Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Childlike Adorability

My 2 days of science camp is over! :) It was fun but yes very tiring, will have a proper post on that ;)

so yes, my relatives stayed at my house for 4 days while my parents were enjoying themselves at Vietnam with Spas and whatnot:) 

Baked Betty Crocker choc chip cookies spiecially for them!:))

miniscule ones are for my cute toddler cousins;)

cookies are puffing up!

Tadah! end product :D it tasted pretty good:))

my coolio grandaunt who is 67, don't look like right! She looks much younger:D

greedy bro who chomped up lots of cookies haha

ahhh insanely cute Aiden! He's 1/4 angmoh btw haha.

Plopping on the sofa #likeaboss!

big brother Brandon:))

haha cute aiden in my mum's fluffy slippers!

marching into BHG #likeaminiboss! ;D

aww furry hamster at action city XD it talks btw!

coolio 8D

loots from topshop! Pearl Gold collar necklace:) major love!

floral print sunnies! Quite pricey for $29 :O

free recyclable bag from topshop:)
and i finally got a chance to wear out my TVD Eyelet Dress in Sage Blue:))

upclose of pretty eyelet and floral embroidery:)
Review: Got this dress in sage blue and white, but decided that i have too many white dresses so i'll be letting the white one go:) Material is cotton and has inner lining, quite ok i guess. Eyelets are more subtle but still nice imo:) Oh and i really like the colour:) Its a nice shade of blue, kind of denim coloured, not so much navy^^ The sash is silk like and its really smooth, adds a nice contrast to the rough/embroidered dress as well:) Overall this dress is a keeper for me becos of the colour and eyelet, but for $29 i think it is on the pricey side :O
bag of the day! Chanel Boy Inspired bag:)

paired it with my Chanel Boy Inspired bag:)

part 2 coming up tml/fri! cos too many pics le XD 

Monday, 28 May 2012


have been tumblr-ing lately and i'm so in love with the artistic photos people all over the world post!;) here are some of the ones i thought was pretty nice<3

gorgeous little girl haha

oh and in elle(i tink)'s latest issue there was a "blend in with the background" special featuring many famous designers like Missoni etc! See if you can spot the designers in the background!:))

pretty cool huh? ;)

ok am finally posting an OTD!:) Wore it out on saturday for shopping+ dinner with my dear relatives:))

HVV Flora Lace Tank in Black
Topshop Petite Tropical Denim Skirt
Topshop Vintage Bib Necklace

upclose of prints!

upclose of the floral lace details:)

Bag of the day: Celine inspired leather buckle bag! Super classy and never go out of date!;)

Loving my otd^^ The topshop denim skirt is so cute right:) Its flared and swirly ^^ and i prob mentioned that i love the bib necklace so much and it appeared in my otd so many times alr haha. 

Review of HVV Flora Lace Tank in Black: For $23.50mailed, i think the price is quite reasonable:) But because the price is lower than usual, the quality is somewhat not that good imo :/ black is non sheer and comes with smooth inner lining. But the lace overlay seems flimsy to me, after washing it becomes like kinda enlarged/stretched. I think it will become bigger and looser after more washes :( the details are pretty though. And if you wear it tucked in it probably won't be so obvious. Not say a must buy unless you are more on a budget.:) Would say that TVD's Evelyn Lace Top is a better choice if you don't mind paying that extra $2.50:)) 

Having 2 days of back to back science camp! It kills my brain cells @.@sigh holidays aren't holidays  :( 

PS: I think im getting fat!! does it show in pics ?:O i think i gained 3kg recently lol. Blame it on the Waffle biscuits! Why you no get eaten by my bro first! haha lol XD but yeah am gonna try to be healthier... weight why you no stay away >(