Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tanuki x PARK

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hola! i'm back with a food review of two places i visited recently, PARK at holland village (very neart hv mrt) and tanuki raw bar (inside orchard central, level 2).
as usual, i'm not a food connoisseur so please don't expect cheem food terms or expert opinions from me haha, but you can expect honest reviews!

so first up, tanuki raw bar!

location wise, this is conveniently located within orchard central, its right beside the travellator at level 2.
i've been here two times, once for the lunch promo on a weekday and the second time for dinner on a weekend.
needless to say my experience with the former is much better, as prices were cheaper with the lunch promo set and service was better as they weren't understaffed.
here's a glimpse of the lunch menu!
i'd recommend the salmon don and truffle yakiniku don (for meat lovers).
for $12 and $14.80 respectively, you get a main, salad, and miso soup, very worth the price for the quality of the food imo.
what i (really) like about the salmon don is that unlike normal salmon dons which just gives you rice and some salmon slices, the rice in this version is so so good, they mix it with some japanese fish flakes and seasoning and boy, it makes a world of a difference! (this should mean something, coming from someone who hates rice).
also, they have a variety of salmon! cooking style differing i mean.
there is classic sashimi slices, roe, torched salmon, and cubed salmon marinated in some special sauce.
so so good!!

now, the truffle yakiniku beef don is the signature at tanuki.
i have to say when this first arrived at the table i was abit shocked cos the beef really looked quite raw!
i'm not a meat lover so i'd have to say this wasn't my favourite, but, the rice for this was yummier than the salmon one, maybe cos after we broke the egg and mixed it in with the rice, it was more fragrant and had a tint of truffle.
as for the beef, it was quite soft, but still abit hard to chew imo.
but i know meat lovers who are accustomed to eating steak etc will find this very enjoyable!
upclose of the onsen egg and beef!

we also added on a salmon mentaiko roll, which was alright imo but definitely loses out to the ones at the sushi bar (far east plaza).

overall, i would say tanuki raw bar is a place worth visiting, for its central location and quality food!
its better if you go during weekdays and lunch though, its alot more worth it.

some photos of my lunch buddies!

and up next, PARK at holland village! 
i more or less ordered the same items during my two visits here, namely the truffle mac and cheese, prawn mentaiko pasta, truffle fries and eggs benny.

the mac and cheese's portion in real life is super small, but believe me when i say it packs a punch.
this is one dish that definitely has to be shared cos it gets gelat after a few mouthfuls, though the first few mouthful tastes so so good and heavenly.
i personally prefer the crisp side on top, where the cheese and macaroni is baked till slightly harder and crispier, as compared to the ones inside which are softer.

and this was the favourite of the meal, the prawn mentaiko pasta!
the mentaiko sauce for this was rather liquid, as compared to five and dime's which was thicker.
you can read my review on five and dime's pasta here.
personally, i like both, but i prefer five and dime's cos i like my mentaiko pasta to be more flavourful.
my dining buddy however prefered PARK's for its less gelat and less "fishy" taste, as she describes.
but basically, this dish is still good, so do try it!
i liked that they cooked the pasta al dente and was generous with the prawns as well!

for sharing, we ordered truffle fries.
this was not bad, good for sharing cos the portion is quite big.
i would say its quite alright, but not the best truffle fries i've had!

and lastly, the classic eggs benny. 
they were quite generous with the salad, bacon and potatoes.
however this whole dish is just quite normal, nothing very special to rave about.
so unless you're really really craving eggs, give this a miss and try out their other items!

park is also nicely decorated and quite instagrammable for otds etc as you can see!

so yup, thats the end of my short review!
hope you guys found it informative:) 

till the next;

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nautical Romance

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Hello everyone!!
I'm genuinely so so happy to share this feature with you guys today, because its for a brand i love and while working on this feature i got to try something different (couple photoshoot!) with the man i love as well -shy- 
Thank you H3concept for the opportunity and thank you my fav boy for being so helpful!!

This whole photoshoot was self directed by myself (using a tripod), and i know there's room to improve but i hope you guys enjoy the visuals!!:)

For the first set of photos, i'm wearing the Lucid Staple Watch.
H3concept's watches are made in Japan and are water resistant, so you can be assured of its quality!
It comes in a study, beautiful box for a set of 3 so it makes a perfect gift as well ;)

 And for the second set of photos, Daniel is wearing the Ebony Italian Leather Watch.
Its super classy and timeless, plus its of really good quality!
One thing about H3concept is that the watches are unisex, and while carting out you can choose out of the two options, "For Her" and "For Him", which i think is really thoughtful as they will punch in additional holes etc for girls if you choose the "For Her" option, so it fits better!:)

And for the very last one, this is the Nautical Nato Watch:)
To me, this adds a slight pop of colour yet remains very classy.
And for this set of photos, we decided to just have fun, so i hope the last few photos bring a smile to your face!:)

Thank you H3concept for sponsoring me this set of lovely watches.
If you guys are keen, the exact set i got was the Lucid Staple Set, which you can get here!
Another one of my favs is the Nautical Lust Set, which you can get here!

Do follow them on instagram @h3concept, hashtag #h3concept with your purchases and lastly.....
key in <<feliciatham>> for a whopping $30 off!!;)
So go on and shop now!;)

Till the next;

Saturday, 22 August 2015


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hello friends:)
here's a mini lookbook i prepared some time back.
the theme was grecian classic beauty, and i think the background and outfit complemented each other to fit the theme well!
i'm wearing hvv's debudante embellished dress in white.
enjoy the visuals!!

till the next;

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


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hello! just a short pictorial post today!
today's outfit feature is abit different, i'm trying out a more boyish yet classic style that i usually do not don.
i'm wearing the ralph pinstripe shirt from ttr in today's photos.
i'm wearing xs and its still kind of oversized for me, so i'm guessing this shirt is meant to be bit oversized.
its made of cotton which is quite comfortable but abit hot in this weather.
i paired it with a bowler hat and loafers for a parisian chic feel.
shorts are from ttr also btw!
this definitely isn't my usual style but its always fun to try something new and explore my boundaries!
D saw this shirt hanging in my room that day and commented "hey i could wear this!" and i'm like "yeah u totally can haha!"
its quite funny how girls can kope shirts from their bfs and yet it usually doesn't work the other way round haha.
oh well, perks of being a girl eh ;)

enjoy the visuals!!
photos kindly taken by nicole hehe.

ending off with a selfie of nicole and i!
i was sporting a shorter and sleeker do that day haha, totally tempted to go for an even shorter haircut!

till the next;