Sunday, 20 May 2012

Citrus Joy!

hello everyone i'm back 8D didn't update yesterday cos i was out the whole day for concert:) more on that next time :) 
picture spam! lol this post rly got so many photos that i can't scroll down completely :/

dumb smile hahaha

and so yups, i got the TTR Sunbeams dress in coral from ttr's forum:) even though its an old piece i still like it!

upclose of pretty crotchet details :))

Review: A bright and cheery dress perfect for summer ^^ Though the colour is much brighter than in TTR's pics, its still a nice colour:) And the crotchet details are to die for so prettyyyy:) Has adjustable straps and a sash to cover the elasticized waist detail:) Oh and it has a flared cutting which is flattering so yay:) The length is abit short though, probably not recommended for anyone above 160:) Was thinking of getting it in white as well but i realize i have too many white dresses! But this is a pretty dress nonetheless:) And i got it at a steal of $19 heh. :D

oh yes, and i received a Bifesta Makeup remover(sample size) from hollyhoque when i purchased from them:) Was quite surprised! Pleasantly surprised to be exact:) This makeup remover is quite good, its water based and doesn't feel oily at all which i like:) And it cleanses pretty well too:)! This sample size (~30ml) can last me for a long time alr so if you purchase the full size its probably quite worth it too:)

and last but not least...

THE BANANA PARTY has launched its 3rd collection!:) Do visit them and support k:) Its my fav collection so far and i've kept the Polka Dot skater dress in Rust ;) will review that soon! In the meantime do hop over and take a look:) I personally recommend the skater dress hehe:) oh and the crotchet dress is pretty as well!

Love this pic!:D

skater dress!<3

ok thanks for viewing:) byeeeee:)

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