Friday, 25 May 2012


Okays i usually love light posts and happy content, but really we all know the world isn't such a happy place, sadly. Its impossible for everyone to like everyone and there will be...haters. yes even if you are a very nice person and don't offend anyone, there will still be haters. Or maybe they shouldn't be called haters, just people who are mean. And sadly these people tend to congregate together and together they should be categorized as bullies. Sometimes i think its really ridiculous.. You don't even know that person(only vaguely know by his/her online persona) and then you hate on him/her and do things like post mean comments. Why?? I also do not know. Those who do such things, don't you think you should reflect a bit? Is it fair to do such mean things to others? Imagine if you were going through the same thing, not so nice after all eh? So please, to all those who are haters, don't do such ridiculous things. It just shows what kind of person you are. Jealousy, ugliness, all the bad side shown. At the end of the day its not the person who is bullied who is "irritating or bimbotic" as you describe her to be, what you say, what YOU are.

ok sorry for the rant. Just needed to get it off my chest >< To my friend L, please don't let haters get you down! <3

Loots from my recent spree:)

Marchesa Inspired Pleated Dress in Pristine White. :)
lovely details but i have another similar one so will be letting this go:) email me at if int!

Topshop inspired Crotchet waist dress (letting this go as well as i have this in white~)

and the Miia cardigan i posted about before:) 

Pretty Seashell buttons!<3

And my fav loot of the bunch, the pearl collar floral embossed dress which i posted abt in my previous post<3

ok just a random insert! Found this funny science comic on 9gag! XD 
do u get it? transport proteins? cell wall? hahahah XD i find it very amusing haha!

ok tata! off to IKEA + shopping with my relatives from malaysia :)) good day everyone<3

do visit my SELLING POST!:) Newly updated with more stuff:) 

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