Friday, 2 March 2012


Tgif everyone! Am super tired (and lazy) today so i shall just post some random pics for entertainment 8D

What happens every week (#truestory) :

heh XD am in a good mood cos next week is camp week! which means no lessons! -fist pump!- School this yr is rly hectic and though i don't stayback in school alot, the lessons each day really makes me go crazy... Not sure if every student feels the same way but im really looking forward to this March hols break! :) Time to spam kdramas <3 i love kdramas and hongkong dramas(esp those detective/ olden times series). If only life in reality is as interesting as in dramas hah. Shall spazz about my love for kdramas in another post. really sleepy now, slept at 3am yesterday to mug for quiz ><

PS: Little red heels ( is currently having a 10% storewide sale + giveaways:) do check them out! I'll prob get that skirt i've been eyeing for weeks ;)

Fel ;)

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