Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Faith. Believe. Will.

hi guys!:) Public hol is overrrr nooo :( Anyways i had a good day yesterday~ Some good ol family time:) Just a simple dinner at Cedele (taka) and some shopping for my grandma's big 70 bday woohoo ^^ will update on that asap! today's gonna be a short post, gotta chiong humanities extended essay >( Anyways this lengthy post is quite heartening(to me) so i hope you won't click the x button halfway!<3

just a health/self motivation article to share(kindly provided by Melanie, one of my readers): click to view article

yups and moving on to some exciting happenings lately!:) I am so in love with basketball now hahah #basketballmaniac. My school's basketball team just clinched CHAMPION for the girl's team out of all the schools in spore;) #soproudofthem!<3 Just some background info for those who aren't sure what im talking about:

There are first inner matches within the different zones. For spore, its categorized into South zone, West zone, North zone etc. So first they have to clinch champion for their zone, which is west zone:) And they did! (YYY)

so then the top teams of each zones move on to the nationals, where the four zonal champion teams(got 4 zones ma) will compete to be the final champions!:) So its considered the semi finals, then finals:) and my sch bball team chionged their way through and won!:) I watched the finals(&semi finals!) and it was so exciting and nerve wrecking omg._. Me and my friends were beside each other cheering like mad and at some point of time got so nervous that we wanted to pull each other's hair lol XD

So after talking so much bt it, here are some links u can go to and view the awesome match! It was the best match ever <3 Congrats to all the other schools too, it was a really exciting match and they all did well:)  (the actual vid link!)

yups:) It was really a big celebration! My principal came down to watch the match haha. And they played the montage and video during assembly and everyone was like :OOO! The atmosphere was so nice and there was lotsa school spirit<3

some memorable captions: "Victory! 14 matches won... 0 lost" and "we have been waiting for this for a DECADE" <cos our last champion title was in 1990+? lol XD
anyways so yup, the match has been replaying in my mind for days. really mind blowing -wheee- sound effect XD Sorry if this post has bored the people who have no interest in sports! But watch the video and you'll be blown away whoosh:)

Through this, there will be a learning point which is quite obvious, Always Believe in yourself that you can do it, no matter what the situation is. Faith, perseverance, determination, WILL. They were losing and lagging by a whole 7 points even at the last last last 2 minutes of the game, but they really just believed in themselves and pulled themselves together, and THEY DID IT (Y) :) Ok is this inspiring anot?!! XD i feel so inspired to work super hard for my choir concert in 2 weeks:) Go watch the vid k! And i'll update with OTDs tml :)! Good day ppl!

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