Thursday, 10 May 2012


wheeee its thursday ^^ tml is TGIFTGIF day ;) And no lessons tml >D cos there is a sports meet. I'm just in for the free milo #win. XD

anyhoos, finally went out with my friends to jcube to check out what the hype was about!:) I wasn't very impressed though ._. not alot of shops but food selection was pretty decent~ Oh and i saw brad( famous food blogger ladyironchef) at jcube hahah XD He's quite tall :) Movin on~

LB Shoelle Shrug in Brown
MNG Jeans
Knit tank top
Moschino Vintage Belt 

Review: Love this shrug omg ^^ Its one that is cropped which means that it fits my frame perfectly ;) Material is pretty good as well, even though there are holes(part of its design) but it can still keep me warm :) Tried and tested during ice skating haha XD Love that it has a slight batwing design as well ^^ And the colour is pretty :) Easy to match cos its a neutral:) Well worth my $23(bought from lb's forum)! :) Liked it so much that i hunted for the cream one hehe:)

and say hello to my silly friends XD
thats syl! i don't know why she is hiding behind my hair LOL

helloooo spastic friends 8D

the less spastic one is yipz :)

wearing our shiny skates! Its so new as compared to the ones at kallang ice rink (Y)

my two silly friends holding hands cos they were afraid they'll fall down XD

love this candid shot! forgot what they were laughing at XD

ooo i see nando's ^^

syl what kind of pose is that! hahahaha

and syl says my bunny socks are gay._. lol i typed hay just now XD but its cute ma, no meh?@.@ got these funky things as a gift :)

our unhealthy lunch at kfc!! i'm not kidding when i say that i haven't had kfc in 2 years ._." I find it super unhealthy and fattening. but yes i go to mcdonalds once every 1.5mths. How contradicting you may say XD
But after this meal i realise kfc's chicken is quite nice. But there is the salmonella case in australia so i'm still gonna steer clear of kfc for awhile:)

here are the rink prices and timings for those who are int! Ice skating is FUNNN:)

wore my topshop necklace out again XD very much in love with it teehee<3

body symbol pic! Go download the app its fun :D
C for Cheez (syl's nickname for me haha)

ok i think there'll be part 2 for this cos i have more funky photos of me and my friends fooling around and i find it quite funny XD Cheers!

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