Saturday, 12 May 2012

Avengers >D

hello!:) Avengers has been quite the hit lately! Everyone's talking about it hehe. And of course i couldn't miss it! ;) watched it at cineleisure ^^ Here's my take on it: AWESOME ;)

hehe my fav is the hulk cos he's so funny hahaha! not the most handsome green creature but he's cute when he says "IM ALWAYS ANGRY" and then he punches Thor! #epicmoment! oh and he swings the bad guy around and calls him a "puny god" omg hahaha <3

Ironman is pretty funny too, in a sarcastic and intellectual way;) he's pretty stuck up though :O

and captn america, the most visually pleasing one to many of my friends haha. But i think he's the most ahem, not helpful one in the fight? ._. i mean he can't fly and has no super powers, other than his strength and shield lol. even hulk can "fly" from building to building XD

oh and i think scarlett jo did a pretty good job of portraying black widow;)  

a good movie overall! go watch it if u haven't! ;)

and here's my OTD, but lighting is bad :(

upclose of floral embroidery and collar details:)

Samantha Thavasa Tweed Bag
Hervintagestore floral embroidery tunic (so LV like right!!)
Korean Pale Pink Belt with Rose Gold Buckle

love my STNY bag! So cute^^ 

Review: Bought this tunic cos i like the design, in short solely for the design heh. I don't quite like the material, i mean it actually doesn't have inner material so its sheer at the back. Must wear a petticoat or something. And its scratchy at the sleeves area :/ But because i love the design and the cutting is pretty alright, i decided to keep it. haha im a design>comfort kinda person! Overall i wouldn't say its a must buy unless you really like the design like me:)oh yeah,  first time buying for hervintagestore and service and stuff is pretty efficient! :) 

ok bye! heading out for another mother's day celebration!:) this time just with my mum^^ Hope everyone has a nice mother's day celebration!

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