Friday, 11 May 2012

Vanity Trove April 2012 x Mother's Day!

Finally received april's vanity trove! Came much later than expected cos of delivery problems>< was afraid it couldn't make it in time cos its supposed to be my gift for mom!

Hehe i think the items are quite suitable for mum XD got SPA vouchers(she loves spas!) and lipgloss, body exfoliator, KOSE products and hair creams etc ^^ i think mum will like it alot cos she's a beauty junkie. Ahem, you can see where i got my genes from!

& blogshop vouchers which i will probably use cos mum doesn't shop online:) Yay i think the SMooch, dressabelle and lace&ebony ones are my favs:) 

happy momsie! and my two bros:) I have a 7 yr age gap with my lil bro just in case you were wondering why he looks comparatively smaller than me and my big bro. 0.0

pops and grandma:) can you believe my grandma is 70 this yr? haha. my grandma is very hip as you can see XD and she dabbles in lotsa business like food, properties, clothing etc. But she's best at the clothes aspect:) whenever i got ill-fitting clothes she'll help me amend! and she makes her own clothes XD cool huh! 

and pops( my dad) is wearing his signature red hat again to hide the fact that he hv comb his hair hahahah! 

and the lighting in my cousin's room is always super awesome so hehe pics ahead ^^

fav biscuits currently!

Chaceylove Silk Chiffon Blouse in Pure White
Baby Blue Polka Dotted Skirt 

what are you guys wearing for mother's day? ;) I think its a good occasion to dress up hehe. Rather than the usual days where we can just plop on a pair of shorts and tee shirt! XD

happy mother's day to all lovely mums! 

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