Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My 15minutes survey

random note i decided to do!:)

Starting time: 5.03pm
Name: Fel Tham
Shoe size: C&K 36
Hair Type/Colour: Black
Piercings: yes (ears)
Height: 160 cm , still hv chance to grow(i hope!)
What are you wearing now?: My Dance Academy shirt:)
Where do you live?: Bukit Timah
Favorite number: 3
Favorite drink: Watermelon juice
Favorite month: November ( exams are over >:DDD)
Favorite breakfast: Honey Stars in cold milk <3

-Have You Ever-

Broken a bone: no -touchwood-
Been in a police car: Of course not
Fallen for a friend: nah 
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time: nah
Swam in the ocean: maybe, but i dont remember ._.
Fallen asleep in school: yes... -sheepish look-
Broken someone’s heart?: idk!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: nope~
Saved e-mails: yes
Been cheated on: err idk!


Your room like?: Like crazily messed up.
What is right beside you?: my printer
What is the last thing you ate?: Instant noodles!

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox: yup
Sore throat: yes, all the time 
Stitches: of course not
Broken nose: no

-Do You-

 Believe in love at first sight?: maybe.. if it actually happens to me ._.
 Like picnics?: yeah! 


Did you last yell at?: my friend syl (in a joking way XD)
Who was the last person you danced with?: classmates, dance module!
Who last made you smile?: my friends syl and peeta(nickname hehe! named after peeta of hunger games<3)

-Final Questions-

What are you listening to right now?: Heora's Under the moonlight
What did you do today?: meh, the usual..
Are you the oldest?: nope
Indoors or out doors?: indoors!

-Today did you-

Talk to someone you like?: erm well, i like my friends, is that counted??? ._.
Kiss anyone?: nope!
Sing?: yeah! in the shower and on the way home~
Talk to an ex?: what??? noooo
Miss someone?: yes 
Eat Yet?: yeah am eating now!

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone?: syl
Went to the movies with?: the peeta gang! HUNGER GAMES<3
You went to the mall with?: momsie
Who cheered you up? : alot of ppl<3

-Have you-

Been to Mexico?: well, no. but i would like to!
Been to USA?: YES<3 just went last year:) maybe i shld do a travelogue!


Have a crush on someone: nope!
What books are you reading right now?: textbooks???
Best feeling in the world?: when school does not slam hordes of stuff in my face.
Future kids names?: something cool, like Angela Evangeline something lol
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yeah! they take up more than 1/3 of my bed hah
What’s under your bed?: this qn is creepy :/
Favorite place?: Home<3 and malls haha.
Who do you really hate?: erm don't rly think bt such things. Peace yo!
Do you have a job?: nope!

What time is it now?: 5.18pm
With however long it took you to complete this, post as my _ mins survey. & Tag 20 people to complete it.<<< not gonna do it!


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