Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tazelle & Chloe

hi!:) started off with a super cute pic of my cousin! -spazzz- he just had a haircut hehe.

pic post today cos im rly tired! Choir concert just ended:) will talk more bt that soon;)

Got the LB Tazelle Tank in White and LRH Chloe Knightsbridge skirt from their respective facebook forums and good prices;) 

Review(Chloe): Lovelovelove the rich burgundy/wine colour! My first flare skirt of this colour and i'm loving it hehe:) Material is uncommon to me, its not really cotton/chiffon. But its still smooth and light so i think its alright:) Quite cooling actually:) Absolutely love the classy gold button at the side, i think it goes really well with the colour though it can't be seen in the above pics:) Good buy!

Review(Tazelle): The intricate eyelet details are the main plus point for this tank:) Very lovely! White is sheer though, and the bottom part furs quite easily. If you don't mind the furring and sheerness i think this tank is good to have, design wise;) 

upclose of tazelle! super pretty ^^

goodnight peeps! xoxo

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