Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Wonderlust Sequin Peterpan Dress, Sunday night out ;)

hi guys! Didnt update yesterday lol cos i reached home late>< went out to watch Hunger Games with my friends and it was AWESOME<3 will blog bt that another time ;) here's my updated post for sunday haha. Just some OTDs and pics:) 

Night view of vivo city! Sunday night @ vivo was crazy ._. the jam was so horrible and all the parking lots were super full. >< And my dad was being >:( in the car lol. cos he hates jams. i think its like his most hated thing ever haha.

OTD: Wonderlust Sequin Peterpan Dress 
cosmopolitan watch
Fairy pink belt (from a "high class" stall @ far east lol. high class cos it costs $39.90) ><

and i should do a short review on the dress also XD
Review: A super pretty piece! The glittered collar is just right, not too over the top and keeps the dress interesting. :) My mum complimented me for the outfit lol! And she rarely compliments my dresses haha XD (she tinks the ttr fairylights skirt isnt nice btw, idk why><) Yups, material is slightly structured and flared at the bottom.Quite a flattering shape i would say:) oh and it has subtle pleats! Plus points ^^ Overall a very pretty dress worth the ~$27/28 i paid for it:)

oh and the bag i used on sunday:) Samantha thavasa Tweed pink bag :) another one of my fav bags! As u probably can tell im more of a bag/clothes than accessories person XD this was a present also:)

ending off randomly with a pic of a LEGO merlion which i thought was pretty patriotic :)
i know its not august yet but oh well XD I <3 spore!


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