were like...
Hahaha so here are my loots that day!:)
Tulle Skirt + Furry bag, both from Lowry's Farm (Jap brand) 30% off
White Tweed Blazer, Pastel Aztec Knit Dress, both from Forever New. About 60-70% off!!
Two pair of earrings (on top of blazer), from Jrunway
Lace ribbon flats, from Dorothy Perkins:) 

& stopped by SaSa for some masks as well:) Got $5 voucher ma:)
From Sasatinnie(house brand) and some korean brand:)
  Upclose of the gorg earrings!
Both flower themed;)
Kay byeeeeeee! Hurry go do CNY shopping if you haven't!:))