Friday, 29 June 2012

Artistic Myriad

hellos people!:) As you see below there are pretty pictures! Not say superly superb but i think its really cool that these lovely drawings were mostly by 4-7year olds! :O
Omg if i can draw this well i'll be so proud of my "artistic talents" alr hahaha. Right now im at stickman level #win. XD

ok i know there's no link from the pics to this biore product but pardon me for this post k! Im just gonna like plonk stuff together due to lack of time -_-

received this biore makeup remover sample and though i haven't tried it it looks promising!^^

i think biore will launch this in watsons soon:))

and finally managed to get some reviews up!

Megagamie Marshmallow Cinch Blouse in Jade
Agneselle Cleodora Midi in White

Review(MGG): Material is chiffon i think, but its rough so i don't really like the texture:/ The fit is slightly oversized for me but still acceptable once tucked in:) I think it suits hw bottoms better^^ Oh and the fact that it can be cuffed up is a plus point cos it looks nicer as 3/4 sleeves:)) The colour is duller in real life as compared to mgg's pics. I have sold this top alr cos i really dont like the rough texture :O But if you dont mind the texture and want a basic top this would be good:)

Review(AE): A pretty midi! Though its kinda like a maxi for petite me :/ Colour is pure white, elastic at waist and pleated:) The inner lining is slightly shorter than the skirt itself though, but its still a pretty piece:) And i find that this one doesn't emphasize my hips as much so thats good~ But becos i have another maxi skirt(from TTR) alr, i'll be letting this one go. if anyone is interested do lmk k:))

SMooch Morrocan Dream Dress in Mint

Review: To be truthful i kinda forgot that i even ordered this dress! Cos it took like 5 weeks to arrive so i totally forgot about it until it popped up at my house haha. Nonetheless it is an unique piece! Look at the beads @.@ All sewn nicely!:) And the dress is slightly on the weighty sight due to the beads~ I liked the asymmetrical hemline and the flowy bib details:) It stays in place very nicely:) Oh and it has smooth inner lining as well, though chiffon is the slightly rough kind. Imo it looks nice front view w/o the sash(my own) but it looks nicer side view with the sash haha:) 

and now featuring my 9gag/troll addictions lately! These thingos are really funny haha! Reading them is like stress relief for me XD

Its cool how we have our own SG Troll site on facebook! 

Featuring the most lol happening lately... "ah lian" VS "auntie" on the mrt!

well not everyone may agree with me but i think that in this situation the "auntie" is kinda too worked up over nothing much 0.0 anyone think so too?>< Of course i formed my viewpoint based on the few minutes long video, what happened before that i do not know. But the "ah lian" was all calm and trying to ignore the worked up "auntie" which i think was quite a decent thing to do:) She was trying not to blow things up and you know just don't up the tension. But then the "auntie" took out her hp to take pictures which is rly not needed imo! Little things like this need to send for publishing?>< I think not rly needed leh. 0.0 Yup.. but people may have diff opinions so this matter is quite controversial :O Though i see more votes for the 'ah lian" on facebook haha. 

and another meme joking about our local transport 0.0

haha idk why recently so many accidents/hip happenings revolving around our public transport! But still i'm glad that singapore's transport system is considered quite alright alr(to me). As compared to some other countries we are alr quite fortunate :) Must learn to appreciate haha! But the ferrari accident was really so horrendous omg ._. i watched the video and was like O^O... huge explosion and super scary :( Hope everyone drives safely><><

and another sg joke hehe. MAGGI MEEE<3 Everything noodle-y =maggi mee to us hahaha 

next tuesday my exams are starting so i wont be able to update as often, kinda like a short hiatus! But i'll still be updating on Instagram so u can follow me at chitinous_cell_wall for updates :D TGIF everyone!<3


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


hey!:) Quick pictorial update cos i'm rushing out a paper><

Awesome cupcakes! Went shopping with momsie and just happened to see these pretty cupcakes!
Twelve cupcakes just opened another store at bugis junction, bought 3 flavours! Couldn't resist since i was passing by ;) Thumbs up!!

recent ribbon loots from minkin(thats the name i tink) @ cineleisure second level!:) I get my hairties from there most of the time ;)

mango grass jelly dessert @ 313 somerset!<3 craving for some now:((

getting my sushi fix >) Haha i realised i've been eating alot! 

Tempura!! Drools~

Backdated reviews from kissjane!:)

Amber Avenue Peplum Skirt

Review: Lovely prints! Preferred white base over black:) Material is structured, good quality:) And the peplum design is flattering too:) there have been so many blogshops selling peplum stuff but i haven't bought any cos i thought it looks too corporate-ish for me:( Pretty piece though;)

Amber Avenue Upcoming Eyelet Pleated Dress(White)

Review: One of my fav tries at kissjane:)) The eyelet at the neckline is so gorgeous<3 and i like the pleats as well!:)) But i think the length is too long for me:( And the lining is shorter than the dress and i dont like that :/ So gave it a miss~ I think it'll look rly nice on taller girls though!:) 

Amber Avenue Lace Blouse in Lilac (launched)

Review: I like this colour best out of the other choices:) Lilac is an 'in' colour now hehe. The lace is intricate, material of blouse is good as well, rather cooling:) Oh yes this piece is really a dead ringer for the warehouse one!! which is priced at $79 i think, so if you like the warehouse one this one will be a good buy for you:) But i gave it a miss cos of the slightly pouf sleeves.. Did i mention that i cant stand anything that is poofy at the shoulders?>< It really doesn't suit me ://

lighting was good! <3<3 (pre haircut haha)

oh yes did you guys see my prev post for EPICFAS?:) If not check it out here! I think they just restocked some new items! oh yes some of you have been asking me where to find the bird connector ring that i featured for epicfas:) Its under the category "ring" then "connector rings" :)! Here's a direct link for u guys: click me!

oh yes, and remember to QUOTE "FELICIA" FOR FOC NORM POSTAGE:)! good day everyone! 

PS: I have just remembered about my formspring acct! Formspring me @ felliethamct96 or check out my formsping tab at the side bar:)

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hello guys!:)) 
Back to share with you all really awesome stuff ;)
Introducing... EPICFAS! :)

Epicfas carries a wide range of accessories! From necklaces, rings, belts, earrings to bags, cool specs and more :) Oh yes and they have apparels too so do check it out:) Their designs are pretty as well( you have assurance from me heh). Oh and pricing is really reasonable! :) Mostly range from $4-$12 :) Below are some of my fav designs!

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And they are having a GSS Promo right now, just "like" their facebook page and enjoy 10% minimum purchase of $50, and FOC Normal postage!:) Today is the LAST DAY so hurry!:)

And here i'm wearing their Vintage Ruffles Necklace:) Such a lovely bronze-gold piece! And versatile as well<3 <3 My new fav necklace of the moment!

so yups! Visit EPICFAS now!:) And rmb if you quote "Felicia", you can get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE:)

and now for more reviews and lately happenings! :) Heh heh firstly i think its quite obvious that i got a haircut :) Actually i just wanted a trim but it became bangs so oh well:) I think it looks alright so nvm XD

alright so a few posts back i said smth unlucky happened to me right>< Well, on the way to malaysia(at the super jammed customs actually), my dad's car broke down -_- and it was quite bad.. so me and bro got down the car and pushed the car manually for quite long haha. And people beside us were like "what the crabs are these kids doin?!" Lol cos my bro is like only 11._. big age gap i know. and then my dad said the car's "fan" spoiled.. and he got a twig(?!) from the roadside and used it to twirl the fan manually haha. so we could move to the customs where we got some help from the officers. Scorching hot day it was >< Anyways im pretty sure i'm one tone darker already haha. It was a good experience though, must have such real life incidents to really make you aware that there is still much to learn if you want to survive in te real world haha. 

in the tow truck!

daddy's car literally on the tow truck. 
ok enough about the car breakdown haha. Here was my OTD:)

Missypixie Rose Skater Dress (under their Willow Label)

Review: A very pretty shade of pink!:)) Am totally loving this piece because of the colour ;) I think it suits my skin tone:) Some other shades like nude pink tend to look dull on me :/ Anyways, the material is jersey cotton which is rly stretchy and comfy:) But after washing + hanging on the hanger for too long, i think it might sag abit/lengthen. So probably folding this piece would be better, can keep it in mint condition longer :) Overall its worth my $28, comfy material and pretty shade!

wearing my floral sunnies happily (before the car broke down LOL)

Accessorize satchel!

messy hair me and coussie with alot of braids sticking out oh her head( she loved the look lol!)
oh and after we got towed back to JB, things got much better ^^ Cos we had Korean BBQ for dinner!! Awesome ttm >) My fav korean bbq restaurant<3

le aunt and grandma!

bulgogi -so yummy!!!-

ramen! Tastes really really awesome! Much better than it looks lol:)

oh yes this is totally random but here's a review for TTR's Sunbeams Dress in Nude pink:) Cos their launch is tonight so i thought it'll help!:)

Review: Quite a sweet shade of pink, more true to the second pic:) Some ppl might find it slightly dull though! Has adjustable straps and smooth inner lining:) Of cos the crotchet sunbeams detailing is super pretty:) Oh it comes with a matching sash as well though its elasticized at the waist:) There is pastel blue, lilac and white as well:) imo the blue looked nicest:) White is super pretty too but i have too many white dresses so :/ Anyway hope this is useful to those who are camping for the launch!:)