Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pearlescent Beauty

Celebrated my dear cousin's bday and here's what i wore!:))

Pearl Collar Floral Embossed Minidress from Snidel(Japanese brand)

Review: ABSOLUTE LOVE<3 ok im sorry i typed it caps but i really really love this dress to bits;) Lots of reasons actually:) Firstly i only paid about $20 for this (got it from an overseas spree), but price is before adding shipping costs though. Still an awesome deal right:) and the material is FAB, and the details are so intricate. I must say its of much much better quality than i expected, and its much better than alot of blogshop's too :x You can see in the pics how nice the pearl collar is:)) My best buy of the year so far!<3 

pretty scallop hems!<3

& shoe of the day hehe:) Dusty pink soft leather flats with gold chained details:)

and of cos some instax pics i took with dear cous:) don't ask me why i'm alone in the red instax film._. my cous wanted to practice her photography skills.. she's going to attend La selle:) Artistic direction! 

ok byeeee<3


  1. Which spree site did you get the dress from? :)

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